It’s time to list the vape tanks we believe are best for flavor! We have narrowed the list to the best of the best so that you can make the right choice and avoid getting stuck with inferior quality vape gear. In order to help you make the best possible choice, we are going to talk about how to avoid making a bad choice. Too many people are getting burned by low quality vape tanks and, even more disturbingly, clones. There are just so many cases of people being ripped off and we will talk about a couple of those as well.

For Those of You Seeking A Vape Tank That Can Deliver The Best Flavor

Update: At this time we have a new list of the best vape tanks of 2018! We have a long list of quality vape tanks in a variety of categories listed below. You can see the top rated vape tanks by price, by feature and a couple of RTAs for good measure. We don’t list any RDAs here because, well, they are not tanks! So as you scroll though all of the different options, perhaps you will find exactly what you have been looking for.

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List Of Quality Sub-Ohm Vape Tanks Known For The Best Flavor

When we first published the “best vape tanks of 2018”, we named the TFV4 the best tank for flavor. Of all of the people who contacted us, the vast majority agreed that the TVF4 tank was indeed the best quality tank available at the time for people seeking flavor delivery. A few people suggested that the Uwell Crown deserved a mention and we will be adding it to the list.

Normally, we put the best winner at the bottom of the list but I figured since I am updating this article, I will just start with the new best vape tank, the Smok TFV8 from the Smok vape manufacturer brand.

Voted Best Sub Ohm Vape Tank For Flavor – The Smok TFV8

The Smok TFV8 The Cloud Beast vape tank kit comes with two coils, a turbo RBA head and other replacement and spare parts.

The Smok TFV8 was released in June and it nudges out its predecessor, the Smok TFV4, as the best vape tank. The TFV8 is versatile, impeccably designed and constructed as well as a leap forward for vaping. For all of the details feel free to read our Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast vape tank review. Suffice to say, it really is a cloud beast!

I think of the TFV8 as being like a Maserati sedan. Beautiful but not ostentatious. You can very comfortably drive from point A to point B and enjoy the practicality of luxury transportation. But, should the spirit move you and you really want the adrenaline rush of a superior handling automobile, the Maserati will blow your hair back and thrill your adventurous desires.

The TFV8 is similar. The Smok TFV8 is a practical, amazingly performing vape tank that will deliver ample, crisp and flavorful vapor at 50 watts to even 100 watts. But, if you want to push the limits to the hairy edges, you can rev up the TFV8 to 180 watts and make massive clouds that will make even drippers green with envy. Want more, you can even go to 260 watts. It’s a wild ride!

Great ecig starter kits
ecig starter kits

The new TFV8 vape tank comes with three coils, an extra glass tank, O-rings, hex key for the RBA head, organic cotton, vape bands, an extra top fill gasket and of course the TFV8 flavor delivering vape tank itself. The airflow is enormous and when you see the airflow intake on the coils you will see how big that is, too. About these coils.

The TFV8 coils are amazing and the longest lasting coils that we have ever tested. More about these coils, there are a number of options including a patented octuple coil head. yes, octuple. That is four fused Claptons in one coil head. It is phenomenal.

The stainless steel coils provide a clean, crisp vapor and the flavor that you get from the TFV4 vape tank is fantastic for delivering out the true flavor of your vape juice. You get a lot of vapor in the 50 to 100 watt range but you can go to extremes. The recommended ceiling is 180 watts but 260 watts is withing the manufacturing tolerance range. The coils are large and the vapor production, and flavor, are at a whole new level.

The RBA head is beautiful to build on. A nice size and when it originally comes there are two 0.28 ohm Claptons pre-installed. The Smok TFV8 comes out on top because of the quality, versatility, coil longevity and most of all the vaping performance. There are no real cons to this vape tank. Just a lot of pros. The vaping is amazing. It can serve as a practical daily vape of the highest caliber with the ability to crank it up and create huge clouds on demand.

As of now, it is top of the list of best vape tanks of 2018 for flavor.

Our List Of The Best Flavor Delivering Vape Tanks Of 2018

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What are the other best ecig tanks of 2018? A common question we hear is what vape tank delivers the best flavor? This is going to be fun! Keep in mind that new stuff will come out as we go forward and this list could change. In and among all the new tanks, we still have some tried and true favorites that stand the test of time.

