Finding the best ecigarette for switching to vaping is no easy feat. Every 3 days, a new ecig company enters the market with another design making big promises about satisfaction, design and performance. However, the vast majority of those new vape brands are fly-by-night businesses that are out to make a fast buck and not necessarily a quality vaping product. After a slew of emails asking us to review an army of products by manufacturers we’d never heard of, we thought it best to put together a condensed team of all star vape companies that we put our trust in enough to recommend.

This impromptu awards ceremony is all about the cig-a-like, the basic electronic cigarette design that looks like a traditional tobacco product and is most commonly seen on convenience store shelves, infomercials and in the hands of everyday people on the street making their attempt at a smoke free life. While there are many types of ecig tanks and mods out there today, many vaping enthusiasts are beginning to feel that they have outgrown cig-a-likes and are ready to experience the benefits of a serious upgrade. As vapers ourselves, we understand that.

In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that cig-a-likes or even pod mods were not able to come close to producing the amount of vapor that a sub ohm vape tank systems could. However, that is not necessarily the case anymore as sub ohm technology has become more compact. Additionally, large strides in the engineering of battery technology and methods for vaporizing material have created necessary in-roads in the products available to make compact vaping not only discreet and convenient, but satisfying as well.

How Does The Best eCigarette Measure Up For Switching To Vaping?

Now, that’s not to say that even the best small electronic cigarettes are able to compete on the same level of vape cloud production that advanced box mods can, but there is no doubt that today’s cig-a-likes are not just the same old recycled technology in a fancier package. In just ten years technological enhancements and advancements driven by the prevalence of lithium ion batteries in our daily lives have enabled the most popular vaping brands to deliver more efficient systems for vaporizing eliquid, which, in turn, means better vapor production.

That said, the best ecigarettes for switching to vaping that we believe are valuable vape products for leaving tobacco behind not only provide excellent vapor but produce satisfying sensations that may help you forget about smoking forever. Additionally, these devices certainly deliver when it comes to flavor as well, providing users with a wide variety of taste options and nicotine levels that you need to make the switch and deserve to help you sustain it. Among the most convenient and easy to use ecigarettes for making the switch to vaping.

Cigarette addiction is only partially chemical, a somewhat larger component is ritual and a common factor with which to engage others.

One of the primary benefits of vaping enables smokers to mimic the habit of smoking in every way, right down to appearance. If you are trying to use vaping to quit smoking without nicotine withdrawal symptoms it can be important to attempt to satisfy your smoking habit on as many levels as possible, beyond simply the nicotine levels. To explain, addiction to smoking is not simply about the nicotine, it is about the ritual as well. Cig-a-likes are often the best way to begin your vaping journey with a device that not only looks similar to tobacco products but operates similarly as well without the dangerous carcinogens and chemicals.

Why Switching To Vaping Using the Best eCigarettes Is Important

The most common reason to begin vaping is as an aid to help you replace smoking with a less harmful alternative without giving your body any kind of shock due to the absence of nicotine. While the goal of most vapers is to eventually transition to nicotine free vape juice and liberate themselves from its hold forever, this doesn’t occur overnight. In fact, for many it requires a period of stepping down from a level of nicotine dosage comparable to you needs and slowly moving to lower potency en route to non nicotine vape juice.

Additionally, cig-a-likes are perfect ecig starter kits for the consumer that isn’t interested in a lot of gadgets. Some people just want an introductory vape for beginners that is not only easy to use and compact, but fulfills their cravings as well. Typically, they are not interested in adjusting the variable wattage of their device or manually filling vape tanks. These users switching to vaping are not looking for another hobby, nor do they want to spend their time worrying about when their coils burning out on the fly and having to replace it.

Time is scarce in this world already and for a commodity you truly can’t put a price on, having more time is worth paying for convenience for many vapers. Simplicity by design is the best solution to retaining your time and getting the best cigs, vape devices and accessories possible all in one tidy package is the most direct route to achieving that goal of freedom. Our collection of the best ecigarettes for making the switch to vaping are all outstanding performers that are convenient to use and provide for a discreet vaping experience with every puff.

