The best e-cig of 2015 is here. It’s new, innovative, versatile, and it redefines consistency. Say hello to the Apollo Endeavor.

The Apollo Endeavor is a result of extensive research and development carried out by Apollo E-Cig. They have managed to blend the newest technologies with the demands of consumers for better, more consistent and reliable vaping.

Apollo E-Cig is a progressive electronic cigarette brand that has been innovating since day one. They have invested in their own top grade e-liquid lab and they have been creating top quality products since entering the e-cig industry in the early days.

The fact that Apollo has been involved in the industry for so long has enabled them to compile years of customer feedback and develop relationships with vapers worldwide. The insights that they have gained have provided the guidance for Apollo’s research and development.

Apollo e cigarette company is a progressive company

There are about 500 e-cig brands out there and the majority of them simply package generic imported ecig products with the short-term goal of making as much money as possible in as little time as possible. That is not what Apollo’s goals are. They are in the e-cig industry for the long haul.

Since Expert Vaping began reviewing e-cigarette products, we have tested countless brands. Very few make the cut and appear in our e-cigarette reviews section. Most have been disappointing and we are always thrilled when we have the opportunity to talk about a product that we think you will find enjoyable and satisfying.

We want to help people avoid all of the junk out there and find something that works. Something that gets folks away from tobacco cigarettes. That’s why we do this.

When our founder Paul Rucci completed his extensive testing on the Apollo Endeavor, we knew that it was a premiere product worthy of the “best e-cigarette” label. It became our new top rated e-cigarette for 2015.

Newly appointed to the top of the charts, the best e-cig of 2015 – the Apollo Endeavor.

Apollo Endeavor Vape Kit

Paul Rucci’s review video goes over all of the details and shows you exactly why this is the best electronic cigarette of 2015. The vape kit comes with everything you need. So, let’s talk about what you get with the Endeavor vape kit. The kit comes with:

  • 2 – 900 mAh Apollo Luminous e-cig batteries
  • 2 – Apollo EVOD Dual Coil Clearomizer Tanks
  • 3 – Battery chargers (USB, wall and car charger)
  • 2 – 10 ml bottles of Apollo USA made e-juice

The Endeavor ecig starter kit comes with a price tag of $59.95. This is a great value. In fact, we compared all of the leading brands to determine which e-cig vape kit had the best long-term value and the Apollo Endeavor rated at the top of the list. That means it is at the top of the list as the best e-cig and the best value.

Remember, most mod style e-cig kits come with 650 mAh batteries and offer 900 mAh batteries as a higher priced option. Apollo is just giving you two 900 mAh batteries right off the bat.

You are also getting 20 ml of e-juice. Apollo has dozens of flavors to choose from and all e-liquid recipes are blended in their state of the art e-liquid lab.

Let’s talk a little bit about the technical specifications of the Endeavor. It is 6 inches in height and .55 inches in diameter. It weighs 1.7 ounces (or 45.8 grams). The voltage output tops out at 4.2 volts, which offers the safest vaping. Each tank contains 1.6 ml of e-liquid that equates to about 400 puffs, or a solid day of vaping for most.

The vaping, by the way, is the most consistent that we have ever tested. Consistent really is the word that comes to mind when talking about the Endeavor e-cigarette. Every puff is just right and no burnt taste. Usually, even the best mods occasionally put out a dry hit or a burnt taste when the liquid gets too hot. Apollo has found a way to provide a better vaping experience and it starts with the battery.

Apollo Endeavor E-Cig Batteries

The Apollo Endeavor batteries have implemented regulating technology that lends itself to remarkable consistency. The Luminous batteries come in black, stainless steel, blue or green finishes. The batteries are manual meaning that you push a button to activate and produce vapor.

As you are vaping, you will notice a faint light indicating that your battery is activated. You will notice it but it is not overpowering. Too many e-cig LED lights are too bright and consume too much battery power. Apollo has found the right amount of light to serve as an indicator while at the same time extending battery life.

The indicator light also changes color as the available battery power changes. A red light means that your battery is at full capacity. Once your battery is reduced to 66%, the light turns blue and when the light turns white you battery is on its last thrid of available power.

Some light is necessary to indicate function, capacity and to let you know when it is fully recharged but Apollo has done a great job making the light fulfill its valuable purpose but not at the expense of overall battery life.

Apollo endeavor 900 mah e cigarette battery comes in different colors

It’s the little things like that that Apollo has thought of. A lot of electronic cigarettes have dazzling displays and fancy digital read outs that make it attractive as a gadget but compromise its potential to give the best and most satisfying vaping possible.

A lot of the reason that Apollo has claimed the best e-cig label is the fact that these batteries are so efficient and so well regulated. They have safety features to prevent accidental firings and the delivery of charge to the atomizer is very stead, reliable and constant contributing to the consistency that we have already spoken so much about. The microprocessor functions at a level that is a cut above.

The overcharge and short circuit protection also help ensure that your battery lasts a long time. The spring loaded center pin protects your battery from damage should you over tighten the tank.

Most of all, you get a high number of puffs from a fully charged battery and when you do need to recharge, it does so quickly. The grade of lithium in these batteries is obviously the highest quality. Apollo has taken no short cuts here, this is the best e-cig for a reason – it uses only the best components.

