Get the ultimate in eliquid flavor with the best RDA vape tanks available. Experienced vapers know that the only true key to top vape juice taste intensity is through dripping. In addition, the only true way to know the quality and design of your deck is from building it yourself.

If you’re a DIY flavor chaser in search of outstanding rebuildable drip deck systems, we put some of our favorites on the short list to help streamline your hunt for the best RDA vape tanks. Find out what the top rebuildable drip decks have to offer your vape flavors.

Geekvape Tsunami – An Innovative Two-Post Deck With Excellant Airflow

the tsunami 24 rda by geekvape is a sleek black bottom airflow tank and number one on our list of the best rda vape tanks
the tsunami 24 rda by geekvape is a sleek black bottom airflow tank and number one on our list of the best rda vape tanks

For an rebuildable drip atomizer with streamlined simplicity and outstanding airflow, the Tsunami 24 RDA from Geekvape is proven winner. As affordable as it is functional, this velocity style two-post build deck incorporates the best in drip deck tech and a significant improvement over the original. For an outstanding drip tank that’s easy to build on with airflow ports in all the right places, the Tsunami RDA delivers massive value at low cost.

The build deck of the Tsunami RDA has sizeable post holes to accommodate both straight forward coils and larger Clapton builds. Quad grub screws to secure coils are nitrogen-hardened to prevent stripping over the course of extended use and rebuilding which impressed us. Beneath the coil span areas are four elevated airflow ports above the floor of the sizeable 2.5ml juice well.

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With the Tsunami RDA, users have the option to build with a single or dual coil which can be a big plus when you go through periods of intensely detailed building combined with frequent bouts of laziness in between like some of us (I’m not going to mention any names…). Geekvape’s Tsunami RDA outer shell is made from stainless steel for a sleek, elegant outer design.

While it comes with two threaded delrin coated drip tips, the tank comes with a 510-adapter ring and a stainless steel 510 drip tip. Geekvape’s Tsunami 24 also comes with a squonk pin adapter so it can be used with bottom-feeding mods. It has a significant bottom draw airflow ring that allows users to select not only their amount of draw, but to limit the draw specifically depending on how many coils they are running in the build.

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  • Ability to run as a dual or single coil build on the velocity style two post deck design
  • 5mm juice well on the deck floor
  • Adjustable airflow ring with configurations specifically for single or dual coil builds
  • 510 connector with 510 drip tip adapter ring for 810 threading
  • Comes with three drip tips, two threaded delrins and a 510 stainless steel mouthpiece

Dead Rabbit – The RDA That Provides Great Flavor and Clouds

the hellvape made dead rabbit rda is designed by heathen, comes in matte black and is number two on our list of the best rda vape tanks
the hellvape made dead rabbit rda is designed by heathen, comes in matte black and is number two on our list of the best rda vape tanks

Through a collaboration with craft vape manufacturer Hellvape, reviewer and designer Heathen created the Dead Rabbit RDA. Arguably one of the most popular RDA’s on the market, this fantastic flavor funnel is one of our top picks for two very solid reasons. As an RDA the Dead Rabbit functions exactly how you’d expect, however, as a squonk tank, this simple drip deck design is a standout reservoir, none of us expected.

First of all the deck itself is simple to build on, in his own words Heathen’s aim with this quad terminal, post-less design was to take the guess work out of how long your coil leads need to be clipped. While the top-feeding coil terminals may seem daunting to DIY drip deck builders accustomed to side post terminals, once you understand how the length estimation works, you basically skip a step fitting your coils.

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The tank itself is covered by a well-machined outer shell that fits snugly to the deck base. Triple airflow ports make for easy preference setting using either a single or dual coil build. Once you have a build in it, you see that the top positioned airflow ports are about parallel with the coils themselves making for a perfect amount of vapor draw directly through the coils as they heat. This system maximizes the flavor of every puff and the taste from your vape juice is incredible.

However, the crowning achievement here is the leak-proof shell design. While any tank, especially a dripper being used as a squonk will leak over time, the Dead Rabbit RDA will hold an impressive amount of juice without leaking from the bottom, even with excessive squonking. It’s hard to convey how impressed we were with this drip tank, but if you’re looking for an outstanding drip tank, that doubles as an incredible squonk topper, the Dead Rabbit RDA is definitely impresses like “nobunnies” business.