One of the most anticipated vape tanks of 2018 was the Aspire Cleito. The Cleito is an affordable tank with a long list of new innovations and features. It is hard for me to really rank the Aspire Cleito as of of the best vape tanks yet because we haven’t tried it. It is brand new and I will update this after testing it but I have zero reservations saying that I expect the Cleito to be amazing and an amazing value.

Aspire is definitely one of the best vape tank manufacturers and no one disputes that. So it only stands to reason that the Cleito is going to be one awesome vape tank.

You can get a 100% authentic Aspire Cleito from Direct Vapor for only $19.95 with free shipping. Direct Vapor is a guaranteed No Clone Zone. It really is the best online vape store out there. They have a the low price guarantee, no strings free shipping, 15 day money back guarantee and 60 day warranty. When you want the best Aspire, Kangertech, Smok, eLeaf products etc, Direct Vapor is the way to go.

The Aspire Cleito has a bunch of new features including the easy access top-fill tank design. The Cleito offers beautifully designed Clapton coils available in 0.2 ohm or 0.4 ohm. There is no vape chimney or vape chamber with the Cleito. The new coil design eliminates the need altogether. The Delrin drip tip, Pyrex glass and stainless steel are all typical of leading edge quality we’ve come to expect from the Aspire company, many of us have grown to love. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Cleito is going to be an outstanding vape tank and a huge success.

Top Rated Vape Tanks – Updated For 2018:

The top-filling vape tank for the Aspire Cleito is easily removed and refilled by simply unscrewing the drip tip.

The Aspire Cleito Is The Best Sub Ohm Vape Tank Under $20

Since the original publication date, we have completed a thorough Aspire Cleito vape tank review. The Cleito is a sub ohm vape tank that really delivers the flavor and uses a unique design featuring large coils that lead directly to the drip tip eliminating the need of a chimney. The coils are actually 33 mm in length so almost an inch and a half. The airflow is drawn though the bottom of the coils through the massive 9 mm by 2 mm adjustable airflow slots. That means you can totally control the draw from stiff to wide open. If you like big vape clouds and breezy airflow, the Cleito is without a doubt one of the best ecig tanks for flavor this year.

The Cleito is on the list of best vape tanks as the best under $20 but despite that low price, it is a really terrific vape. The value here is outstanding. The hold back and the probable reason why such a high quality, high performance tank is so affordable is the fact that there are only two coil options available. That’s the only drawback. But the coils that you can get are 0.2 ohm or 0.4 ohm Kanthal Clapton coils that vape amazingly well. Aspire makes incredible Clapton coils.

So that’s the lone caveat. The Cleito tank is strictly a sub ohm vape tank to use in variable wattage mode on your vape mod. The 0.2 ohm coils have a recommended range of 50 watts to 75 watt and the 0.4 ohm coils have a recommended range of 40 watts to 60 watts. There are no temp control coils at this time nor is there an RBA option.

If you are just looking for an exceptionally well made sub ohm tank with a top fill design and are not interested in a large number of coil options or TC vaping, the Cleito is ideal. The Aspire Cleito is an amazing subohm tank that makes very nice satisfying clouds of flavorful vapor. The fact that the chimney is eliminated I think adds to the flavor experience.

The quality of materials is excellent. It has all of the same quality features as much more expensive vape tanks. For example, it is constructed on 304 stainless steel, has a Pyrex glass tank and a wide bore Delrin drip tip. It also has heat dispersing cuffs which is something new and unique to the Cleito. The Cleito ecig tank comes with two coils, heat dispersing cuffs, a vape band and an extra Pyrex glass tank. Deserves a solid position with the best vape tanks of 2018 based on quality and value.

This amount of quality and flavor you get for under $20, ya can’t beat that.

Here’s Some Of The Best Vape Tanks For Flavor That Are Under $25

The Eleaf Lyche notch coil atomizer vape tank delivers cutting edge vape technology for under 25 dollars.

