The Aspire Premium starter kit is a premiere ecigarette kit that features the Aspire Nautilus Mini tank. Aspire is best known for their innovative ecigarette tanks and the tank that started that stellar reputation was the Nautilus. The secret for Aspire has simple been to focus on quality. That focus has led them to develop a the leading quality CF ecig battery line. The Aspire Premium kit combines both the Nautilus tank and CF battery into a single kit that gives you total value.

You can now buy the Aspire Premium kit for less than $60. That means that for the price of a regular electronic cigarette starter kit, you can now get a genuine Aspire electronic cigarette. That price is not available everywhere, you will only find that ecig price online and we found an offer that will also include some eliquid for you.

Three months ago, I picked up an Aspire Premium starter kit and I have been using it ever since.  I have not even had to buy new coils yet. I want to cover some of the features and experiences with the kit. The Aspire Premium starter kit with the Nautilus ecig tank is right in the sweet spot of vapor production and flavor. In terms of quality, ease of use and durability, it ascends to the elite level.

Aspre premium starter kit for beginners

The Aspire Premium starter kit comes with:

– Aspire CF Variable Voltage 1000 mAh battery

– Aspire Nautilus Mini tank with adjustable airflow and 2.5 ml eliquid capacity

– 5 additional Aspire 1.8 Ohm BVC coils

– USB battery charger

– Wall adaptor

– Aspire user manual

When you pick up this kit from Mt. Baker Vapor, you will also get a free 15 ml bottle of eliquid and a free blunt needle tip to ensure a no-mess refill.

Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank

The Aspire Nautilus Mini tank really was a game changer in electronic cigarettes. A lot of things claim to be a game changer but the nautilus actually was. Now, a lot of tanks have similar coil design and adjustable airflow but the Nautilus set the standard.

Don’t be thrown off by the word “Mini” either. The Nautilus Mini tank has a 2.5 ml eliquid capacity which is actually a larger capacity that most ecig tanks on the market today.

The reason that it is called the Mini is because there is actually a larger Aspire Nautilus tank available on the market. The larger Aspire Nautilus has a 5 ml eliquid capacity which by any standard is huge!

I prefer the Mini because it has a more streamlined look, is more portable, and, most importantly, a 2.5 ml capacity is ample and will provide a day’s vaping without any problem.

Dry herb vaporizers are often associated with marijuana

The tank itself is made of Pyrex Glass. There is no plastic involved in the Aspire Nautilus Mini. It is all top quality materials that stand up to wear and the rigors of time. The Nautilus is also 510 threaded which makes it compatible with all of the leading ecig battery designs.

The Aspire Nautilus Mini is the perfect choice to include with the Aspire Premium starter kit. It fits the diameter of the CF VV (variable voltage) battery and has a great look. Using the Aspire Nautilus is a simple process and I have been very impressed by the silicone seal. Three months and not a trace of a leak. I carry this thing in my pocket, it gets jostled and dropped, and still no leaks.

To refill the Nautilus, you simply turn the tank over and unthread the bottom. You then drip in your eliquid and screw it back on. There is a trick though and that is to not overtighten. I know it is tempting to thread it on super tight because you don;t want it to leak but you really do no have to do that. Just thread it on until you feel resistance and that’s it. Stop there. It is not going to leak because the silicone seal design and tolerances are so well coordinated. This is a high quality product that does not need to be manhandled in any way.

The Nautilus Mini that you get with the Aspire Premium starter kit has four airflow settings. This lets you control the draw tension, the vapor production, vapor temperature and the flavor. If you have not tried an adjustable airflow tank, you should. I know that I won’t go back. Being able to customize your vaping experience to suit your own preferences adds a level of satisfaction that you have to experience to fully understand.

Aspire nautilus mini tank with adjustable airflow

From my own perspective, I have been through too many experiences with ecig tanks with a stiff draw that you have to put too much effort into suck out any vapor. Some people love a stiffer draw but I like an airy draw. With the Nautilus, you can have either with the turn of a dial. You can switch it up anytime you want and experiment with different eliquid flavors to get the perfect setting. When on maximum airflow, I get plenty of cool vapor and the right hit of flavor. If you want more flavor and thicker vapor, simply decrease the airflow until you find your own sweet spot.

The vapor production that you get from the Aspire Premium starter kit is simply outstanding. It is not a cloud chaser, you don’t get the massive vapor clouds that can temporarily block out the sun! Not everybody wants that, me included. If you do want that, you will probably me more interested in the Apollo Phaser tank, perfect for massive clouds. With the Nautilus what you do get is a lot of satisfying vapor. The amount of vapor is just right for a satisfying smoking alternative.

Nautilus BVC Coils

The heart of any electronic cigarette are the coils. A big part of what makes the Aspire Nautilus so revolutionary is the innovative design of the BVC coils.

