This is the most expensive mod that I have ever tried. It is probably also the most intricately attractive device that I have ever vaped with. Is it worth $299? It is a stabilized wood vape mod and those are very expensive. I had to find out so I am doing a full Arctic Dolphin Adonis review. This is also the first mod that I have tried that is temp control compatible with platinum coils. That certainly piqued my curiosity.

The price is high but it is not out of line when compared to the price of other stabilized wood vape devices. In fact, when compared to other stabilized wood mods the Arctic Dolphin Adonis is actually at the lower end of the spectrum. What is stabilized wood? I don’t know. I’ll look it up and get back to you. Give me a minute.

Okay, I’m back. Sorry for the wait. Stabilized wood is wood that has been infused with an chemical solution to essentially preserve it so that is remains like new even as the years pass. The chemical resin can have a variety of colors and result in a beautiful and unique finish. Stabilized wood is used for knife handles. Stabilized wood will also retain its properties even if exposed to water. It will not absorb water and be damaged.

The process to stabilize wood is kind of interesting. First, all the air is vacuumed out and the solution replaces the air. It has to cure for some time. The results can be spectacular visually. Each Arctic Dolphin Adonis will be unique. The burl, that is the pattern of the wood grain, and the blend of the colored acrylic will be different from device to device.

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Review

The Adonis power mod by Arctic Dolphin comes in a topographic Earth satellite design.

Let’s start off the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review with some specifications. The Arctic Dolphin Adonis is weighs in at 152 grams, very light with an tough aluminum frame. The 510 connection is 18.5 mm in diameter and the Arctic Dolphin Adonis itself is 24 mm wide. Vape tanks over 24 will have some overhang. The 510 pin is both spring loaded and adjustable. I like that actually. All of the edges are smoothly rounded and the Adonis feels great in your hand.

Other Arctic Dolphin Adonis specs include:

  • Constant temperature control vaping
  • Stabilized wood design
  • Operates with one single 18650 battery (Sold Separately)
  • Supports Ti/Ni/Pt (platinum)/SS wires in TC mode
  • Micro USB charging complete with appropriate battery safety protections
  • Atomizer ohm adjustment interface (I never used this and don’t see much reason to)
  • Temp control vaping range is 200 ~ 650℉  or 93 C ~ 343C° (very, very good temperature range)
  • Wattage raneg is 5 watts up to 80 watts
  • TC atomizer coil resistance range: 0.06 – 1.0ohm
  • Variable wattage resistance range: 0.1 – 2.5ohm
  • The screen size is 0.69 inch / it’s an OLED white screen
  • Input voltage is 1V to 4.3V
  • Max output voltage is 9V
  • Output current max is 25A Charge Port: Micro USB
  • Charge output voltage value 4.75 V to 5.5V
  • Charge input current value is 1A
  • Charge output current value is 30A
  • Arctic Dolphin Adonis size is 90 mm tall X 46 mm wide X 27 mm thick

The Arctic Dolphin Adonis comes packaged in a beautiful wood box with magnetic fasteners. It is a very nice accessory. When I took it out of the box I was surprised to learn that this device really is a block of wood! That, as it turns out, is the standard with stabilized wood mods. It is not just a wood paralleled battery door. To install the battery, you unscrew the battery cap at the bottom of the mod and insert the battery. The battery cap is very nicely designed and features easy access.

Interested in the Arctic Dolphin Adonis options? I have an important note:

You do have finish options when choose an Arctic Dolphin Adonis. You don’t choose a color per se but you choose a sku (stock keeping unit). There are six different skus identified by number. With stabilized wood, there is no predictability factor with where the resin will settle or how the color tones will ultimately appear. Each sku represents a particular resin shade used to stabilize each wood block that ends up becoming an Arctic Dolphin Adonis vape mod.

You can make your selection based on a general appearance but every mod will be different and yours will not look exactly like the one you will see in the picture!

Using The Arctic Dolphin Adonis

The Adonis Max 100watt temperature control power mod by Arctic Dolphin in ocean blue with falling parachute, comes with a USB charger cable and clean faux wood grain box.