The best vape tank under $25 is the new eLeaf Lyche. Besides the value, it has a large number of unique features including something special, namely the new stainless steel Notch coils. More on that in a minute. We also have a full eLeaf Lyche review that you can check out. The Lyche ecig tank has a unique top fill port built into the side of the tank which is very convenient. If you prefer, it can also be filled from the top. The construction if top notch with high quality stainless steel and precision machining. It has a stainless steel drip tip.

So what are these Notch coils that I mentioned a second ago. I forgot. Oh yah, now I remember! They are just awesome.

The coil has a nice large diameter and can take a lot of wicking. The surface area on these coils is immense. The coil is stainless steel and can be used in variable wattage or TC mode. For those of you who like TCR it is 316L stainless steel. For my money, stainless steel coils are the way to go. The vapor flavor from this vape tank seems better and the vapor has a clean and crisp feel. Notch coils have a 0.25 ohm rating and the leads to the coil are non-resistant. That means that these coils are very responsive and you will notice it when it comes to the flavor.

One of the many beauties of the eLeaf Lyche sub ohm and TC clearomizer tank is that you can enjoy it with pre-built eLeaf Lyche Notch coils. And I know what you are thinking. “Yah, the tank is under $25 but I bet the coils cost $30 for a five pack.” Nope. You can buy a pack of 5 pre-built Notch coils for under $8. I know! This is really just an all-around awesome value.

If you don’t think the Notch coils are for you, the Lyche will also work with an RBA head, sold separately for $6.99, or pre-built 0.25 ohm stainless steel dual coils for $7.99 for a five pack. The short-term and long-term value of the eLeaf Lyche is fantastic. It vapes incredibly well and is very easy to use.

The Lyche Notch coil tank from the eLeaf  company comes with the Lyche atomizer tank with Pyrex glass, extra seal rings and two coils. One Notch coil and one 0.25 ohm dual stainless steel coil. You are going to get cutting edge vaping from a high quality tank for under $25. The Lyche absolutely deserves a place on anyone’s list of best vape tanks of 2018.

Best Vape Tank For Beginners Seeking Top Notch Flavor

The Aspire Premium starter kit comes complete with the Nautilus adjustable air flow atomizer tank, coil refills, and chargers.

This category of best vape tanks and clearomizers for beginners looking for flavor is near and dear to me. A classic that will always be considered one of the best vape tanks of all time. The winner is the very vape tank that I still use as a daily vape. The Aspire Nautilus. By vaping standards, the Nautilus is an older design. Heck it’s 2 years old, virtually ancient in the ecig industry!

I don’t care. It was awesome 2 years ago when it was literally a ground shaking product and it is still awesome today. It is especially appropriate for new vapers. I recommend the Aspire Premium starter kit. I have had mine for well over a year and it is still going strong.

The Premium Kit from the Aspire company comes with the Nautilus Mini vape tank and an extra pack of BVC coils. The BVC coil design and the adjustable airflow are what made Nautilus the hottest selling tank in vaping in 2014. The quality of the vapor and the flavors are just fantastic. It is not designed for massive vapor clouds rather it is a vape tank that is a consistent performer ready to provide excellent vapor and flavor in an ultra reliable fashion. You will without a doubt start recognizing the true flavors of your ejuice with this top rated ecig tank.

When you are new to vaping, you don’t want a cloud chasing mod or vape tank. You want something with a more familiar sensation and that is where the Aspire Nautilus excels. You can adjust the airflow to suit your tastes and it is very easy to use. The connections and threading stand the test of time and I can certainly attest to that personally.

The best place to buy the Aspire Platinum starter kit with Nautilus tank is from Mt Baker Vapor. We even have a Mt Baker Vapor coupon code that you can use. Use code Expert Vaping10 to save 10% off of the $59.49 price. Mt Baker Vapor also includes a free bottle of eliquid. This is a great kit for beginners and vapers like me who want a simple vape and save the cloud chasing for weekends! The Aspire Nautilus still ranks as one of the best vape tanks of 2017.

The Nautilus Revisited

In June 2017, Aspire released a revisited version of the Nautilus called the Aspire Nautilus X. It may be the new best MTL tank. MTL vaping, or mouth to lung vaping, mimics the way you smoke a cigarette. As in you first draw the vapor into your moth and then inhale. It is also designed to be compliant with new European vaping rules which call for leak proof tanks with a maximum 2 ml capacity. The Nautilus X checks both of those boxes.

