Leave it to Aspire to continually move the ball forward when it comes to innovative vape tank technology. Our Aspire Nautilus X review will cover all of the details including the innovation and unique airflow behind the U-Tech coil technology. We will also talk a bit about how the Nautilus X vape tank is TPD compliant and how that impacts vapers in European Union countries. I will get started with an overview of the new Nautilus X and what it is designed to do.

Like its predecessor, the Aspire Nautilus, The Nautilus X is designed for mouth to lung vaping as opposed to direct lung vaping. Direct lung vapers typically use sub-ohm vape coils where as the Nautilus coils are over 1.0 ohms. Mouth to lung vaping is when you first draw the vapor into your mouth and then inhale, just like you would smoke a cigarette. So, the benefit of mouth to lung, or MTL, is that it mimics smoking and is a familiar experience and sensation when vaping.

Aspire Nautilus X vape tank is top filling and boasts a leak proof, compact, top-airflow, U-Tech coil technology and 2ml capacity.

People that are new to vaping are better served by a mouth to lung vape tank. Even as vapers progress into more sophisticated devices, many of us still prefer MTL. I viewed a recent poll in an ecig forum asking how many vapers were MTL vs DL. There were a lot of people, almost half, who still prefer MTL. I happen to be one of them. Sub-ohm vaping is great but the pursuit of huge vapor clouds that can be seen from space is not for everyone. Most tans today are subohm, it is fantastic to see that Aspire is delivering an new and innovative tank for mouth to lung vapers.

American made ejuice
Vape Juice made in the USA

So, for the Aspire Nautilus X review we want to make sure that you know that this is a MTL vape tank, just like the Nautilus. The original Nautilus is one of the most successful vape tanks in history. I have been using mine daily for years and it is as awesome today as it was two years ago. The Nautilus X is the newest version and contains a number of new technologies and features designed to enhance vaping and to meet the new European Union TPD vaping standards.

Nautilus X Compliant With European Union TPD Vaping Standards

As of May 2016, the European Union has imposed standards on the vaping industry. Some of the laws are questionable but relatively easy to comply with. For example, nicotine levels in EU countries cannot exceed 20 mg. E-liquid can’t be sold in bottles with more than 10 ml of e-juice. Countries like the UK have given companies a year to comply although that may change with the recent Brexit referendum. The Aspire Nautilus X review is our first of a vape product designed to meet EU regulatory compliance. We will be seeing a lot more of this going forward.

New standards for tanks include not exceeding a 2 ml capacity and tanks must be leak proof. The limitations are obviously designed to restrict the amount of nicotine that someone might accidentally be exposed to. The Nautilus X is compliant with the new EU regulations. It is a 2 ml tank with a huge bottom O-ring and top airflow design. The incoming air enters through the Nautilus X coil. This is leak proof vape tank.

Aspire Nautilus X Review

Nautilus X e-juice reservoir vape tank comes in a variety of colors including silver, gold and black.

Let’s cover some of the new details for our Aspire Nautilus X review. We mentioned the top airflow and how the airflow comes through the coil. The Aspire Nautilus X coil is a very innovative design that is said to produce vivid flavor and plenty of vapor. Like the Aspire Cleito vape tank design, Nautilus X coils eliminate the need for a separate chimney. The chimney is actually a part of the coil. You will draw the vapor direct from the coils. The airflow is also at the top of the coil and that’s where we are going next.

advanced ecigs
advanced ecigs

Nautilus X coils use a new technology that they call the U-Tech airflow design. How it works is the air comes from the top and is drawn down the one side of the coil and back up the other to the mouthpiece. Having the airflow completely contained and controlled from the top of the tank not only draws the air through the full length of the U shaped Kanthal coils, this design is also part of what makes this tank leak proof. There are no bottom openings from which e-liquid can escape.

Vaping the Nautilus X is fantastic. It works flawlessly with very nice vapor and flavor. The narrow drip tip and the opening at the top of the coil really condense the vapor so if you like a stiff draw this is perfect. I like a more airy dray so I vapes with the airflow wide open and the draw tension was so comfortable. The air comes through the port at the top, is drawn through the the U shaped path of coils and then back out. It really works and it really is leak proof.

Nautilus X Has A Heat Resistant Delrin Drip Tip

The Delrin drip tip is about the same diameter as a cigarette so for a first vape, it will have the very familiar feel when you are vaping. This is excellent for smokers still looking to transition away from cigarettes. It is not a 510 drip tip and you do have to use the tip that comes with your Nautilus X vape tank.

You can vape anywhere from 14 watts to 22 watts. I tried a lot of different setting for the Aspire Nautilus X review. I found that at 17 watts I enjoyed awesome flavor and vapor and the vapor was nice and cool. The vapor does warm up as you use a higher wattage setting but even at 22 watts it is by no means hot! It is a comfortable, warm vape at 22 watts.

Aspire Nautilus X Coils

Aspire Nautilus X U-Tech Kanthal coil sets your vape aglow.

The coils are built at a 1.5 ohm resistance and operate best in the 14 watt to the 22 watt range. The juice ports on the coils are very large and you can actually use a higher VG e-juice, such as a 70% VG. It might give you a bit better performance and flavor with a 50 / 50 blend but that will all be about personal preference. The advantage of being able to use a high VG e-liquid in an MTL vape tank is that many e-juice companies today are mainly offering higher VG blends.

