The Apollo VTube 4.0 kit review is here.  Are you ready for massive vapor clouds? Advanced subohm vaping has never been so easy. The Apollo VTube 4.0 comes with absolutely everything you need to enjoy advanced vaping in an all in one vape kit.  We mean everything. With the Apollo VTube 4.0 vape kit, you do not have to buy one extra thing, you get it all.

The new Apollo VTube 4.0 is an upgraded tube style ecig outfitted with the latest and best technology. Apollo is developing some phenomenal electronic cigarettes and the VTube is the latest in a long line of innovative, high quality ecigs. We have come to expect nothing less from an independent American business. Apollo eCig has a bit of cowboy in them.

Apollo v tube comes with a tank and a battery charger

Apollo eCig always has very fair prices. They combine quality and value probably better than anyone. The VTube is a prime example. The Apollo VTube 4.0 has leading technology and is build with such precision and durability. It is little wonder why Apollo is gaining so much positive attention and it is well deserved.

The Apollo VTube 4.0 Kit comes with:

  • One VTube 4.0 advanced technology ecig
  • One subohm tank of your choosing
  • One Panasonic 18650 PF battery
  • One Trustfire battery charger
  • One 30 ml bottle of Max VG eliquid (either Fa-Q or Lindbergh)
  • One Apollo carry case

The Apollo VTube 4.0 Kit Is Packed With Value

The value that you get with the Apollo VTube 4.0 kit is undeniable. Products with a comparable level of quality and  technology will cost you up to twice as much, especially when you buy from a retailer.

The Apollo VTube 4.0 is already an amazing value but you can save an additional 20% with our Apollo coupon code. Just apply coupon code Expert Vaping and your 20% discount will be applied.

You are going to get all of this shipped right to your door for under $112. That is an advanced sub ohm vaping kit of unquestionable quality for a price that no one else really comes close too.

apollo v tube has a lot of features including variable wattage

You might be able to get a low end full box mod kit with a built in battery for about $100 but it won’t be the same quality. The Apollo VTube 4.0 kit is going to give you a lot more value for your dollar.

The Apollo VTube 4.0 gives you more than you are going to get from a Provari, and Empire mod or a Helix and you are going to pay a lot less and get so much more value by going with Apollo. The VTube 4.0 has variable wattage settings from 5 watts all the way up to 50 watts making it a great choice for subohm vaping on atomizers with resistances as low as 0.2 ohms.

You can remove the top cap from the Apollo VTube and the bottom cap is easy to attach and detach. From a pure physical engineering aspect, the VTube is very brawny and the engineering tolerances are exact. Apollo really thinks of the little things that in practical terms are actually big things.

For example the new dimpled exterior looks stylish but in actuality that design is going to give you a better grip so the VTube doesn’t slip in your hand. The design just shows serious attention to detail. The technology is equally impressive.

The chip is going to give you maximum battery efficiency. The display screen is sophisticated and easy to read even in sunlight. The real time display is going to show you the wattage setting, atomizer resistance, and voltage output. You can also track your puff count!

When you choose the Apollo VTube 4.0, you are going to get a lot of options. Apollo is going to include a 30 ml bottle of their leading quality Fa-Q or Lindbergh max vg e-liquid. Plus, and this is the cool part, you choose which subohm tank you want. Your choices are the five best sub ohm tanks on the planet.

You can choose any one of the following subohm tanks:

The Atlantis is the most famous subohm tank and it is an exceptional performer. The Kanger  SubTank is right on the heels of the Atlantis in terms of popularity. The Horizon Arctic is a great looking subohm tank that looks very impressive. The iJoy Acme has upper ventilation for a cooler vapor. The Smok VCT Pro is yet another great choice.

Here’s what’s great about this vape kit. There is no nickel and diming. Typically, when you want to get a sub ohm vaping with an advanced vape tube ecig, you are sold a tube for anywhere from $100 even up to $200. Then, you buy a sub ohm tank. Then, you have to buy the battery. That’s not all, after you buy the battery you are going to need a battery charger. Throw in some eliquid and before you even blink you could be at $200 or more.

apollo v tube v4 stick mod

When you use our exclusive Apollo coupon code that will save you 20%, you can get this entire kit for under $112. You are also going to get free shipping. Recapping, that’s an advanced e-cig tube and any of the very best subohm tanks on the market all in.

