“The good is the beautiful.” Plato said that. He was right and the new Aspire Plato mod is both good and beautiful. This is something different. Expert Vaping’s Aspire Plato review is going to cover a new all in one vaping system. The Plato mod is a compact, very attractive 50 watt mod that comes in a multitude of color choices. The tank is contained within the body of the mod itself. The Plato is designed to accommodate a variety of vaping options. It offers standard vaping for beginners and advanced vaping for vaping enthusiasts. In fact, it is an ideal vehicle to take you from the very best in standard vaping all the way to advanced vaping complete with massive vapor production from perfectly engineered Clapton coils.

One of the things that excites me about this, and one of the main reasons I wanted to do an Aspire Plato review, is the fact that the Plato will work with Aspire Nautilus coils. The Nautilus is my daily vape. Aspire Nautilus BVC coils are amazing, I don’t think you will find a bad review anywhere for authentic Nautilus coils. At the same time, I also like to occasionally use a subohm mod for some huge vapor clouds. The Plato will do both with a simple change of coils. The sub ohm coils for the Plato are 0.4 ohm Claptons! It really is an all-in-one, or AIO, vaping device.

The Plato all-in-one vape mod by Aspire boasts a happy medium of both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping in one unit and comes in a wide array of colors and finishes.

The Aspire Plato software is upgradeable. You can go to the Aspire website and check for software updates that you can download through the USB port from the Aspire Plato website page. The Plato is temperature control compatible as it works with Nickel, Ni200, and Titanium, Ti, temp control coils. Should Aspire come out with stainless steel temp control coils the software upgrade will come in very handy. You never know what other vaping innovations are around the bend and as far as our Aspire Plato review is concerned the ability to upgrade is a definite plus.

We are going to cover the Aspire Plato vape mod in great detail. From head to toe. It is a top performer and the quality is impeccable. My goal is to help you decide if it is right for you and if you are going to be happy with it. A lot of the info below is geared toward people new to vaping but we have all the details for advanced vapers as well.

Aspire Plato Mouth To Lung And Direct Lung Vaping

Before getting into the specifications and performance aspects of the Aspire Plato review, I want to touch on how this mod is being marketed. The Plato can be vaped with 0.4 ohm coils for subohm vaping and it is also capable of temperature control with nickel and titanium coils. The other option is vaping with Aspire Nautilus 1.8 ohm coils. These are two distinct styles of vaping. Aspire is marketing these options as direct lung vaping and mouth to lung vaping.

Many of you will be familiar with the meanings of mouth to lung vaping and direct lung vaping but for those who are not familiar, I just want to take a second to describe this before moving on to the meat and potatoes of the Aspire Plato review.

Mouth To Lung Vaping

Mouth to lung vaping is simply the process of drawing vapor into your mouth and then inhaling. This is the way you smoke a cigarette so it is the most familiar, shall we say, form of vaping. With a mouth to lung vape what you are looking for is the sensation you experience on the inhale. This is the throat hit. That is the sensation and feeling that you feel when you are inhaling something.

When you are first making the switch to vaping, this familiar sensation and throat hit can be very helpful with making the transition. When we talk about ‘standard vaping’ we are generally referring to the familiar mouth to lung vaping method that mimics the experience of smoking.

Direct Lung Vaping

Direct lung vaping is when you inhale directly from your vaping device. This is how most sub ohm mods and vape tanks work. Advanced vaping devices are most often designed for direct inhaling of vapor. They rely on wide bore drip tips and large airflow so you can freely and easily draw in the vapor with minimal resistance. Basically you just breath in through your vape drip tip.

Today’s high powered mods, advanced vape tanks and low resistance atomizer coils, below 1.0 ohms, mean that massive amounts of vapor can be produced in an instant. The technology allows you to get huge vapor even when drawing in vapor as easily as your breathe and draw in air. To do this, you need airflow control and the ability to open up for really big airflow. This is what the cloud chasers want, the huge vapor!

When you decide to use your Aspire Plato with the sub ohm Clapton coils, you will be able to direct lung vape and make huge vapor. Because you will be inhaling a lot of vapor, it is important to remember to reduce your nicotine content of you ejuice and to use a higher VG ejuice. When you are vaping the 0.4 ohm Aspire Clapton coils, use an eliquid with a VG content of at least 70% or more.

