As discussed, there has been a great deal of concern about e-cigarettes serving as an extension of smoking but the real question is are e cigs bad for you? Although it may create similar sensations for some users, the two are very different. Smoking is the result of inhaling burned materials into the lungs resulting in a euphoric feeling from both the chemicals and nicotine.

Vape Juice Safety

A large percentage of vape juice is made in the USA with integrity and safety as their primary concern. However, there are infinitely more liquids and devices made inexpensively overseas with little insight and even less oversight, that are often copies or poor forgeries made without concern for consumer well-being.

As opposed to cigarettes, taking a puff from an e-cig offers a personalized experience that allows the user to customize flavor and nicotine strength. E-juice and heating elements by different manufacturers produce very unique sensations. There is a variety of e-juices that creates an effect in the throat, and others that create pressure in the lungs. The more investigation you do into the effects of vaping, the more knowledge you will understand what to expect from the separate components.

One of the most valuable facets of the vaping industry is the transparency of the production and manufacturing of the products. However, the determination of whether e cigs are bad for you all depends on how well you protect yourself with a solid base of knowledge. Ultimately, it’s best to get the facts, do the research, talk to other vapers and make your own assessment.