It feels great to be able to share the Apollo VTube 4.0. There are so many low quality ecigs out there that are sold for way too much money. Most of them have nothing but problems. Apollo is an independent American ecig brand that is designing some of the best quality ecigs.

Better yet, they are offering the best technology for prices that give people the chance to own leading quality ecigarettes without having to blow a whole paycheck.

UPDATE:  As of July 20, 2015 the Apollo VTube 4.0 now comes with the new Apollo Phazer subohm tank with adjustable airflow and adjustable eliquid flow.

Will This Be Your First SubOhm Vaping Experience?

Maybe you have seen people making massive vapor clouds with excellent ejuice and you want to try sub ohm vaping. It is a lot of vapor!

The sensation will be different at first but if you want maximum vapor subohm vaping will give you that and more.

When you are subohm vaping, you will be inhaling a lot more vapor than usual. Given that, you are not going to need a high nicotine level when using a subohm tank.

You should start at a 3 mg nicotine level and only move up to the 6 mg nicotine level if the 3 mg does not fully satisfy.

Aspire atlantis evo tank kit comes with spare glass and spare coil

If you are wondering which subohm tank to choose, all of them use top quality materials but I recommend choosing the Atlantis, the Kanger SubTank or the Horizon Arctic.

The Aspire Atlantis is very popular and is a proven performer. In fact, it is so successful that many ecig companies are making counterfeits.

Don’t worry, if you choose the Atlantis with your Apollo VTube 4.0 kit, you will get the genuine article. Apollo eCig only deals in genuine, high quality electronic cigarettes.

The Kanger SubTank is probably the send best selling sub ohm tank. It has the additional feature of enabling you to use it RBA style. So if you want to build your own atomizer you can.

The Horizon Arctic is a newer subohm tank with a very bright future. It is an innovative design with forced airflow and uses only the best components including made in the USA Kanthal wire and organic cotton.

Any of these three tanks would be a great choice. They are all exceptional quality and they make sub ohm vaping easy. There is no trick to operating them, you simply use them just as you would any electronic cigarette tank.

kanger subtank nano kit with spare coils

The Apollo VTube will automatically select the ideal power output based on the wattage setting that you choose. You don’t have to be intimidated at all. Subohm vaping is not some exotic form of vaping carried out only by serious aficionados; it is accessible to anyone who wants monster vapor.

When you are subohm vaping, you do want to use an eliquid with a high vg content. Apollo is going to throw in a big 30 ml bottle of Max VG eliquid. Apollo’s eliquids are made in the USA in a state of the art lab that adheres to production standards that exceed the standards of the food industry.

You really need to be buying eliquids blended by professionals in a lab setting. Buying a boutique brand that is blended in a vape shop is not a good idea. You need to know that your eliquid is made with the best ingredients and blended by professionals. This especially applies when you are subohm vaping because you will be inhaling a lot of vapor!

An important note to make here is that yes, subohm vaping is huge and gives you bigger vapor clouds. We always talk about “advanced” vaping. If you have an ecig that is working for you, you are off the tobacco and satisfied, then don’t feel like you should get into subohm vaping because it is “advanced”. I mean, who doesn’t want to be advanced, right? It’s not a competition and the word advanced is not a reflection of your standing in any way shape or form!

free apollo e juice with vtube kit

Subohm vaping and advanced vaping are just different forms for enthusiasts. If you want to try subohm vaping, do it because YOU want to, not because you feel like you should to keep up.  If you do want to give it a try, the Apollo VTube 4.0 is the ideal kit. You get everything you need at a great price. You save 10% with our Apollo coupon, and you get a high quality device so it’s not like you will need an upgrade anytime soon.

My last comment on subohm vaping is don’t throw your current ecig away! Subohm vaping is not for every occasion. For example, massive vapor clouds may not be appropriate in a workplace. Even more important, if you are driving the massive vapor from subohm vaping can obscure your view. You might want to keep your current ecig for your commute.

So if you are ready to venture into the realm of huge vapor clouds, the Apollo VTube is ready to take you there! There has never been a better opportunity to enjoy this level of quality at this price. Remember to use Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping and save 10%. Fantastic kit from a great American ecig brand.

Get an amazing discount on your Apollo purchase when you use the coupon code EXPERT10 at checkout!