BVC stands for “bottom vertical coils”. Many ecig tanks have string-like wicks that are saturated in eliquid. Coils are just that, small coils that are covered by a cotton wicking material. The end result is that a lot more saturated surface is exposed to heat and that translates into a lot more vapor. The cotton is also much better at giving you a cleaner vapor with more flavor.

Most coil designs involve a coil that lies horizontally at the bottom of the tank. BVC coils are vertical and the eliquid is more evenly distributed throughout the wicking material. This seemingly minor design alternative actually makes a big difference in the vapor production and consistency.

When you get your Aspire Premium starter kit, you will notice that the Nautilus Mini has a larger vapor tube in the center of the tank. That is to accommodate the BVC coils. It may take up more space than a coil that lays flat on the bottom but honestly, who cares. The design is ingenious and it gives you better vapor.

Aspire nautilus Bottom vertical coils

The Aspire Premium starter kit comes with 5 additional 1.8 Ohm coils. BVC coils lasts in the area of three weeks. That is three weeks of steady vaping at the rate of about 2.5 ml of eliquid per day. That is an excellent performance that is close to the level of VaporFi Rocket coils. It’s about as good as it gets. Definitely in the top percentile.

Replacement BVC coils come in packs of five and sell for anywhere between $12 and $15. Many places charge $20 but when you buy online from Apollo Cigs or Mt. Baker, you are going to get a much better deal. It’s just a fact, you get the best deals when you buy ecigs online. BVC coils come in either a 1.8 Ohm resistance atomizer or a 1.6 Ohm atomizer.

If you get your replacement coils from Mt Baker, you can use our Mt Baker Vapor coupon code Expert Vaping10 to save on any Mount Baker purchase.

Aspire CF VV Battery

The new Aspire CF VV battery has a variable voltage feature that lets you choose a power output anywhere between 3.3 V and 4.8 V. To adjust the voltage, you dial the rotary knob at the bottom of the battery. This is a 1000 mAh battery with a carbon fiber coated body with stainless steel connections.

The Aspire CF VV has a spring loaded 510 connection that ensures that you always have a solid connection with the atomizer. There are built in safety features that are reliable and extend the life of the battery while also protecting against overheating.

The Aspire Premium starter kit comes with a black carbon coated battery. At 1000 mAh, the overall size is in that zone that is not too big and not too small. It is very comfortable to use, carry and hold.

I really like the large, square steel button. The button is flush with the body of the battery giving it a nice, comfortable feel. To turn on the power, press the button five time quickly and the blue / purple indicator light flashes three times and lets you know that you are ready for action. Each time that you press the button, a blue light illuminates around the power button. When that light turns orange, it is time to recharge the battery.

Aspire nautilus carbon fiber battery

This is obviously a high quality variable voltage ecig battery. It recharges in about two hours. What that tells you is that the charged particles move easily from the anode to the cathode and that means the the lithium that stores the charged particles are not experiencing any interference from impurities in the lithium. This is high grade lithium and that translates into a far superior battery performance that companies that use cheaper materials in their battery design.

A fully charged Aspire CF VV battery that gives you a full day of vaping. The 100 mAh battery is a perfect match for the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The battery charge will last about the same length of time that it takes to vape a filled tank, or 2.5 ml of eliquid. The battery life will vary depending on the voltage setting that you choose.

I usually stick to 4.2 V. That is a nice output that works very well with the maximum airflow setting. Changing the voltage will change the battery life. Changing that setting, by the way, is another level of customization that you are going to enjoy.

Using the rotary knob on the bottom of the battery is like adjusting the temperature on a thermostat. You can dial in your ideal flavor and vapor output. You can switch it up anytime, too. This is a high quality variable voltage ecig battery that is a perfect compliment to the Aspire Nautilus Mini ecig tank.

Aspire Premium Starter Kit Final Notes

I found that using a 50 / 50 VG / PG eliquid gave me the best vapor output, flavor and performance. I use Apollo eliquids because of the quality, flavor and vapor. The Aspire Premium starter kit came with a free 15 ml bottle of Mt. Baker Vapor eliquid which is also fantastic. At one point I ran out and bought some eliquid from a vape shop. They said it was 50 / 50 VG / PG but I am pretty sure that is was mostly PG. Higher PG ejuices do not work as well with the advanced design of the BVC coils.

aspire premium starter kit for beginners

Make sure that you use high quality eliquids bought from a professional company with a proven reputation. When you buy the Aspire Premium starter kit from Mt. Baker Vapor, you will get a free bottle of high quality eliquid. My personal favorites are Hawk Sauce and Moo Juice.

The Aspire Premium starter kit is suitable for all vaper be it a first ecig or a wonderful addition to an experienced vapers repertoire. It is easy to use and reliable. Fantastic vapor and overall performance. It is simply a great kit. You can also use our Mt. Baker Vapor coupon code Expert Vaping10 to save 10% off of your purchase making an already great deal just that much better.

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