Vaping is evolving at the speed of light and Apollo is right there on the leading edge. With the release of the our new Apollo Reliant 60w TC review, Apollo eCigs has unveiled an absolute gem capable of providing consistently massive clouds thanks to the new trend in vaping, temperature control.

What is this hubbub about temperature control? The explanation is simple, it is basically an automated means of generating the same amount of vapor every time while saving on power consumption and eliquid use.

The Apollo Reliant 60 watt temperature control vape mod is stunning in red.

Here’s the basics of how it works. A variable wattage mod outputs the same power level every time. The heating coil temperature varies depending on how much you are using it. If you have left the mod sitting for a while and the coil cools, the first puff at 30 watts, for example, will heat the coil and give you vapor. Now, if you take another puff right away before the coil cools down, the same amount of power will result in the second puff on a coil temperature that will be hotter than on the first puff.

With temperature control, the coil temperature is the same every time. This eliminates dry hits and results in a consistent vapor production that variable wattage itself is not capable of. In order to maintain the same temperature, the Apollo Reliant mod will self-adjust the wattage to maintain the temperature. If you start at 50 watts to get a 480 degree temperature, the second vape may only need 34 watts to maintain that 480 degrees. This is how you save power and battery life.

The Apollo reliant 60 watt temperature control Pro Kit, comes with top quality components for a satisfying, top shelf vaping experience.

Temperature control vaping is kind of like an automatic transmission. The coil temperature will be the same every puff and the power output needed to maintain that temperature will be maintained automatically. Nickel coils are the coil of choice for accurate temperature control. The Apollo Phazer ecig tank comes with the option of nickel coils and are perfect for the temperature control Reliant 60 watt mod. Temperature control is the new standard in vaping.

Not all temperature control mods are reliable. Some are known for dropping out of temperature control mode and when that happens the result is not so good. You can easily overheat the coil and end up inhaling some awful tasting overheated vapor. Don’t just buy any temperature control mod you need a quality device. The Apollo Reliant is an excellent mod designed by a leading American electronic cigarette company.

Apollo Reliant 60w TC Review — Hands On Heating

The Apollo Reliant vape mod is a 60 watt temperature controlled powerhouse in black.

The Apollo Reliant is a variable temperature vaping device and variable wattage mod that will also work as a mech mod! You can buy the mod itself for $99.99 or get the Apollo Reliant 60w TC review starter kit for $149.99. Now, I recommend going with the starter kit. You get the Phazer tank, nickel coils, a battery, charger and eliquid. That’s an awesome deal and means you get everything at once.

Let’s compare here. The Joytech eVic VT is a temp control mod that is very popular. Most people know about the eVic VT but don’t know about the Apollo Reliant. This is another example of vape shops pushing overseas products all the while oblivious to the quality electronic cigarettes that are being developed and designed right here in America.

Look, the Joytech eVic VT is innovative, it’s powerful and great quality. It does seem to have problems randomly dropping out of temperature control if you are not using the VT tank but overall it is very solid. I am not bashing the Evic VT.

Here’s what I’m saying. The Apollo Reliant 60w TC  is a more capable, more stable 60 watt temperature control mod that does not get nearly the press of the Joytech Evic VT. Many long-time vapers and vape shop owners still view the industry as though it was still 2011. Many of them aren’t going to be happy that I said that but it’s about time people started looking at the amazing quality products that our American ecig brands are producing. Much has changed since 2011 and US companies are now leading the drive toward the best quality ecigs and eliquids.

The Apollo Reliant 60 watt temperature control vape mod comes in black and red.

A lot of vape shop owners and vapers may even scoff at what I’m saying. It’s such a shame! Apollo eCigs is so committed to vaping and working very hard to deliver the best quality innovative products out there and that’s exactly what they are doing. I strongly recommend the Apollo Reliant 60 watt temp control mod over the Joytech eVic VT.

The Apollo Reliant 60 Watt temperature control mod starter kit comes with:

  • Apollo Reliant 60 Watt temp control mod in either red or black
  • One 18650 high drain battery
  • Dual 18650 battery charger
  • Apollo Phazer subohm tank with 2 kanthal coils
  • Five pack of Ni200 0.2 ohm nickel coils
  • One 30 ml bottle of Fa-Q or Lindbergh Max VG eliquid
  • Reliant and Phazer user manuals

As you can see this is a very complete starter kit. If you will also notice, the Phazer tank comes with two kanthal coils. The kanthal coils will work best in a variable wattage mode. To enjoy temperature control vaping, you can insert one of the Ni200 0.2 ohm nickel coils. This way you can try both temperature control and variable wattage vaping.

Apollo Phazer Tank

The Phazer atomizer vape tank from Apollo is on the cutting edge of vape technology.

The Apollo Phazer tank is a subohm tank with excellent airflow control and the additional option of customizing the eliquid flow. Adjustable eliquid flow is a feature that is currently being overlooked by the majority of subohm tanks but not by Apollo. Eliquid control can give you more vapor and better flavor.

The Phazer has a 3.5 ml ejuice capacity and a solid stainless steel construction. The glass tank, and elegant glass drip tip, are beautifully designed. It is a 510 connection and compatible with all of the best mods including, of course, the Apollo Reliant 60 watt temperature control mod.

Phazer coils use organic cotton wicking and either grade A1 kanthal or nickel coils for temperature control. The airflow and eliquid adjustments are easy to make. Despite the mass number of options, the Phazer scores very high in ease of use.

Apollo Max VG eLiquid

Apollo makes two lines of Max VG eliquids. When you are sub ohm vaping or using temperature control, you get the best results with a high VG eliquid. No one make max VG ejuices better than Apollo.

Apollo uses only the best quality ingredients and their ejuice in blended in a professional lab setting under the guidance of degreed chemists. This is critically important. We know, sadly, that all too many eliquids made today have contaminants like diacetyl in them. This happens because the flavorings used in some eliquids use diacetyl. You don’t want this!

Check out new products from Apollo signature series, Fa-Q Flavor and Lindbergh Vapor Co.

Apollo eliquids, including the Max VG, never use diacetyl or any other unsafe ingredients in their eliquid recipes. They use the best, blend in a certified clean room and they undertake every measure to ensure the absolute best in quality control.

With the Apollo Reliant 60 watt temperature control mod starter kit, you get it all. You know you will be getting the best quality as well. This is awesome. Leading edge vaping courtesy a home-grown American electronic cigarette company!

You can save 20% off of your Apollo purchase by using Apollo coupon code Expert Vaping. That’s going to knock $30 off the price of the starter kit. So if you want to try temperature control vaping at its best, Apollo has opened that door wide open.

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