When vaping sub ohm or temperature control with a high VG ejuice, you will also want to reduce your nicotine level. If you are mouth to lung vaping with an 18 mg eliquid, you will want either 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine in a high VG ejuice.

Vaping a powerful mod with low resistance atomizer coils is a lot of fun and the vape clouds are massive. One thing that can happen from time to time is a burnt hit. This happens when there is not enough eliquid saturating the cotton wicking material in the coil. The result is a gross, burnt taste. One thing to take away from this Aspire Plato review is to remember to always keep an eye on how much ejuice is in the tank. Keep it topped up!

Aspire Plato AIO (All In One) Vape Kit

The Aspire Plato all in one AIO vape kit is very complete. Aspire has included their own, branded top quality 2500 mAh 18650 vape battery. It also comes with extra gaskets and eliquid plugs. The cost is $64.95 from Direct Vapor. That is an excellent price for versatile, affordable vaping and with their free delivery it’s the best deal out there. They have a low price guarantee so if you see the price of an authentic Aspire Plato less elsewhere, they will match it. Plus they have warranty protection. If you see the Aspire Plato being sold for a lot less, beware because you are probably being offered a counterfeit.

One thing for sure, you can expect to see the market flooded with counterfeit Aspire Plato vape mods. Aspire is one of the most copied brands and people are constantly being ripped off by fake Aspire mods and fake Aspire coils. The fakes look like the authentic Aspire products but they are not made to any meaningful quality standards. In short, clones are inferior and for the Aspire Plato review, like all of my vape reviews, I want to make you aware of the situation involving an ecig market that is full of fakes.

The Aspire Plato starter kit comes with power supply mod, clearomizer, mouthpiece, high discharge battery, charging cable and some assorted small replacement parts.

We recommend that you avoid any potential problems by getting your vape gear from Direct Vapor. They are the no-clone zone where you will get authentic product. They have an authenticity certificate issued directly by Aspire that establishes them as an authenticated vendor. A big part of one of the main goals of my Aspire Plato review is to help you get an authentic, premiere quality vape.

What You Get With Your Aspire Plato Starter Kit:

  • 1 x Aspire Plato
  • 1 x Aspire 2500 mAh 18650 Vape Battery
  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus 1.8 ohm BVC Coil
  • 1 x Aspire Plato 0.4 ohm Clapton Coil
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Drip Tip (For Mouth To Lung Vaping)
  • 1 x Delrin Heat Resistant Drip Tip (For Direct Lung Vaping)
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable For Charging And Software Updates
  • 1 x Coil Changing Key Tool

This is a very complete vape starter kit. The Plato comes in 8 different color choices. It is a very attractive design and very compact. Small hands, no problem! The vape mod feels great to the touch. The curved edges make it very comfortable to hold. The feel of the Aspire Plato is fantastic and solid. There are no shakes or rattles. It is beautifully constructed with lightweight aluminum with plastic trim. There are two buttons, the fire button is a perfect size and located ideally. The adjust button has a plus and minus side to allow you to control the power output or temperature setting.

The Aspire Plato cover is held in pace with magnets. The magnets are the perfect strength. Easy to detach when you want to and yet I never once had a problem with the cover coming off accidentally. When you remove the cover, you will expose the internal tank, coils and battery. For the Aspire Plato review I must have taken the cover off and on about 150 times. There was no wear and everything always snapped perfectly back into place like it was brand new. The threading and engineering are all so on point. Everything connects very smoothly.

The internal tank is Pyrex glass. Unlike some other all in one vape mods, you can replace the Plato tank if it accidentally cracks. That is a stark difference to others where if the tank cracks, you have to replace the entire mod. A replaceable tank is definitely an improved design compared to what else is out there. The Plato is a standout and sets a new standard.

Aspire Plato Technical Specifications

The Plato features all of the latest safety features. I recommend using the Aspire Plato in a regulated mode, those modes being either variable power or temperature control vaping mode. As you look through the features you will see a Bypass Mode option. In bypass mode there will be no battery regulation meaning you will be drawing unrestrained power from the battery. This is how a mech mod works.

The Plato all-in-one vape mod by Aspire is compact yet effective without a lot of costly components.

This can mean huge vapor but it can also be risky if you draw too much power from the battery by holding the fire button for too long. This can fry your coils. So, while it has a bypass mode, only use it if you know what you are doing. Honestly, you don’t gain much if anything by using bypass mode. For our part, we recommend sticking to the TC mode or variable power mode because the vaping is amazing.

