Looking for the best ecigarette is something most of our readers come here for, and we get that. That’s why we run an unbiased site that caters to the vaping community. But what we notice in between reporting on the effects of vaping and the all the research studies and general news on ecigs, is that there is something missing here. Unlike many other product categories, ecig brands are having a particularly difficult time finding the best ecigarette spokesperson. For whatever reason, they just aren’t hitting the mark.

The most effective spokesperson is an attractive, down-to-earth personality that is more attractive than potential users, but not so remotely that they can't identify with them.

This prompted us to ask ourselves what exactly would make up the best ecigarette spokesperson. What would be the traits that could bring ecig brands to life for potential consumers? Because after all that is what spokespeople do. They put a physical, human face onto inanimate products or even ideas or concepts. When someone asks about the effects of vaping, they would probably be better satisfied with an answer that came from someone they liked or admired than anyone else, even if that answer was thorough, honest, and brilliant.

Some ecig brands have tried to put forth a face to represent their products, but it hasn’t exactly catapulted them to the top. Sure, Blu Cigs has Stephen Dorff, and for a time Jenny McCarthy, but that didn’t help their quick fall out of the top retail sales spot once RJ Reynolds’ Vuse got into the game. They even recently tried branding with Zara Martin. Dorff may have added a “cool” bad boy element to their brand, and perhaps it did pick up some more users that way, but he didn’t make anyone believe Blu was the best ecigarette necessarily. What are the elements or traits of such a spokesperson that could really life the marketing power of a given electronic cigarette brand?

Best Ecigarette Needs A Good Face

Blu, one of the leading e-cigarette brands has selected pretty faces and celebrities to appeal to new users.

There’s no doubt that a good face is always an element. This spokesperson, man or woman, has to be easy on the eyes. That’s just human nature though, isn’t it?

That’s probably the thinking behind adding Zara Martin to their spokesperson stable.

But that’s just the starting point. Because if you are going to put somebody up there and sell me on the idea that your ecigarette is the best ecigarette, for one reason or another, I have to be able to do more than want to look at your face.

I need to connect in some way that goes beyond looks. There just has to be more that the chosen person offers.

While the requirements of a spokesperson will depend a great deal on which of the ecig brands they represent, because each has its own marketing personality, there are some basics that apply to all. Perhaps the most important of these is that an ecig spokesperson needs to give you the feeling that you can trust them. One way to do that is to make sure the person is relatable to you. It’s great to have celebrities and models associated with your brand, but they should be of the type that are down to earth and “reachable” in a sense. If we can’t relate to the person and their values, why would we take their word on such an important product decision?

The best way of marketing e-cigarettes is to appeal to smokers through the health and fiscal benefits associated with giving up tobacco products.

In that sense, the spokesperson doesn’t even need to be a current or ex-smoker. They just need to understand the value of electronic cigarettes and be able to distinguish between the various elements that would make one brand the best ecigarette on the market over another. It helps if they have experience with vaping, but that isn’t an absolute necessity either. We just need to be able to believe them when they talk about the positive effects of vaping, because that will make all the difference in the world.

Where we stand now is that there is no viable spokesman or spokeswoman who has taken this task. We imagine that will change as ecig brands grow even larger and competition gets heavier. They’ll want to take any advantage they can get, so spending bucks on a bigger name (sorry Stephen Dorff) to attract more consumers. We just hope that when that day comes, the right person will step up to the plate. Someone we can be proud of very representing vaping, doing it in a wholesome but fun way and, most importantly, relatable and down to earth. We know there is someone out there that will fit the bill, it’s only a matter of time and making good choices.

Happy Vaping!