I really like the U-Tech airflow and coil design. The coil length is impressive and the idea of systematically drawing the airflow along the length of the coil is another innovative idea from Aspire. This is a company that is constantly moving the ball forward when it comes to vaping technology and making vaping more accessible and enjoyable.

The top of the U-Tech airflow coils is not wide open as it is on most atomizer coil heads. There is an opening that is roughly 1/3 of the size of the coil diameter and this helps stiffen the draw and condense the vapor. Additionally, the opening is off center which is a great design to prevent any spitback. I never had spitback at any time during all the vaping I did for the Aspire Nautilus X review. The U-Tech coils are another innovative design from Aspire, the same folks that introduced us to bottom vertical coils with the original Nautilus.

Changing Aspire U-Tech Coils

E-liquid fill diagram for the Aspire Nautilus X vape tank, a top filling reservoir with a removable mouth piece.

To change the coils, you unscrew it from the base and replace it. There is no knurling on the coil so it can be slippery and hard to unscrew, you may have to wipe it off first. A couple times during testing for the Aspire Nautilus X review I did have to wipe it off. The flip side is that because the Aspire Nautilus X is so well made, you never have to overtighten anything. Just thread it in until you feel resistance and that’s all that is necessary. I got used to how to do it very quickly. It is designed to be easy.

Another bonus is the closed bottom design of the Nautilus X tank. That means that you do not have to drain out the eliquid when changing out U-Tech coils. Sweet because I didn’t have to waste precious ejuice while coil swap testing for the Aspire Nautilus X review. When you thread the new coil in place, it will displace the ejuice and connect to the base and connect with the contact. Connect with the contact! That kind of rolls off the tongue. On occasion you might experience a gurgle when switching to a new coil. Don’t worry, that is rare and clears up quickly.

Aspire Nautilus X Features

The specifications of the Aspire Nautilus X vape tank include a pyrex tube, stainless steel body, a Delrin drip tip and a 2ml e-liquid capacity.

Next up in the Aspire Nautiuls X review is all the technical stuff. So, now for my insightful technical description complete with fancy descriptive language. The Nautilus X vape tank is small. I might also say diminutive, modest, little or mini. I do have a way with technical language!

Seriously, the Nautilus X vape tank is a “low profile” design. It stands 45 mm tall from the base of the 510 connection to the top of the drip tip. That is shorter than the Nautilus Mini. It is only 22 mm wide, just under an inch. So it looks squat and much of this design is for the purposes of meeting the 2 ml EU standard. You may have to refill it often but with MTL vaping you don’t go through nearly as much e-juice compared to sub-ohm so really a 2 ml capacity is not bad at all.

The Nautilus X tank comes is made of 304 stainless steel. It is very well constructed and durable. During the Aspire Nautilus X review process it had a few rough and tumble moments without incident, damage or leak. Once I left it in the cup holder of the car and my wife left for work for the day. Now, to my wife speed limits are just suggestions. I knew that my Nautilus X was going to be going for a ride! I’m sure it bounced around and endured a few speed bump jumps. When I got it back it showed no signs of stress and vaped amazingly.

It comes in either a black or stainless finish. The tank itself is Pyrex glass. When you buy the Nautilus X it does come with a spare Pyrex tank. It also comes with an extra U-tech coil. The drip tip is made of heat resistant Delrin and stands 10 mm high and has a 7.5 mm diameter. The 7.5 mm diameter is a perfect size for MTL vaping.

The Last Word On The Aspire Nautilus X Vape Tank

Aspire Nautilus X vape tank mod kit comes with replacement atomizer coil and glass tube.

The tank fills from the top which is convenient and easy. Simply twist the top cap, the dimples at the top of the tank provide the grip. When you remove the top of the tank, there is ample room all around the circumference of the tank to fill with ejuice. The adjustable airflow is also at the top of the tank and you can perfectly customize your draw. By twisting the ring at the very top of the tank you can see the airflow port adjusting. It will probably take a few vapes to zero in on the airflow that best suits your personal vaping style. It’s very easy to use.

Aspire is the brand that is paying the most attention to mouth to lung vapers and new vapers. Recently, they released the all in one vape kit the Aspire Plato vape mod. It is very nice to see that MTL vapers and beginning vapers are still registering on the radar of a major vape company. The Nautilus X is ideal for MTL vapers and beginning vapers who want to vape new technology as opposed to using ecigs designed several years ago. Hey, we deserve new technology, too!

Use the link below to get your Nautilus X from Aspen Valley Vapes, a verified Aspire vendor in the US. If you buy your Aspire Nautilus X from elsewhere, make sure to check the authenticity code.

That’s about it for our Aspire Nautilus X review. It bears all the hallmarks of Aspire innovation and quality. If you are looking for a vape tank that can help you transition away from tobacco, the Nautilus X is an ideal choice. If you are an experienced vaper who wants to experience and improved MTL vaping performance, the Nautilus X is an easy choice. It is an excellent tank and has 100% earned our strong recommendation. It performs brilliantly, never leaks, it’s tough and easy to use.