So I am ready for the heart of the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review. How does it work? I wanted to use it with a vape tank that had the ability to let me test out the Ni, SS and Ti temp control functions. I used the Uwell Crown 2 atomizer tank and also used the TFV8, which is awesome like a possum. For starters, turn it on with five clicks on the power / fire button. By the way, the buttons click beautifully and are nicely positioned.

Whenever you attach your atomizer tank, the mod will ask you if it is a new atomizer or the old one. It asks this every time you remove an atomizer. So if you take off the tank for a refill you will have to identify whether or not you are using the same atomizer coil when you reconnect your tank. The Adonis chip is a new operating system for me so I will cover how it works and what it does.

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Menu

The Adonis mod screen shows the company logo and then you see the display screen that has the wattage or temp setting, coil resistance and coil material. There is a locking feature that you activate by clicking the fire button and up button at the same time. This locking feature does not lock in your settings, it locks the mod from firing at all. You repeat the process to unlock and then… vape on!

If you click the fire button and down button at the same time the screen shows shows the atomizer resistance. You can manually adjust the resistance reading but there’s no real reason to ever do that.

The Arctic Dolphin Adonis 80 watt power mod batter access panel is a gilded brass key door to a wondrous chamber of clouds.

If you hold both the up and down button at the same time you will bring up the menu. The menu screen is quite small but sharp and easy to read. The menu is a series of symbols each denoting a function such as variable power, temp control Ni, Ti, Pt or SS. You can adjust the brightness of the screen or flip the screen One of the features just shows the serial number, which I guess is handy so you can check the authenticity. With 600 factories in China and most of them making clones, someone will try and make a counterfeit you can be sure.

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Menu Is Made Up Of Various Symbols

There is a puff counter and you can set a shut off when you reach a certain puff count to control how much you are vaping. You don’t want to vape too much and experience vaping side effects like dry mouth or too much nicotine. You can manually set the cutoff for anywhere from 3 to 20 seconds. I left it at 10 seconds for the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review because that is pretty much the standard. Also switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius. 1 degree increments

While you can go into the menu to set the device to match your coil material you can actually accomplish this more easily. Simply use the fire button to change coil modes. Hit the fire button three times fast to switch up the modes to match your coil material. Note that there is no TCR mode but there are pre-sets that you can program.

As you are scrolling through the menu you will see an M symbol. The M represents the section of the menu function where you can set a boost mode. The boost to give some extra kick at the outset of your fire cycle if you want a harder hitting vape. Boost mode only works in temp control modes. If you are in the boost mode you will see three small lines that look like a wi-fi symbol on the screen displayed next to coil indicator.

One more note here. If you go from TC mode to variable power with a Kanthal coil, the Adonis will automatically go back to the last wattage setting that you used. So keep an eye on the wattage and make the adjustment. No biggie.

Vaping The Arctic Dolphin Adonis Review

The Adonis power mod by Arctic Dolphin comes in an exciting color spectrum with a palette of swirling psychedelic eye-popping primary colors.

As with every vape review the burning question of the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review is how does it vape? It vapes fine! I cannot say that it a responsive device like a VaporFi Vox mod for example. With the Adonis there seems a bit of delay when firing but it vapes fine. I felt that in TC mode it hit better in the boost mode. In fact, I give it high marks for how it vapes in TC mode overall.

In variable wattage mode it works well but with a bit of a sluggish start. I like how the variable wattage works. You can adjust from 5 watts to 80 watts. From 5 watts to 30 watts the Adonis adjusts in 0.1 watt increments. From 30 watts to 80 watts the device adjusts in 1.0 watt increments.

I enjoyed vaping this mod. It is a very solid device. Is it spectacular? No. Did I expect more? Yes. At the end of the day, I feel that the Arctic Dolphin Adonis is more about the “it” factor of a stabilized wood device vs a high performance vaping device. I am not giving it a bad review, I like it, but I don’t think the Adonis is a candidate to become my everyday vape. It will be, however, a fantastic show piece.

