Right to the point, I LOVED the first Breeze; it was compact, lightweight and mine came with a sub ohm coil which I absolutely loved. This Aspire Breeze 2 review isn’t about overshadowing our love of the original but highlighting the various improvements they’ve made that show the brand obviously pays attention to what the vaping community wants.

Although they may not look like massive upgrades to the untrained eye, we can assure you, giving the Breeze 2 a serious facelift that brings more functionality to aspects like performance and airflow while making the tank an actual pod system took a great deal of research and development on the part of Aspire. In truth, what they ended up with has more in common with modular pod systems like the Smok Novo pod mod kit than it does with the original Breeze but Aspire has a reputation to uphold with regards to the quality and unique designs of their products and we expected nothing less for this second installment of the Breeze.

If it sounds like I’m talking about the new season of my favorite TV show, it’s because the first Breeze was one of my top compact vape mods of last year. All that soaring popularity it experienced was for some very important reasons and I’m happy to say that the new incarnation preserves them perfectly while adding some much-needed tuning for the redesign. Our Aspire Breeze 2 review takes this small vape mod to the testing table to figure out whether it’s just another offering on a pile of similar affordable ecigarettes, or whether it’s poised to show us some new tricks.

A Cloud in Your Pocket — Aspire Breeze 2 Review

One of my favorite things about the first Breeze pod mod was how easy it was to operate and perform light maintenance on, but everything was built in and the cost of replacement parts could be costly considering the initial cost of the device. With the Breeze 2 kit, the battery is a stand-alone section and the vape cartridges are affordably replaceable. The build quality is just as solid and durable as the first, except they flattened the bottom which I love because the whole office would stop working, turn and stare at me when my Breeze used to fall over making a loud knocking sound against my desk.

In addition, the pods that attach to the battery section are able to hold 3ml of vape juice a significant increase from the first Breeze which had a 2ml internally built tank. While I liked the inclusivity of the first model, I enjoyed the succinct snap and release of the vape pods using the two buttons on the side for this Aspire Breeze 2 review, it’s satisfying and honestly, I found myself fidgeting with it when I wasn’t vaping on it. The kit comes standard with two coils, a 0.6ohm atomizer which was familiar to me from the original and 1.0ohm atomizer meant for experiencing mouth to lung vaping specifically.

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Another important improvement is the airflow control ring around what I can only call the chimney of the vape cartridge. It’s really just a metal fitting that the coil attaches to, but with that airflow control ring, the design looks like BVC coils I had for my Delta II tank with a juice control ring built into the atomizer. What this does is allow users to optimize their air draw density for either restricted MTL hits more like traditional ecigs or a more open flow for DL vaping. As a result, the Breeze 2 mod has a great deal of dexterity for how you use it as well as what it’s capable of.

I enjoyed the fact that you don’t have to break the whole thing down the way you did with the first one and I had no trouble refilling the cartridges using the rubber access plug in the bottom throughout this Aspire Breeze 2 review and experienced no leakage. Even with the sizeable vape battery upgrade to 1000mAh, this pocket-sized pod mod didn’t drain as quickly as the first and I vaped away for hours before having to plug it in using the included micro USB cable to charge it. Although I should say, I do kind of miss the auto draw function on the new model, but the fire button is smooth and has a seamless click I appreciated making it one of the best beginner vaping kits for the money.


  • Built-in 1000mAh micro USB rechargeable vape battery
  • Breeze 2 pods hold 3ml of vape juice, bottom filling and replaceable
  • Kit comes with two U-Tech coils 0.6ohm and 1.0ohm (pre-installed)
  • Atomizer coil attachment has adjustable airflow control ring
  • Color coded LED battery strength indicator lights while in use and charging

Aspire Breeze 2 Review Wrap Up

With all the notoriety and immense popularity of the Aspire Breeze in the last year, I definitely didn’t expect a sequel to be released so soon. However, I’m incredibly glad their follow up fixed many of the issues that vapers were vocal about initially. It’s always nice to see the top vaping brands address concerns of the community as it shows they actually have an interest in making us happy.

That said, I was completely overjoyed throughout our Aspire Breeze 2 review as this device not only generates satisfying clouds from traditional vape juice, it cranks out potent and delicious plumes from your favorite nicotine salt juices as well. Factoring in the duality of being able to choose between nicotine forms in the same compact device is a valuable asset that not many devices offer with as much efficiency and fulfillment. It may be small, but the Breeze 2 pod mod packs a lot of functionality and customization into that pocket-sized package at an incredibly affordable buy-in.

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Notably, that aforementioned airflow control ring built into the coil head adapter allows users to effectively dial in their DL or MTL vaping preferences. Plus, in concert with the sub ohm 0.6ohm atomizer coil and the 1.0ohm coil you have the ability to select your desired highlights either from the flavor or the vapor production of your preferred vape juice. Regardless of how portable and compact the Aspire Breeze 2 is, there is a great deal to love about its performance, functionality and what seemed like an endless battery life.

Understand, our intensive vape reviews don’t simply look for singular attributes from small vape mods, we study a range of abilities as well as how they operate in concert with each other. This Aspire Breeze 2 review was truly a joy to conduct, even though I love my original device, there were enough surprises for the redesign for me to see the value in the next incarnation. For one of the stealthiest, most discreet and portable vape starter kits available, you’d be hard pressed to find a comparable setup with this much enjoyment in every puff at an affordable price. Buying this pod mod isn’t just an easy decision, it’s a Breeze.