Aspire Plato Specifications:

  • Aspire Plato Review Of All-In-One Personal Vaporizer
  • Wattage Range Adjustable From From 1.0W – 50W
  • Temperature Control Vaping Range From 200°F – 600°F / 100°C – 315°C
  • Atomizer Coil Resistance Threshold:
    • 0.1Ω (Variable Wattage Mode)
    • 0.2Ω (Bypass Mech Mod Mode)
    • 0.05Ω (Temperature Control Vaping Mode)
  • Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Multiple Coil Options Available Including Nautilus BVC And Aspire Claptons
  • Sleek And Elegant Look
  • Requires (1) 18650 Vape Battery Included With Starter Kit
  • Compatible With All Plato SubOhm Coils – 4.6ml E-Liquid Capacity (Sub Ohm/ Direct Lung Inhale)
  • Compatible With All Nautilus BVC Coils – 5.6ml E-Liquid Capacity (Mouth-To-Lung)
  • Two Easy Access E-Juice Ports, very Easy To Fill And Top Up
  • Firmware Upgradeable From Aspire Website

The Aspire Plato is a very comfortable size to hold and operate in the palm of your hand. The curvature gives it an ergonomic feel and as you can see in the image above the power / fire button is located perfectly to be easily activated with your thumb. The display screen is large and rotates to remain easy to read. With three quick clicks on the power button, you can put the Plato into “stealth” mode which will turn the display screen off. This is very useful for conserving battery life.

Aspire Plato Coils

Currently, there are two types of coils that work with the Aspire Plato. These are pre-made coil options in the form of the Aspire Nautilus coils and Aspire Plato 0.4 subohm Clapton coils. There will probably be more coil options forthcoming but for now these are two tremendous options. I tried both for the Aspire Plato review and the vaping was awesome,, awesome, awesome.

When you are installing the 1.8 ohm coil it goes like this. It is a two step process. First, you insert the Nautilus coil into the detachable chimney. Never overtighten, there is no need. All of the engineering is pitch perfect and assembles smoothly and effortlessly. Then you insert the chimney and coil into the Plato and screw it in place. The key / tool that comes with the Aspire Plato kit comes into play here. The top of the coil chimney assembly has two slots and the tool fits into those two slots so that you can thread the coil assembly in place. Just thread it in until you feel resistance and that’s all you need.

The only additional investment that needs to be made to keep the Plato power vape mod by Aspire running are replacement clearomizer coils.

Once the coil assembly is in place, the stainless steel drip tip is designed for the 1.8 ohm Nautilus coils. The bore on the stainless steel drip tip is narrower than the Delrin drip tip and this is because it is designed for the mouth to lung, standard vaping style that we discussed earlier in the Aspire Plato review. You can use the wider bore Delrin tip if you prefer. Try them both and decide.

With the Nautilus 1.8 ohm coils, the device will only go as high as 14 watts. That’s good and that’s all you need! I preferred vaping at 12 watts. If you use a Nautilus tank, you will probably be more used to operated in variable voltage but you will get used to adjusting the wattage very easily. The wattage goes down or up in 0.1 increments so you can really fine tune it.

For sub ohm direct lung vaping the process is one step. Aspire Plato coils are one-piece 0.4 ohm Kanthal Claptons that are simply the class of the industry in my view. As you can see in the image above, Aspire Plato coils are large and easy to work with. The coils themselves are vertically set, perfectly wrapped Clapton coils that are incredibly popular these days. Claptons are very intricate and the vapor and flavor that result are unreal. As in unreal awesome.

This series of transparent diagrams shows each step in removing and replacing the clearomizer coil cartridge in the Aspire Plato vape mod.

To put in a new Plato coil, insert the coil from the top and start threading in place. Then, use the tool to screw it fully in place. Once again, just thread it in until you feel a snug resistance and that is all that is required. For direct lung vaping, you will want to use the heat resistance, wide-bore Delrin drip tip.

When you are vaping with the 0.4 ohm Aspire Plato coils, you will want to set the wattage to between 40 and 50 watts. You can adjust the wattage up or down to find what suits you best. The ejuice ports on the Plato coils are huge. There are three of them and the keep the vertical coil wicking beautifully saturated.

