Apollo VTube Review – A Totally Tubular Vape!

At first glance, this Apollo VTube 5.0 review focused on the simple, understated design. Its slender battery tube design reminded me more of a fashionable metal cigar holder than a vaping device. Sure, its compact design is great for on-the-go vaping, but is that all this vape offers? Can its pocket-friendly shape still produce quality vapor hits? It’s with these questions in mind I began my investigation into the age-old question, can you sacrifice mod size and still have a satisfying vape?

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Apollo VTube – Powerful Simplicity or Simply Powerless?

the apollo vtube comes in 3 stunning colors
Needless to say, I wasn’t immediately impressed by this tube mod. While its aesthetic design is appealing, my expectations were low. But, my job isn’t to judge based on preconceived notions. So I set out to see if this tube mod really is as great as it claims. So how did the Apollo VTube fare? Let’s take a journey into the tubular world of this compact vape.

Apollo VTube Review – Design, Features & Functionality

In the world of vape mods, size can make a “big” difference. At least, that’s the way I’ve always thought about them, until recently. Historically, tube mods were for new users. As one vape shop clerk once told me, “If you’re serious about vaping, skip the tubes and go for boxes.” So, that’s what I did. However, the Apollo VTube set out to challenge this long-standing rule.

While advanced vape users may find this tube mod too limiting, those new to the vape scene are in for a treat. It should be noted this isn’t a classic starter mod. There is a slight learning curve, but in comparison to most box mods, this curve is short and sweet. With that being said, it didn’t require too much intuition to get down to business.

Sophistication and Style in a Tube – Apollo VTube Design

the apollo vtube has a streamlined and stylish design

Like its name says, this mod features a tubular body. In theory, tube mods offer a comfortable vaping experience. In reality, they’re often too thin (or long) to effortlessly fit in your hand. My experience with such designs is how easily they often slip out of my hands. This can lead to damaged mods, which, yep, leads to spending more money. However, to my surprise, the Apollo VTube had ample weight and grip. It feels substantial and strong in your hand, like you could drop it and it would just look back at you, angry, but unharmed.

Apollo VTube 5.0 Design Overview

Here’s my official opinion about its exterior design:

  • Style I’m going to get real for a moment; vaping isn’t strictly about hit quality and durability. You want to look good while doing it. There’s a slim difference between wedding DJ fog machine and halftime show clouds of vapor. If style is as important to you as it is to me, then you’ll salivate when you see this tube mod. Its brushed stainless-steel exterior is really sharp. Unlike other mods, which is clearly designed to appeal to a certain demographic of vaper, the Apollo VTube sustains a deliciously attractive balance.
  • GripMy gripe with most tube mods are their grips, or lack thereof). Sure, smooth tubes are stylistically cool, but unless your hands are as rough as my cat’s tongue, you better wear sticky gloves while vaping. How did the Apollo solve this problem? No, not through adhesives, but with grip-securing grooves.
  • Color Options The standard color choice for the Apollo VTube is its signature stainless steel finish. While this finish is the most popular choice, it’s not the only option. For those looking for some spice in their mod, the red VTube will liven up your vaping experience. Are you a dark and mysterious type? Dive into the depths of night with the solid black design.
  • Streamlined Without Sacrifice The attraction of tube mods is its no-nonsense design. Box mods are awesome, but if you’re new to the vaping game, they’re intimidating. This is what kept me from making the switch. Tube mods offer easier functionality. But with simplicity comes diluted functionality. But as you’ll experience, this isn’t true for this mod. Its overall design is simple without sacrificing usability.

Apollo VTube Build Quality – Is It Built To Last?

the apollo vtube is a portable and sturdy tube style mod

Most vapes look durable. Their strong exterior design promises a lifetime of use. In reality, most mods are more sensitive than your co-worker with relationship problems. Who needs that? I can’t tell you how many mods I’ve laid to rest after knocking it off the table (onto carpet, nonetheless). So how does the Apollo VTube stand up to the punishment of life? Surprisingly well.

In my opinion, this tube mod is among the most durable. Apollo really hit it out of the park with this vape. Not only is it attractive, but also strong. Of course, there’s a downside to its durability. Compared to similar vapes, this mod is heavier. But don’t worry, you won’t need to renew your gym membership to comfortable use it.

The stainless-steel version weighs in at 5.7 ounces. For comparison, the iPhone 6S Plus weighs 6.07 ounces. However don’t let its “weight” deter you from this tube mod. Looking for a lighter version? The red and black models are made with aluminum, which weighs a mere 3.4 ounces. However, if durability is the name of your game, go with the steel version. While heavier, it’s less prone to chipping.

Usability Begins Here – LCD Display Quality & Info

the vtube has a lcd screen that displays the mods information

Are you a computer scientist? How about a cryptologist? No? Well, tell that to the majority of vape manufacturers. I’m always surprised at the complexity of most vape display screens. What does “Ax3f” mean? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hunt for the Rosetta Stone of Vape Mods to enjoy a quality hit.