For all the details you can see our Aspire Nautilus X review here. Another one of the new features is the U-Tech coil technology. What this does is draw the vapor from the top of the tank and down along the length of the 1.5 ohm coils and then out of the drip tip. The Nautilus X will be one of the best vape tanks for beginners and for those of us that still enjoy MTL vaping.

With A Huge Variety Of Flavor Delivering Vape Tanks – Just Pick One!

(pretty much any one of the mentioned tanks in this article will definitely suit any user because they’re all great!)

The V-Shock atomizer tank has been selected as one of the best vape tank mods available on the market.

The variety of vaping styles runs the gamut and so do the variety of the best vape tanks. There are basic vape tanks, tanks with adjustable airflow, adjustable eliquid flow, subohm, temperature control, RBAs, RDAs and the list goes on.

One electronic cigarette company offers a large range of vape tanks to meet any style. That company just happens to be based right here in the USA. We are talking about VaporFi.

VaporFi designs simply outstanding electronic cigarette products. They use only the very best materials and deliver some of the most innovative designs. These are higher end products but you certainly get the quality that you would expect in the leading US ecig brand.

VaporFi vape tanks come in a range of functions. There are tanks for temperature control, a variety of sub ohm tanks, basic tanks and RDAs in addition to tanks with rebuildable atomizer decks.

My personal favorite from VaporFi is the Volt Hybrid tank. The quality is amazing and so is the versatility. The Volt is capable of standard and subohm vaping as well as giving you the option of a rebuildable deck.

VaporFi also makes exclusive sub ohm tanks designed for exceptional ease of use. Tanks like the VaporFi Vice give you huge vapor but are so easy to use. The same goes for the VaporFi Edge.

New to the family is the VaporFi vShock. The vShock features a newly designed coils with special juice ports that give you phenomenal flavor with max VG ejuices vaped at low resistances. The vShock is a perfect compliment to your favorite TC mod.

In all there are a dozen different VaporFi vape tanks. The range of selection is the best. Check out some of our VaporFi Reviews to see if there’s something for you.

Our Favorite Vape Tank With The Best Airflow And Great Flavor

Voted best airflow design, the Halo Tracer vape tank mod excels bringing air in and delivering vapor to you.

The are a lot of vape tanks with beautiful airflow. Choosing one as having the best airflow was not going to be an easy task.

That is until I happened to try out the new Halo Tracer vape tank.

The Halo Tracer vape tank has great flavor and also has the easiest and fullest airflow of any vape tank. It draws more air than a dripper. There are four huge airflow ports that are designed to draw air in through the atomizer in a virtually unobstructed way.

When you have the airflow set to wide open the cool, huge air is just incredible. It is just like the Horizon Arctic, so named because of the cool airflow, and is compatible. The difference is you can buy it direct from Halo Cigs who is a US vape brand and that is a plus.

So, it is one thing to get massive air but unless that comes with big time vapor it doesn’t mean much. Well have no fear whatsoever the Halo Tracer tank produces a ton of vapor. Not just a ton of vapor, but a ton of flavorful, satisfying vapor. The 0.5 ohm coils work beautifully with the airflow settings.

When you look at the Tracer coils, the first thing you notice are massive juice ports. No wonder you enjoy such rich flavor and full yet cool vapor. With the huge airflow and large juice ports I wondered if the Tracer would be susceptible to leaks. Not even close. The Tracer performs flawlessly and does not leak.

The Halo Tracer vape tank comes with the new Halo Tracer starter kit that comes complete complete with the Tracer sub ohm vape mod. The entire kit sells for less than $60. The Tracer vape tank can be bought separately for $24.99 so it is just an awesome value. Better yet 5=packs of Tracer coils sell for only $13.50 so I am loving the long-term value of the Halo Tracer tank. It absolutely deserves to be considered one of the best vape tanks for flavor especially for those of you who like plenty of airflow.

Best Sub Ohm Tank For eJuice Flavor And Air Flow Control

The Apollo Phazer sub ohm vape tank delivers optimum air and juice flow control.

Sub Ohm vaping draws immense power from the battery and the heat from the coil burns through immense amounts of eliquid.