If you’ve gotten this far and have already decided you’re interested in a serious upgrade to an advanced vape mod, check out some of our other collections. We’ve compiled our favorite box mods, tube mods and mech mods to help narrow your search for the functionality and performance you need for streams of satisfying vapor to keep you tobacco free. Keep in mind, there are some vapor producing monsters out there crushing the industry like Godzilla that we can’t wait to tell you about! Today, however, the spotlight is on the best classic, reliable standard electronic cigarettes for making your transition to vaping! So let us roll out the red carpet, assemble the paparazzi and commence the festivities. These top performing ecigs won’t be giving autographs, they performing a drama-free dance of delicious vapor and you’re lucky enough to be in the audience.

For me, choosing the best ecig for switching to vaping is kind of like opening the envelopes on Oscar night. Which is why I am writing this article wearing a tuxedo, I would go so far as to say I look smoking’ hot, but I don’t smoke, so I’ll say I look vapin’ warm. That said, while I have your attention, let’s get warmed up for the heavy info with some light vaping humor.

Opening Monologue Of Best eCig For Switching

Okay, what do you call a vaper whose a stimulating conversationalist? Nick Otine. Why would he only buy cheap ecigs? He was a real carto – miser!! Two vapers walk into a bar, you would think one of them would have seen it!! What do you call a vaper that lives underwater? A Sub homeowner. Why did the vaper always love to look at himself in the mirror? Because he had a big eGo!! How was the vaper able to always carry tons of vape juice? Because he was built like a … tank! What do you call a cloud chaser who exhales straight up into the air? Under the weather. Okay, I ‘ll stop. And without further ado, we take a closer look at the best ecigarettes for switching to vaping.

Words best of the best surrounded by a laurel wreath with electronic cigarettes in the background

Choosing The Best Electronic Cigarette For Making The Switch

Just like the biggest blockbuster films are not necessarily the best quality movies, the best selling ecigs are not necessarily the best vapes.

Take a look at Logic Ecig for example, their retail presence was at one time, unquestionably dominant. They had a vast network of stores selling their products and we saw them absolutely everywhere. However, even though they were aggressively marketed toward smokers, they were never a contender for the top electronic cigarette by user’s standards, sales figures is an entirely different story.

In fact, the Vuse, Cue Vapor system, Mark Ten, they all have essentially the same issues; they have high advertising visibility, but are either too expensive or underperforming to retain their popularity. All have very limited options in terms of vape juice flavors, available nicotine levels not to mention their very thin range of devices. For those of you who have already bought a Cue Vapor ecig or other commercially recognizable vape device, chances are you weren’t provided with the opportunity or high quality that is possible with other entry level electronic cigarettes. As a a result, it’s likely the device you tried didn’t make much of an impression and you went right back to tobacco.

That said, if you have already purchased a device similar to the Logic ecig that uses pre filled cartridges, we recommend using Mig Vapor cartomizers for your replacements. In detail, Mig Vapor cartomizers are fully compatible with a range of cig-a-like designs, are available in more flavors and a broader range of nicotine levels. If you are one of the aforementioned carto – misers who took up vaping to save money, the good news is Mig Vapor cartridges cost far less than Logic vape cartridges and the more you buy at once, the more you save.

Vuse Vapor was another ecig that had massive resources behind it and an extensive retail network at its fingertips due to its resources as a big tobacco product. If you live in an area where the Vuse is sold, chances are that you still see it everywhere. As far as performance, it falls short behind the top performers especially in the category of options. Vuse and other retail ecigs that you find at gas stations and corner stores offer very few vape flavor and nicotine choices. Who thinks more options are better? Yeah, we do, too.

Truth be told, I think of the Vuse like the 2011 movie Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds. There was plenty of hype and buzz about it, a massive budget, but turned out to be a box office flop. In fact, their initial investment of $125 million in marketing got a few people through the doors after it opened, but the Green Lantern quickly became known as one of the most disappointing super hero action movies in recent years (you haven’t seen the Captain America one from 1990). Did it deserve a sequel? No chance!