Best E-Cigarette Tanks

The best e-cig must also be a versatile electronic cigarette. The Apollo Endeavor is certainly versatile. The 510 threading is engineered with precise tolerances and it is compatible with the best e-cig tanks out there today.

Whether you prefer wicks, bottom coils, dual coils or what have you, the Endeavor can bring the best out of any quality e-cigarette tank. The Endeavor vape kit comes with two EVOD dual coil tanks. The tanks are high quality and contain 1.6 ml of e-juice.

Apollo offers a number of tanks that you can also try if you wish. Perhaps you enjoy the Kanger EVOD tank. It is slightly larger and also works very well. You can pick up a pack of three Kanger EVOD tanks from Apollo for $19.95. Apollo has some of the best prices you will find, hands down.

who has the best e cigarette tanks

The Aspire Nautilus is a very popular e-cig tank in the vaping community. Apollo has this item in stock and you can purchase one for $35.99.

If you want to try a variety of tanks, Apollo has a variety pack of three different tanks (iSmoke, Mini Davide and Smoketech) available for $23.95.

The Apollo Endeavor will get the best performance from which ever tank you want to try. If you want to keep it simple and just go with the Apollo EVOD tanks that come with the kit, that’s a great choice, too. You won’t be disappointed in the vapor you get from the dual coils.

As vaping has moved forward, many people are turning to e-cigarette tank systems. They provide more vapor production and last longer. The Apollo Endeavor is very easy to use and is great for new vapers and a must for experienced vapers.

Apollo E-Liquid

Apollo E-Liquid is USA made and sourced from the best ingredients. The lab itself is staffed by professional chemists who are also vaping gurus!

Thanks to their independent laboratory, Apollo’s chemists are able to go to great lengths when developing and perfecting flavors. The competition can’t do that. The best e-liquid vendors generally contract out to approved labs. They submit an order, receive samples and choose a final product. It can be a cumbersome process where going to a lot of trial and error is too costly.

Apollo has the freedom to take as much time and effort as is needed to perfect their e-liquid recipes. That is exactly what they do. They do not release a new flavor until the build a consensus of excellence.

You might find vape shops that blend e-liquids in-house but they are not blended by professional chemists operating in a laboratory that meets the highest standards. That is why so many vape shops are selling e-liquid with the wrong nicotine levels inside.

Apollo has over 40 e liquid flavors

Blending e-liquid is a job for professional chemists, not well-intentioned hobbyists.

With Apollo, you are getting top quality ingredients in a superior e-liquid blended by professional chemists who know exactly what they are doing.

The ejuice itself is a 60-40 PG-VG blend. That is a desirable ratio to produce lots of vapor, flavor and throat hit. Apollo e-liquid comes in five different nicotine levels:

  • Zero – 0 mg nicotine
  • Low – 6 mg nicotine
  • Medium – 12 mg nicotine
  • High – 18 mg nicotine
  • Extra High – 24 mg nicotine

There are also 40 plus flavor options including:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • RY4 (a tobacco with a sweet caramel touch of flavor)
  • Sahara (Turkish tobacco flavor)
  • Menthol Breeze
  • Green Apple
  • Razzle (a mix of berry flavors, one of Paul’s favorites!)
  • Watermelon
  • Cappuccino
  • Pina Colada
  • Banana Cream

That’s just a sample of the flavors available. Your kit comes with two 10 ml bottles. The regular price of a 10 ml bottle is $6.95. You can save 20% off of your e-liquid purchases by using Apollo e-cig coupon code Expert Vaping.

Apollo E-Cig Coupon

Apollo already offers great value. Compare Apollo’s prices with those of other leading brands and that is easy to see. You can purchase Apollo products online which is great because buying e-cigs online gives you the best prices and the freshest stock.

You can also use our Apollo E-cig coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of any Apollo purchase.

That means you can also use this Apollo e-cig coupon to save 20% off of an Endeavor vape kit. With the coupon code, you can get the Endeavor vape kit for $47.96. Tough to beat and just a great deal for the best e-cig of 2015.

I know what you are saying. Great! Now let me go check out the Endeavor for myself.

Congrats to Apollo on creating the best e-cig of 2015. Folks, you will not be disappointed in this product. It is very good and as Paul says, two thumbs up.

Apollo e e liquid coupon

Before signing off, just a quick note that I hope vape shop owners will pay some attention to.

If you have a vape shop in your area you probably won’t find the Apollo Endeavor on the shelves. Vape shops typically import stock from overseas manufacturers. They offer brands such as Kanger and Innokin, which are good but vape shops are overlooking American e-cig innovators like Apollo E-Cig. Vape shops are really missing out on the best e-cigs and it’s a shame.

If you ask vape shop owners why their store does not carry electronic cigarettes from American e-cig companies like Apollo, they will probably say that the products on their shelves are better. They are not better. They are thinking of the state of vaping circa 2011, not 2015.

Quality companies in America realized that to be the best e-cig you have to go the extra mile and distinguish yourself from the crowd. The best electronic cigarette brands have all imposed advanced designs and integrated new technology into their e-cigarette development.

Vape shop owners, take another look at American E-cigarette companies like Apollo. They are innovative and creating some of the best e-cigarettes in the world right now.