Often times, if you increase the wattage and the heat of the coil, you can get some dry hits or hot hits because the eliquid flow does not change to reflect increases in wattage.

The Apollo Phazer subohm tank solves this problem. The Phazer lets you adjust the eliquid flow to compensate for changes in wattage setting. Obviously higher wattages will vaporize more ejuice. With the Phazer you can adapt the juice flow to accommodate the higher wattages and deliver more vapor.

That means that the Phazer maintains the quality of the vapor, the flavor of your vaping experience, as you manage the amount of vapor based on atomizer resistance and wattage setting.

The Apollo Phazer also gives you the option of using Ni200 coils so it is fully capable of working with temperature control mods. The tank has a nice 3.5 ml eliquid capacity and is a stainless steel with Pyrex glass. It is a gorgeous tank designed by a very innovative American brand based in California, Apollo eCigs.

We can actually get you a 20% discount on the Phazer or any Apollo eCig product for that matter. Use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping and you will get 20% off. This is a pretty sweet discount code that you can use any time and even use for Apollo’s eLiquid. By the way, Apollo ejuice is made in the USA in Apollo’s state of the art California lab. They never use diacetyl and they offer multiple lines of ejuice including 2 VG brands.

The Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer AKA The Best RTA

The Moonshot rebuildable tank atomizer by Sigelei delivers intense flavor and remains cool even at 200 watts.

A rebuildable tank atomizer, or RTA, gives you the massive vapor of a dripper with the convenience of the best vape tanks.

Last year, the Griffin turned out to be a very successful RTA. The Griffin was the darling of drippers who discovered that they could create insane builds and make monster vapor. Well this year, Sigelei has pushed RTAs to a whole new level with the development of the Sigelei Moonshot!

The Sigelei company is famous for making some of the best vape mods in the business. Although they are not known for making the best vape tanks, that is likely to change thanks to the Moonshot RTA. The genesis of the Sigelei Moonshot began in the Bay Area on the drawing board of famous vape designers, Suprimo. Sigelei and Suprimo teamed up to design the ultimate RTA. The end result is the Moonshot. With a 2.2 ml tank you can enjoy the best of an RDA from convenient, Top fill RTA vape tank.

If you like Sigelei, the 200 watt Fuchai TC vape mod would make a great partner for the Moonshot.

The Sigelei Moonshot is a phenomenal leap forward in vaping technology. The chambered atomizer deck uses new PEEK insulation and the result is a vaping beast that stays cool even at 200 watts. The Moonshot operates anywhere between 30 watts and 200 watts so it lets your seriously push the limits of the most advanced and powerful vape mods.

RELATED READING: Get To Know The Different Types Of Vape Mods And Their Purposes

Building on the Moonshot is a little different than you may be used to. The reason why is the two enormous airflow holes on the deck. The position is elevated and you can build your coil right on top of the airflow ports. The higher coil position also adds the benefit of enhanced flavor. The flavor and vapor combination people are getting from the Moonshot is simply awesome. So if you want a heavy hitter and are ready to bump up your vaping, get a Moonshot.

Best Ceramic Vape Tanks For Flavor – Here Are Our Top Picks

The Horizon Krixus ceramic vape tank boasts no need for buying replacement coils.

The Horizon Krixus ceramic vape tank utilizes ceramic coils that last for months and months. You do have to re-wick it regularly and that can be tricky, but you quickly get used to it. You just have to make sure that your organic cotton is nice and snug around the circumference of the ceramic coil. Once you replace the cap, you will typically have to do a little fine tuning to tuck the coil in in all the right places. Your tweezers will do the trick.

The advantage of a ceramic coil is the coil life in addition to the vapor and flavor. Many vapers find that the vapor from a ceramic coil carries the flavor very well and the vapor has a cleaner taste in general. The criticisms of ceramic coils tend to be the time it takes for them to warm up vs metal coils. Well the Horizon Krixus has such a vast range of power compatibility that you can vape it anywhere from 60 to 120 watts. So if you start at say 70 watts, it warms up right way.