Thankfully, the Apollo VTube wasn’t designed for MIT graduates. Changing, selecting and verifying its options is wonderfully easy. The LCD display screen is easy-to-understand. Whether changing the wattage or verifying battery life, if there’s one thing missing from the VTube it’s not clarity.

Here’s what the display, umm, displays:

  • Battery Life
  • Voltage Output
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Wattage Setting

A final thought on its display: if you’re used to more dynamic controls, the display will feel too simple. However, don’t be like me and pass judgement too quickly. There’s something nice about simplicity.

Controlling the Apollo VTube Mod – Button Design & Layout

the apollo vtube has three buttons and an led screen

What features are most important to you? For me, it’s button functionality. I’m not just talking about the firing button, which is also important. Throughout my experience, button quality and layout reflects overall design quality. In my opinion, product superiority boils down to control functionality.

The Apollo VTube mod has a three-button layout. Below the LCD display are two (small) selector buttons. To navigate settings, press the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons. Can’t get much easier than that. If you’ve ever used a non-disposable vape, manipulating this tube mod is a breeze.

I’m one of those people who chooses a laptop based on keyboard feedback. Does it feel sturdy? Do buttons offer ample feedback? So, obviously, vape firing button quality is paramount. Essentially, this button is the conductor of the vape train.

When reviewing mods, I look for button sensitivity, feedback and durability. Like most of its features, the firing button doesn’t disappoint. Its circular design works well visually and delivers precise function. I really enjoyed the steel border, which reduces accidental firing. The locking mechanism is excellent when you’re not using the mod. Overall, our interaction with the Apollo VTube 5.0 review model felt solid and responsive.

Is There a Cost for Convenience? The Skinny On Its Battery Power

the vtube lasts a long time for a single battery mod

To be real, I have unsavory feels about single-battery vape mods. There’s few things in life that fill me with such immense frustration as a dead vape battery. For years, I avoided single-battery mods like a mom avoids the toy aisle with her toddler. My longstanding advice: just don’t go there.

But times change, and so did my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer dual-battery mods. And if you’re a serious chainvaper, you probably do too. However, if this is the only reason you may pass on the VTube, then you may want to slow your roll.

The Apollo VTube uses a single 18650 battery. Because of its power output, this battery lasts a surprisingly long time. Of course, your vaping habit ultimately determines battery life between charging. Here’s a tip: keep a fully charged battery with you. This keeps you vaping regardless of how long your away from a charger.

Installing the battery is a snap. Simply unscrew the mod below the firing button, slip in the battery, reassemble and enjoy. While I always recommend charging batteries with an external battery charging station, you can plug-and-charge via the micro USB port.

Variable Functionality for Variable Users – Temp, Wattage & Atomizer Features

the vtube is capable of both temperature control and variable wattage

For years, tube mods weren’t suitable for sub-ohm tanks. Why? Because temperature and wattage control was limited, if even available. However, the latest batch of tube mods deliver sub-ohm capabilities. So, what does this mean for you? Options!

The Apollo VTube offers a surprising level of temperature control. Using the (+) and (-) buttons, you can set temperature ranges from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine this feature with the variable wattage, ranging from 5 to 50 Watts, and you have one of the easiest sub-ohm mods on the market.

This enhanced temp and wattage control supports atomizers as low as 0.2 ohms. The first time reading this specification, I didn’t believe it. For years, sub-ohm atomizers were reserved for larger, more complex mods. If you’re new to sub-ohm vaping, this mod is awesome.

So, now that we’ve discussed its capabilities, what tanks can you use? The industry-standard spring-loaded 510 connector is compatible with almost any tank. However, now’s the time to clarify a confusing statement from the manufacturer: 510 and eGo threading.

The Apollo VTube is compatible with both 510 and eGo threaded tanks. What does this mean? Essentially, it’s a difference between thread design.

  • 510 Connection

    – Features interior threading.

  • eGo Connection 

    – Features exterior threading.

Without diving too deep, eGo designed mods (like this one) can use any 510-threaded connection. However, eGo threaded devices require an adapter to use on a 510 device.

 Pros and Cons Of The Apollo VTube

Let’s take a moment to review some of the most noteworthy points:

  • Pro: Greater functionality than most tube mods.
  • Pro: Sturdy, stylish exterior design available in three colors (steel, red, black).
  • Pro: Variable temperature and wattage settings.
  • Pro: Excellent features, design and durability for the cost.
  • Con: May be too heavy if you’re looking for a compact AND lightweight mod.
  • Con: Limited battery life for heavy vaping.
  • Con: Maybe too variable for novice or extremely casual users.

The Final Word: Is Apollo VTube Worth Your Money?

the apollo vtube is one of the best tube mods around

Overall, this tube mod is one of (if not the) best device in this category. While not a suitable choice for everyone, especially those looking for maximum vape cloud production, it’s a solid choice for newbies. Even if you’re experienced, the Apollo VTube is an awesome choice for those on a budget. Its time to try your favorite ejuice!

Regardless of your personal preferences, or experience level, I’d confidently recommend this mod. What do you think? Are tube mods worth it? We want to know! Leave a comment below, and as always, happy vaping!