If you are switching over from the 1.8 ohm coils to the 0.4 ohm coils or vise versa, you will probably be switching ejuice as well. To clean the tank first unplug the bottom gasket and let any excess e-juice drain out. Then, remove the old coil. After that, remove the Plato cover and remove the tank. It will come out very easily. Once removed you can easily flush the tank out with water to clean it. Pop it back in and put the cover back on and then insert your new coil.

Aspire Plato Review

For the Aspire Plato review, I did not try the bypass mode extensively. I did try bypass with the subohm coils and I would fire the atomizer for longer periods of time and I would get more vapor, but not that much more. In a regulated subohm mode I know that all the protections are in place and the vaping is amazing. I don;t see a lot of need to have a bypass mode and I would recommend to vape in regulated mode for the stability. Performance is not a problem with the Plato, it vapes beautifully.

To elaborate on the quality of the vaping, I can tell you that the Plato really gets an amazing performance out of the Aspire Nautilus coils that are so well known and loved in the vaping community. The Plato harmoniously drives the Nautilus coils into beautiful vapor and just stellar flavor from your favorite e-liquids. The vaping is outstanding and there’s really not much more to say about it! In terms of performance, the Plato delivers flawlessly and consistently.

The Aspire Plato power supply mod is equipped with it's own built in airflow control settings.

When enjoying direct lung subohm vaping, the Plato and the 0.4 ohm Clapton coils are phenomenal. The vapor is massive, remarkably consistent and the flavors are vivid. Great flavor and vapor. There is no questions about the quality and satisfaction of the vaping experience that you get from the Plato. It gets top ratings across the board. Of course, this is the most important aspect of any vaping device but lets get more into some of the little details that make a difference in terms of reliability, durability and simple convenience.

This Plato tank never leaks. It is amazing. So many vape mods with internal tank designs have leak issues. Not this one. The airflow control is located on the bottom of the Plato mod directly under where the tank and coil is located. It is easy to adjust the airflow and you can really fine tune vaping to very specific levels. I like that it is capable of a lot of airflow. This is especially good for direct lung vaping. For mouth to lung vaping you will want a tighter airflow so you will want to have the airflow minimized when enjoying standard mouth to lung vaping.

The Aspire Plato coil is very large and in the lower sections the diameter of the coil dominates the size of the tank. To give you an idea of the context think of this. With the Nautilus BVC coils, the Plato tank holds 5.6 ml of ejuice. With the Plato sub ohm Clapton coils, the tank capacity is 4.6 ml. The width of the coil base displaces a significant amount of eliquid and when vaping subohm or in temp control you go through a whole lot more eliquid. So, when you see the ejuice capacity drop to the point where the coil diameter widens, keep that tank topped up!

Aspire Plato Review Pros And Cons

As we get into the Aspire Plato review pros and cons, we had to go beyond immediate first hand experience. My job is to provide comprehensive information. Bear with me if some of the things seem a bit repetitive but some of our readers may have never used a mod before so I want to make sure that all bases are covered in depth.

So, I read a number of other reviews to gather and accumulate a list of pros and cons from the vaping community. One of the cons that I found over and over was that some people did not like the fact that you cannot build your own atomizer coils with the Aspire Plato. I include that as a con but honestly I don’t believe that to be a fair criticism. There is nothing wrong with specifically designing a product to be used with pre-built coils.

I have huge respect for the vapers out there who love to build their own coils. I enjoy it, too, from time to time. Some of you are absolute artists with crazy skills. For you, you probably will not want the Aspire Plato. You will probably be more attracted to products like the Moonshot RTA.  In my view, it is not a real ‘con’ on the part of the Plato because that’s just not what it is designed for. The goal of the Plato is versatility and quality. The Plato is easy to use and uncomplicated. It is a vape mod that can easily take someone from getting started with vaping to the more advanced vaping options.

The body of the Aspire Plato vape mod shows how the battery and the e-liquid tank are divided as well as how to fill the clearomizer with e-juice.

The only con that I noticed was that you need to keep an eye on your eliquid level and make sure to keep the tank topped up. When you are using the Aspire Plato Clapton subohm coils, the diameter of these coils dominates the lower portion of the tank and once the ejuice gets to that level, it will quickly go down below the juice ports on the coil. As I was testing for the Aspire Plato review, there was one time when I did let the ejuice level go below the juice ports on the coils and, naturally, I did get a burnt taste as a result. There is a window on the Plato that lets you always see the ejuice level. So, when the juice gets to the top of the wide part of the coil, top it up!