However, the actor who played the titular character would go on to find wild success with the Deadpool franchise just five years later and definitely got itself a sequel. Well, the vaping industry can be much the same, it’s all generally based on the same technology, but the application and the details are key to the success of certain products. Where ecigarettes like the Mark Ten just seem to sadly sit on shelves like a dusty placeholder for the tobacco lobby, products like Juul Pods are flying off the racks due to their improvements on both design and vaping technology.

However, man ecigs that you find in many retail outlets are made by generic ecigarette brands that have no name recognition and often little interest in establishing trust by creating quality products. These cheap ecigs have not undergone years of development and research to bring the best ecigarette to market, nor have they been the result of any new innovations. In fact, many have simply been pre-packaged and shipped by a third party with no connection to the parent company or brand at all. While some of these brands may have good business models and excellent connections to trusted vape manufacturers, they aren’t involved in the production aspect, leaving an opening for serious holes in their quality control.

Good marketing may be good for business and making money, but it isn’t necessarily associated with the best ecigarettes for switching to vaping. To explain, to be named the best, a product has to perform when the curtain goes up, it has to be poised, practiced and ready to pump out the feelings expected from it by both the director and its fans. A solid performance always leaves the audience wanting more, and in this case, the vaping community wants more quality and less quantity. Sure, you can catch a bargain matinee and waste some time, but wouldn’t you rather have the stimulating enjoyment of something that leaves you with satisfaction afterward? (we’re not just talking about movies here.)

To achieve amazement, fulfillment, the best ecigarette must meet certain performance standards the audience requires. It must hit the high mark and breathe new life into the vaping experience in order to command an encore. For example, a vape battery should ideally last in the range of 200 puffs or around the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes in order to be considered useful. Additionally, the same standards apply to cartridges and pods.

Both flavor and vapor production have to be consistent in order to satisfy the user. Any brand that provides one puff with lots of vapor and flavor followed by another puff with vapor but no flavor, and then a puff with overpowering flavor and no vapor isn’t worth your time let alone your money. This staggered type of inconsistency is unacceptable for vaping, especially if its your first significant investment toward switching to vaping.

All of our candidates for best ecigarette offer long lasting vape batteries and cartridges as well as consistent flavor and vapor output the whole way through. If you choose anything less than the premium ecigs, you will not be experiencing the best vaping possible and you may find yourself forever soured on electronic cigarettes due to poorly made products. Remember, the ultimate goal is to find a nicotine delivery system that incorporates harm reduction while achieving a level of satisfaction that will help us remain smoke free. We cannot lose sight of that.

The Nominees For Best eCigarette for Switching To Vaping Are…

Now that you have an idea why choosing a quality product is crucial to your vaping future, let’s take a look at the nominees before crowning our winner for the best ecigarette for switching to vaping.

Mig Vapor Trap Pod on a wooden table with three replacement vape cartridges and a Mig Vapor logo with the forest in the background

Mig Vapor

The next nominee is a veteran brand that has continuously take the vape industry by storm. Mig Vapor consistently cranks out superior vaping products including an entire line of outstanding vaporizers. However, where they truly made their mark on the vaping world was with their incredible starter kits and the Trap Pod nic salt starter kit is definitely a proven starter pack to get you through the transitional period. Largely considered the best Juul alternative that provides a satisfying vape in every puff, this compact pod mod is exactly the device to help ease you toward vaping and away from the harmful effects of smoking.

Mig Vapor’s Trap Pod take the background, research and celebrated quality the company is known for and combines every aspect that made them the top vape company operating in the industry into a discreet, satisfying electronic cigarette that is incredibly affordable, easy refillable and can be customized with the premium vape juice or nicotine salt solution of your choosing, an attribute the Juul pen does not offer. Take a look at this immensely popular pocket vaporizer and find out how the Trap Pod might change the way you view vaping forever.

While it doesn’t look like most cig-a-likes, it’s essentially the same tech with a much more powerful 380 mAh battery and refillable clearomizer tanks.

Mig Cigs distinguished themselves early on for innovative upgrades to existing technology that had a sleek style and outstanding performance and the Mig 21 kit is a perfect example of how they brought vaping into a new era. In fact, the design of this ecigarette starter kit is one often seen in the hands of vapers who prefer to consume cannabis concentrates through vapor. Their Clear Fusion tanks took the engineering of the clearomizer tank and turned it into a part of an integrated system that created satisfying and flavorful vapor in every pull. Each is consistent throughout the life cycle of both the battery and vape tank.

