When it comes to vaping, the first question the inexperienced have is are e cigarettes safe? Short answer, safety is largely based on reputation. It’s important to remember that these are technologies and liquid compositions that are mostly unregulated. However, e cig safety or how dangerous they can be to your health is ultimately up to how you protect yourself.

E Cigarette Safety Rumors

News of failing equipment that either injures or causes long-term harm to its users has been primarily due to the purchase of poorly-produced goods or low-cost counterfeits. For instance, some unregulated manufacturers who produce e-liquid bring their juice to consumers without disclosing what additives or chemicals are in their fluid. Your neighborhood vape shop may be a regular gathering place for vaping aficionados. To explain, some of these folks are outstanding resources for discovering new products.

Additionally, they may introduce you to new flavors and provide constructive input you can’t get online such as taste of juice, weight of a mod or how it fits in your hand. However, it’s important to remember that although they present a relaxed social atmosphere, vape shops are still businesses. As a matter of fact, past shops have refused to return items once they’d been used or opened regardless of their lack of performance. Presently, eliquid vaping products have become such an integral part of society that vape shops will likely warranty products that are broken or defective. It’s best to find out what a shop’s return policy is before making a purchase.

Benefits Of Buying Online

The benefits of buying products online are primarily competitive pricing combined with return policies that favor consumer satisfaction. Among them is the ability to select a product offered with a reliable warranty. Find a device made by a manufacturer with helpful, accessible customer service.

Above all, the best e-cigs are purchased from companies that will stand behind their work. Safety is the confidence that the product you’re purchasing was made by a responsible employee of a reputable company. Make your purchase knowing that someone will be accountable for the function and performance of the product.