I have one other potential con to think about. For the Aspire Plato review, I changed and swapped out coils several times. The tool that comes with the vape starter kit is terrific and makes the process easy. But, the tool is a small piece of metal that could be very easy to lose. Now if you do lose the tool, there are any number of improvised solutions that will do the trick, such as a dime, but it is very nice to have the actual Plato coil tool. I would like to see Aspire give you two of these with the kit.

On to our Aspire Plato review Pros. Of course it is very well made and it vapes magnificently. There are no rattles, everything is tight. The engineering is precise and the technology is impressive. It is made by Aspire so we know the quality and craftsmanship will be there. It is also a perfect transitional vape as it can take you from a familiar mouth to lung vaping experience into the direct lung, huge vapor style of vaping. In addition, there are some very specific pros to touch on.

The Aspire Plato has upgradeable software. The technology in vaping is changing very fast and having software that can be upgraded to accept new technologies and new styles of vaping. To get an upgrade, visit the Aspire Plato upgrade page on their website. Download the upgrade software and check for future upgrades. What are some examples of potential future Aspire Plato upgrades? One could be the potential of making this 50 watt mod into perhaps a 70 watt mod should Aspire develop a new series of subohm coils. Maybe they will add an RBA? They may add a stainless steel temp control option. With upgradeable firmware, the Plato can take you anywhere vaping is going.

The ease of use factor is another pro. The display screen is nice and easy to read and the display screen orients itself much like your cell phone display does. You can lock in your settings and go into stealth mode to conserve battery life. The ejuice port is easy to access and fill and, best of all, the Aspire Plato does not leak. Huge pro. Also, the Aspire Plato kit comes with an 18650 vape battery which is awesome. That brings us to, of course, the biggest pro, spectacular vaping from a beautiful device that works in beautiful harmony from arguably the best pre-made coils in the industry. If you are a Clapton coil fan, you want this mod.

Aspire Plato all-in-one power vape mod cross section shows the division of the battery chamber and how the clearomizer sits inside of the body.

I have a term for an all in one mod like this. I like to call it a home and office vape. Here’s why. When at work, be it in an office setting, driving, customer service or what have you, massive sub ohm vape clouds are not always suitable to the moment. Vaping clouds at work can be problematic.

For practicality, subtlety and satisfaction, the every day standard, mouth to lung vaping is more suitable. I use a 50 / 50 ejuice with 12 mg of nicotine and the BVC coils are my absolute favorite for familiar vaping. Yes, there is ample vapor but not huge clouds that draw too much attention. Driving in a vehicle where the view is obscured by massive vapor is also something that should be avoided and you can’t always roll down the windows.

Once I get home, hey, bring on the vapor! Switch the Aspire coils up and insert the Plato 0.4 ohm Clapton coils, put in some high vg 3 mg ejuice, open up the air flow and bring on the vapor! I tell you, the Aspire Plato delivers massive vapor production. The Plato Clapton coils are amazing. They are similar to the Clapton coils that you get with the Aspire Cleito and these are proven amazing vapor making coils. In my opinion, the tightest and best Claptons on the market are made by Aspire.

By the way, the Cleito coils do not really work with the Plato but the Plato Clapton coils feature the same perfected wrapping and design. Like the Cleito, there are three huge juice ports that keep the wick fully and evenly saturated. Quality, quality, quality. You get that from Aspire, they are innovators and they have once again designed a vaping product that fills a huge niche for the vaping community. Innovative, versatile and brilliant vaping.

NOTE: For Mouth To Lung (MTL) Vaping A 50/50 E-Juice Is Best With Your Chosen Nicotine Level.  For Direct Lung (DL) Sub Ohm Vaping With Low Resistance Coils Under 1.0 Ohms, A Higher VG E-Liquid Is Needed. With A High VG E-Juice You Will Be Best Served With A Lower Nicotine Nicotine Level Of 3 mg or 6 mg.

My Aspire Plato review has been long because of all the things that it does. Like Plato said, “A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”  So, I was taking a page out of Plato’s philosophy for my Aspire Plato review! It has been a challenge to try and describe everything in a comprehensive fashion while at the same time including as much information as I can. I hope it has not been too long and that it helps you make an informed decision on whether or not the Plato is right for you. From a value and performance perspective, the Aspire Plato gets two huge thumbs up, I think many people will find this mod to be simply perfect. It is good and beautiful, Plato would love it.