Arctic Dolphin Adonis Con

I did encounter one issue that made me wonder about the sophistication of the chip. If you have been vaping for a while and then power down the device but then happen to turn it back on right away you may get an odd atomizer resistance reading. Like you are at work and go on break so you go outside to vape. You have 10 minutes then you are about to go back to work so you power down your mod. Then Jen comes out and says Dave, your taskmaster boss, has gone home for the day.

So you are like, yah! You know, like slack time. So you power the Arctic Dolphin Adonis right back up but this time when it turns on it reads the atomizer resistance incorrectly because it is reading it while it is still hot. This will seldom be a real issue because generally speaking when you turn off your mod your are probably not turning it back on right away. All in all a pretty minor con.

I feel like I am giving a bad review but really I’m not! Honestly, it vapes well in TC mode, pretty good in variable power mode. It may not stack up to a high performance device but I absolutely enjoyed that vaping and it will give you an excellent experience with your vape tank or dripper.

Ultimately, the most unique feature that I wanted to test for the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review was vaping in TC mode with platinum coils. This was a first for me and this feature makes the Adonis very unique and adds to the overall value proposition of owning this mod.

A Mod That Works With Platinum TC Coils

The Arctic Dolphin line of atomizer coil material comes in a variety of materials and gauge including pure nickel Ni 200 and Kanthal A1.

I have always wanted to try a mod that works with platinum tc coils. Doing the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review was finally my big chance! There was an issue. Tracking down platinum coils to try is not easy! There are no platinum pre-built coil options right now, at least not any that I could find in the US. It took some reach out to a few of our readers and contributors but finally fortune smiled.

I have to thank one of our Expert Vaping readers for getting me platinum coils to try out. She made them herself and uses them with her  IPV 6 in TCR. I used the coils in both the Wismec Theorem RTA and the Sigelei Moonshot, both of which have big decks and are easy to use. Platinum coils are surprisingly easy to work with and the installation was a snap.

The person who so kindly sent me the platinum coils loves platinum coils and says they are easy to build with and hold their form. She says that platinum vaping coils are easy to clean and I tested this out myself doing the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review. Sure enough when you take out the used cotton, a 10 to 20 second dry burn returns the coils to brand new condition. Platinum coils are incredibly long lasting. It is an expensive material however. Platinum doesn’t oxidize and is resistant to acids. It handles heat very well and retains great stability.

How does platinum affect vapor and flavor? I did not notice any flavor enhancement but certainly the flavor came through very well. There is no metallic taste which is good. The vapor production is very good. After this experience, I have to say that platinum coils seem to be very good vapor makers!

Should You Buy The Arctic Dolphin Adonis?

The Arctic Dolphin Adonis 80 watt temperature control unit comes in a variety of color themes that can only be described as elemental.

Okay, I said earleir in the Arctic Dolphin Adonis review that the vaping is fine. I know that is not a ringing endorsement! But in all honestly fine fits. It works very well in TC mode and pretty good in variable wattage vaping mode. Performance wise it is not on par with the Lost Vape Triade DNA 200 but it is really beautifully crafted. You can use platinum coils in TC mode which is something unique. I was very happy with the vaping.

In my opinion, this is more of a “if you got it, flaunt it” device. Not many others will have one! Does it vape better than mods that cost less? I can’t say it does. This is more of a show off piece. Something that other vapers will want to look at and maybe with a little envy. Stabilized wood mods are like a status factor, like Gucci sunglasses. Stabilized wood mods can be very expensive and the Adonis is a genuine, beautifully crafted stabilized wood mod that does not cost as much as most others.

The reasons to buy the Adonis can be summed up with three main points. Uniqueness, flaunt factor, platinum compatible. If any of those factors appeal to you, then I think you will be very happy with the Arctic Dolphin Adonis. Stabilized wood mods are popular and many of them cost in the $500 or even $600 range (like from Axis vapes or WTS) so with the Arctic Dolphin Adonis you get the high roller look for less. Over to you!