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  • Top draw airflow pulls air directly through ports and coils
  • Post-less quad terminal, easy coil trim design
  • Leak-resistant outer shell perfect for squonking
  • 510 connector and drip tip adapter for 810 threading
  • Comes in an impressive range of colors including, stainless steel, black, rainbow, anodized red, blue, violet, gunmetal and flat black

Goon – The Ultimate RDA!

the goon rda comes in a copper finish and is number three on our list of the best rda vape tanks
the goon rda comes in a copper finish and is number three on our list of the best rda vape tanks

Another classic winner with a solid update is the Goon V1.5 RDA from 528 Custom Vapes. Though they may not be one of the best well known manufacturers of vaping products, they made a massive splash with the release of the original Goon which became instantly popular among drip enthusiasts, which is likely why it still reigns as a top dripper and remains the only RDA vape tank they produce. While this may sound like a warning to some about small companies, keep in mind, if you only make one product the quality is always on point and that’s one area where the Goon RDA has not faltered. Without a doubt this is definitely one of the best RDA tanks you could possibly invest in.

Starting with the build system, the Goon V 1.5 is unlike most RDAs on the market. Primarily, this is because 528 Custom created their dripper tank with a clamp system rather than the common dual post velocity style deck.  As a result, users get an RDA that’s unbelievably easy to build on, install coils into and rebuild and maintain. The clamps themselves are stainless steel which is a classy improvement to the original.

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There’s a centrally located 510 pin with a squonk pin to fit bottom-fitting mods. 528 Custom’s top cap for the Goon RDA version 1.5 is conical at the top for improved flavor and has a built-in airflow control ring which can be closed for a single coil build or opened two dual slots for two coil setups. Air draw is massive which aids in a cool, tasty vapor from every puff.

Along with its 810 threaded delrin drip tip system, the Goon RDA has a 510 connector on the base. An impressively sized opening in the top cap makes for easy juice filling from the drip tip and the well design in the deck itself ensures the wicks and coils get outstanding liquid coverage. For one of the most popular drip tanks celebrated by flavor chasing vapers, the Goon RDA V1.5 is an incredible improvement that pumps out massively tasty vapor.

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  • 810 drip tip boring
  • Dual airflow control ring for single or double coil builds
  • Open build deck with stainless steel clamp system
  • Replaceable squonk pin
  • Comes in a velour storage bag to protect the stainless finish

Recoil – The Best RDA To Build On, Perfect For Beginners

the Grimm green designed recoil rebel rda tank is made in a partnership with ohmboyoc, available in lime green and number four on our list of the best rba vape tanks
the recoil rebel rda from Grimm green and ohmboyoc is available in bright green and is number four on our list of the best rda vape tanks

A collaborative project between Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC, the Recoil Rebel RDA has a hair trigger squeezing off massive flavor and vapor. If there’s anything professional vape reviewers know it’s what’s great about certain product designs and what leaves room for improvement. This design definitely takes into account the drawbacks of other drip tanks and incorporates innovative fixes with the Rebel RDA.

It comes standard with two top caps instead of an adjustable airflow ring. Partially to cut down on leaking, but additionally to optimize airflow, each cap comes with optimized, slotted air holes meant to draw air down into the chamber and across the coils as it travels through the mouthpiece. This effectively maximizes airflow for flavor or vapor output while cooling the vapor as its drawn off the coils of the Recoil RDA.

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The deck of the Recoil RDA itself has a unique dual post, twin terminal center block design to accommodate for a broad range of builds and coil sizes. Beneath is a quite size-able juice well to feed the wicks for outstanding periods of continuous vaping before needing a refill. Impressively, the wicks can be fed either through the drip tip, from a removable cap that exposes the deck with the cap on, or by removing the sleeve altogether. This makes for a drip tank that effectively suits a range of dripper preferences.

With all the engineering and design that goes into drip tanks to improve them or set them apart from other products, you truly can expect more from those created by the vapers who have tried nearly everything. Grimm Green’s Recoil RDA design incorporates the best in optimum airflow, flavor and ease of deck buildability into a single, elegant design. Check out the vapor difference the experts have known for years and have finally shared with the vaping community when you vape the Recoil RDA.

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  • Dual post, twin terminal mid-block design for easy building with a range of materials and wire gauges and configurations
  • Removable top cap for easy juice filling
  • Massive juice well reservoir in the deck floor
  • Unique airflow design to optimize flavor or clouds with interchangeable chamber caps
  • Available in gold, black or stainless finish