While some vapers prefer the simplicity of pod mods or cartomizers, the Mig 21 allows for full customization of vape juice in both flavor and nicotine levels and the transparent tank allows them to gauge just how much eliquid they go through. It’s one of the most convenient, compact and efficient vape pen systems on the market and it has endured as a top pick among vapers looking for a mobile vaping setup with a simple, elegant look. That said, Mig Vapor is known not only for their outstanding technology but their vape juice as well.

In fact, their ejuice is incredibly affordable and filled with highest quality ingredients and allow users to mix and match flavors to create their own custom eliquids. Certainly one of the most attractive aspects of the Mig 21 vape starter kit is the convenience of knowing you can select any vape juice you want and get delicious clouds of dense vapor from a compact ecigarette. A handy carrying case makes this vape starter kit ideal for travel or thrown into a backpack or purse.

Generally, cig-a-likes are recommended for new vapers because they are easy to use and often mouth to lung or MTL devices meant to recreate the action of tobacco use without the harm created by burning material. However, the Mig 21 kit is like one of those intro ecigs with serious power upgrades and refillable vape tanks. Although most intermediate vape mods can be bulky and awkward to carry around, this ecigarette is closer to a standard design with a slim profile and quick charging time.

Plus, just the fact that you get a second battery and Clear Fusion tank is enough for uninterrupted vaping right out of the box, which can be especially significant for new vapers who have recently made the switch to vaping. In addition, Mig Vapor gets you started with a 30ml bottle of vape juice, which together is plenty of equipment to help you stay smoke free for enough time to research which ejuice you want to try next. With that in mind, you can select from the full range of nicotine levels, ensuring you’re never getting more than you need and your vape juice always has enough to satisfy your cravings.

In all, Mig Cigs has managed to offer the vaping community ecigarette designs that set a new standard for performance and convenience. Great things truly do come in small packages and the Mig 21 Clear Fusion kit is the perfect representation of that. Check out our full review of the Mig 21 starter kit for details on what we enjoyed about this outstanding vape pen.

You can get your own Trap Pod with the refillable vape cartridge for $19.99 or the Mig 21 Clear Fusion vape kit, including a 30ml bottle of ejuice in your preferred flavor and nicotine strength, for only $59.95. However, as a member of the Expert Vaping community you get a significant discount on their website for 10% off your entire order using our Mig Vapor coupon. Enjoy.

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closeup of the juul vape starter kit including four juul pods, juul charger and juul battery

Juul Vapor

In a short time, Juul Labs established themselves as top destination for the most satisfying vaping experience for smokers making the switch. With a redesign of the traditional electronic cigarette, they put their patented twists and innovations into a compact device that is dominating the vaping industry. Once you try the Juul ecig, it’s instantly clear that quality counts every step of the way and your money was well spent.

Though some introductory ecigs have boasted 350 to 400 puffs per cartridge in the past, however, Juul Vapor specifically engineered their vape device to achieve a consistent 200 puffs from both the battery and their Pods. Each cartridge is set at the same 5% nicotine level, which may sound like a lot, but the true genius is inside the pod. To explain, this is because the Juul pen uses nicotine salt instead of the traditional liquid form which allows for vaporization at lower temperatures and no harsh throat hit common with high nicotine ecigarettes.

Part of the way they achieve this is with an integrated temperature control system which is meant to prevent the risk of combustion while additionally keep the vapor at a set temperature. With that in mind, they offer a range of tasty flavors to keep you endlessly satisfied and though the vapor isn’t a massive cloud, it is fulfilling from such a small electronic cigarette. Their most popular Juul flavors are Mango, Cool Cucumber, and Classic Menthol, however, they offer staples like Fruit Medley, Creme Brûlée, and two varieties of Tobacco aimed directly at the smoking industry.

Juul is the vaping brand of SF Bay Area-based Pax Labs, most famous for their best selling portable dry herb vaporizers. Essentially, the idea was to offer smokers interested in switching to vaping a device that eased the transition as much as possible and helped them acclimate to vapor with a satisfying stream of potent vapor. As a result, they quickly rose to the forefront of the top ecigarette manufacturers and established themselves as a household name.