The Horizon Krixus is exceptionally well made and that is why it makes the list of best vape tanks for 2017 as it dominates the ceramics category. It’s better than the Dolphin in our view. The adjustable airflow is beautiful, Horizon certainly has a knack for nailing airflow. The coils are set at 0.3 ohms of resistance and one note about the coils and that has to do with the cleaning aspect. When you pull off the old cotton there will be some residue. You can clean that off by dry burning the coil but do that at 30 watts and no more. 30 watts will clean it perfectly.

 In a nutshell, that’s the Krixus! If you want to try a ceramic tank, the Horizon Krixus fits the bill to a T. It has a stainless steel construction and the stainless steel drip tip is insulated with Delrin. It is very nicely designed and put together.

An Honorable Runner Up For Best Ecig Tank For Vape Juice Flavor

The Crown vape tank by Uwell is the second runner up best of 2016 delivering regal design with a king's share of vapor.

The second runner up for the best ecig tank for capturing the flavor of your vape juice, is the Uwell Crown. This one is simply a classic. It is a definitively proven top performer that has established itself as a favorite among vapers. That’s the big thing here.

The Uwell Crown vape tank has been on the market for a while now and it has been tested over an extended period of time and it remains one of the favorites because it is so well made and delivers amazing vape experiences. There are no doubts about the quality, flavor delivery or performance.

Because it has been out for a while, it now has a lower price. You can now get one for $28.95 and that includes free shipping. It comes with three coils, spare O-rings and an extra glass tank. I love that it comes with three coils, like the TFV8, because that allows you to try a few different styles right out of the box. That way you can see which coils you like the most. You can get temperature control vaping coils, too.

Speaking of Uwell Crown coils, there are a number of options including a 1.2 ohm coil and that makes it compatible and suitable for MTL vaping. Because it is easy to use and because it has an MTL option, the Crown is a good choice for a new vaper because it serves the transition from smoking and can then take you to some really magnificent subohm vaping if you want to go that route. The MTL option is one of many reasons the Crown is on the list of best vape tanks. Also, the coils are very affordable at $12.95 for a five pack adding to the value factor of the Uwell Crown.

The Uwell Crown tank is extremely well mad and has an easy access top fill. When filling from the top, it is a good idea to close the airflow to make sure that nothing leaks out of the airflow port. The tank has a 4 ml capacity and is a quartz glass tank so a little different from the usual Pyrex glass tanks.

Vaping the Uwell Crown is a pleasure. The vapor is dense and fulfilling with terrific flavor. As I stressed above, this is a proven performer. We are pleased to add it to the list of the best vape tanks of 2018.

Another Great Sub Ohm Vape Tank Worth An Honorable Mention

The Smok TFV4 vape tank is the best of 2016 for a reason with it's easy to fill drip tip, interchangabable coil heads and 100 percent pure organic cotton.

Overall, the best vape tank of 2018 for flavor and performance is the Smok TFv4 and TFv4 Mini Tank.

The reason is the incredible quality of the vaping and the simply amazing versatility. There is very little that the Smok TFv4 can’t do.

The Smok TFv4 vape tanks utilizes the best of everything including an easy access top fill design, adjustable, responsive airflow control and the broadest range of coil options. It is the huge range of coil options that gives the TFv4 its incredible versatility.

The number of coils styles is amazing. There are multiple RBA cores that let you build your own to your heart’s content. And that includes Clapton coils. You can also get prebuilt Clapton coils. The number of options is simply the best you are going to find. That includes temperature control vaping options. TFv4 cores are available in Ni200, Ti and stainless steel. You can get the most out of any mod including those capable of firing at very low resistances. I suggest you partner the TFv4 vape tank with the new Sigelei Fuchai 200 watt TC mod or the IPV5.

Of course, you can expect there to be a glut of counterfeit Smok TFv4 vape tanks on the market. Many consider it to be the best vape tank for tasting the true flavor of your vape juice and it will no doubt be copied. Make sure that you get yours from Direct Vapor. Do not get ripped off with a fake.

So, as the year goes on the list of best vape tanks will probably be expanded. This is a fast evolving technology! No matter where the future takes us. You cannot go wrong with any of these vape tanks. Make sure you check out our list of the best vape starter kits, you might be able to get one of these great tanks with an all in one starter kit!