Since its inception the ecigarette industry has been constantly evolving, with the latest turn seeming to be toward disposable e cig tanks.

The market for ecigs used to be categorized by consumers looking for easy ways to make the switch away from traditional tobacco cigarettes or even quit smoking using ecigs. In some ways, that hasn’t changed, it is just the products to get them there that have.

In the past the “easy way” was to use a 2-piece ecigarette that looked a lot like an “analogue” cigarette. There was no fuss and it went mainstream. But a lot of people still liked buying e-liquid on its own, and e cig tanks allowed them to do that while getting superior performance.

the problem with e cigarette tanks is that you have to fill it yourself

The move in that direction was quick, and now we are seeing a third option taking shape.

One problem with e cig tank systems for certain folks is that they have to go back to refilling their e-liquid themselves, which can be annoying for some or even off-putting for others. In the past year we have seen more and more consumers that were willing to do this, seeing it as a worthwhile tradeoff for better performance and more flavor options. All the while, many were reporting concerns over e-liquid safety.

how to refill a vaping tank

Now that third option, in the form of disposable ecig tanks, is starting to hit the market and already at large trade shows like NACS. From Blu e cig getting the word out about Blu Plus to Logic e cig announcing Logic Pro, it seems like everyone is getting in on this idea. The hybrid idea makes some sense, as it combines the benefit of the higher performing battery with the convenience of the no fuss disposable cartridge or tank.

Blu Plus And Logic Pro Ecigs

While it is a bit early to get into a full list of pros and cons with this type of system, what instantly seems missing is that fuller range of flavors or e-liquid choices.

E cig tanks are usually part of open systems, giving consumers the maximum amount of choices and personalization. Both the Blu e cig Blu Plus and the Logic e cig Logic Pro are closed systems that don’t allow for that.

how does the blu tank system works

They are both made specifically for that not to be an option for their users, which lands them closer to the typical 2-piece ecig system that is mainstream but losing popularity. What then, we wonder, is behind the move for this type of system?

logic e cigarette pro starter kit mod and tank

The first part of the answer is one that you will have to get used to, if you haven’t already. That would be money. Both Blu e cig and Logic e cig are loathe to give up any of their share of the market on e-liquid, which they sell now via cartridges, to other companies.

If they can keep their customers locked in to making follow up purchases then they can keep their valuable business model going. On the flip side, this is also a way for them to try and recapture some of that market share that is increasingly streaming toward ecig tank systems.

From both angles it is a win-win for bigger companies.

Will The FDA Ban Conventional Ecig Tanks?

The second part of the answer is FDA ecig regulation and liability. Companies like Blu e cig know that ecigarette regulation is on its way and they also know that the FDA is taking a closer look at e cig tank systems and e-liquid usage. Their thinking may be that completely open systems will be banned in the future.

This is also lobbying point for tobacco giant RJ Reynolds, who has been pushing this point with the FDA recently, probably to improve the prospects of their own Vuse ecigarette brand. A closed system of ecig tanks could fall into that grey area that stays legal, not to mention decrease their liability.

the fda might ban conventional e cigarette tanks

Big companies like RJ Reynolds are always worry about liability, and selling open systems with e-liquid opens up the possibility of accidents and lawsuits. By selling a system of closed e cig tanks, they would theoretically lower their risk too.

Unfortunately, none of these answers really has anything to do with the consumer! We don’t know yet if Blu Plus or Logic Pro will prove to be outstanding products despite their drawbacks. This is something that time, and consumers themselves, will tell.

What we do know is that Blu e cig and Logic e cig felt threatened enough to try to work their way into the e cig tanks and e-liquid part of the market. They won’t be the only ones that go this route, and depending on their success and what the FDA decides, they very well could be a large part of the future of electronic cigarettes. Time will tell and we’ll be watching here at Expert Vaping, as always, to see how this develops.