One of their greatest strengths is convenience, they managed to secure a place for their products in a sprawling range of local retail locations making their electronic cigarettes as easy to get your hands on, as they are to use. In fact, like many cheap vape devices, you could potentially run out in the middle of the night and find an all night mini mart or gas station that sells their Juul Pods in a pinch. This has made them a resounding success, blending the assets of convenience and top quality vape pens seamlessly.

You can find more information in our Juul vape starter kit review, but overall, the hype around this pocket powerhouse is thoroughly justified. In fact, some curious vapers end up ditching their advanced mods after Juuling, favoring the ease of being able to find replacement vape cartridges and a satisfying device that fits comfortably in their pocket. In fact, the vapor is so satisfying, it’s sometimes hard to put this ecig down, which is kind of a good thing, because it’s so small and discreet, it may be hard to find it if you can’t remember where you left it last.

That said, it’s design is unlike any other product before it, but there are plenty of imitators, even from the big name vape brands who witness the popularity of nic salt swallowing up their customer base. All the proprietary developments packed into the Juul vape pen truly make it one of a kind, and accepting a substitute is definitely a compromise. Years of research went into creating one of the best small ecigs available that is especially geared towards those switching from smoking to vaping.

Juul Products have set a high bar that the rest of the ecig industry is scrambling to reach, but the name brand popularity of this stealth vape device is only growing and all the competition can hope for is to play second banana. Even the charger ups the ante for what ecigs are capable of. The Juul charger is a simple USB device that cradles the battery and has a built-in magnetic coupler, but even that is small enough to stuff in your pocket. No cords, no adapters, simple, and simplicity is truly one of the most attractive aspects that this vape device offers.

The Juul Starter Kit retails for $49.99 and comes with the battery, five vape flavor pods and the charger. While this may seem like a steep ticket for entry, it’s among the most affordable of the comprehensive starter packs and the big show is well worth it. Plus, you can use our Juul coupon to get $40 off plus free shipping, you’re welcome.

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the V2 EX starter kit is considered one of the best ecigarette starter kits for switching to vaping

V2 Cigs

Our final nomination for the best ecigarette for switching to vaping  is the rock solid V2 EX Series Starter Kit . For quality and performance you can count on while vaping on a budget, V2 Cigs has all the bases covered. In fact, they offer a range of easy to use electronic cigarettes and top vaporizers known for delivering robust and flavorful vapor right out of the box. As a result, they didn’t need much introduction to make the short list for the best ecigarette for switching to vaping.

The V2 Cigs EX standard kit meets all the requirements you need to starter a successful journey towards vapor and away from tobacco. A 280 mAh battery delivers consistently satisfying puffs of vapor through either their EX cartomizers or their EX Blanks which are essentially compact clearomizers. One of the most alluring aspects of this ecigarette starter kit is the plentiful options for either personalized vape juice or pre filled cartomizers that use V2 eliquid. While many vapers value the variety offered to them by being able to select the ejuice of their choosing, loyal V2 Cigs vapers will tell you their flavored ejuices set a high standard for components made by a vape company primarily in the business of making devices.

With a range of tasty vape flavors, V2 has created a one stop shop for an incredibly simple and fulfilling vapor experience from the first puff to the last. The EX Series Standard starter kit comes with two ecig batteries, a USB express charger, wall adapter and ten EX vape cartridges for an impressive head start on your vaping future before needing to pick up some refills. Initially, the V2 cartomizers for the starter kit are only available in four flavors, but again, simplicity is one of the greatest assets, when you begin your vaping journey it helps to acclimate to the new sensation of vaping with tobacco and menthol flavors that are familiar.

Each vape cartridge is designed to last the duration of a full battery charge good for around 200 puffs or more depending on how deep your draws are. Due to the upgraded V2 EX battery unit, you get considerably more life and consistency of vaping sessions before needing a recharge and the power unit has five battery indictor lights along the side to ensure you are fully aware of how much life is left before you have to plug it in for a boost. Additionally, the EX standard ecig kit batteries are available in four color options; black, stainless, rose gold and opal making for a custom touch not commonly offered by the competition.

They offer five different nicotine levels for the EX vape kit measured in percentage by volume at 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4% for former smokers switching to vaping from full flavored or unfiltered cigarettes. In this way V2 Cigs makes it incredibly easy to choose all the options that are perfect for your own personal preferences depending on what your needs are and the flavors you enjoy. It’s this kind of understandable system that makes the V2 EX ecig a top contender for title of the best ecigarette for making the switch.

Although the V2 EX starter kit starts at $59.95, they are offering an impressive discount using this exclusive V2 Cigs coupon code for 10% off your entire order site wide. Just because you get the top ranked ecigarette starter kits doesn’t mean you have to pay top dollar.

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Now the moment you’ve been waiting for, we’ve reached the moment of announcing our winner for the best ecigarette for switching to vaping. This distinguished champion is consistently a top pick for not only our staff, but much of the vaping community as well. In fact, I would go so far as to say that this proven performer has real star power as it reigns as both a household name and America’s sweetheart of vaping. Ladies and gentlemen – Juul ecigs!

The Mig 21 vape kit from Mig Vapor comes with two batteries, two clear draw vape tanks, a bottle of vape juice and a USB charger that all fits into a convenient carrying case

Although Juul Vapor continues to be the toast of the town and the first choice for smokers ready to quit and try the best ecigarette for switching to vaping, the Mig Vapor Trap Pod is quickly garnering the attention of vapers who appreciate both the quality and customer service that the company is known for as well as the unbelievable value and customization that this compact vape pen offers . After a performance that could only be described as astounding this ecig brand is poised to step into the spotlight and take a bow.

Mig Vapor utilizes the latest innovative technology to far exceed performance standards creating a new measure for all vaping products. Let’s review some of the impressive stats that have made them the top pick for vaper making the switch and getting the benefits of nicotine salts.

Each Trap Pod battery functions at around 280 to 350 mAh and is designed specifically not only to replace the need for a pack of tobacco, but to last well beyond. The pods are engineered to last at least as long as a fully charged battery meaning you can plan ahead as far as supplies and refills you will need ensuring you’re never without enjoyable draws of delicious vapor.

In fact, each refillable vape cartridge for the Trap Pod holds 2ml of liquid, an impressive step up from Juul Pods which seem to drain fairly quickly, especially if you chain vape, which many users making the switch tend to. with a simple double tap on the side of the battery unit, the Juul device will tell you how much strength the battery has left in it before needing to be plugged in again, which consequently also helps you measure how much liquid is in the pod. Not only that, but the Trap Pods are good for at least 5 refills compared to the Juul vape kit’s single use throw aways and some users have reported refilling their Trap cartridges up to eight times before needing to replace them! The value from Mig Vapor is unmistakable and clearly sizable.

One of the features we loved about it were the batteries which were amazingly consistent. Mig Vapor has implemented proprietary technology to ensure smoothly operating conduction between the battery and cartridge. This ensures a seamless experience from start to finish throughout the duration of both regulated by their impressive temperature control technology. It’s USB rechargeable and good for hours of delicious, robust and satisfying vapor on a single charge, which is crucial when you’re making the switch to vaping.

We cannot say enough positive things about the vapor production of the Trap Pod, for one of the best small electronic cigarettes the density is impressively fulfilling. In addition, the throat hit is mild and satisfying due to the low vaporization temp even when using nic salts. Mig Vapor offers a range of tasty nic salt flavors which are brilliantly composed for a satisfying vapor that will make you forget about your nicotine cravings. See for yourself just how well the Trap Pod fills your needs for potent vapor.

So that’s our show for tonight, hopefully you have a better idea of which is the best ecigarette for switching to vaping that suits your needs. Keep an eye out for more information on the best vape mods and ejuices to help you expand your vaping. Thank you for being a part of the Expert Vaping community and we hope this information is valuable as you begin your next vaping adventure. Until next time, I’ll leave you with this last vape joke, did you hear about the guy who went to the vape shop first thing in the morning? He wanted to beat the clouds. That’s it for me, goodnight everybody.