The evolution of subohm vaping continues. A new subohm tank allows multiple levels of customization including something new and innovative, ejuice flow. The Apollo Phazer SubOhm tank is here. Now you can go as low as 0.2 ohms, precisely adjust airflow and control how much eliquid gets to the atomizer.

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In the last 2 years, subohm vaping has come to the forefront of the electronic cigarette movement. Once upon a time, subohm vaping required a somewhat labor intensive do it yourself process to achieve. You would have to wrap your own coils and install them on an atomizer deck then attach to a powerful battery that was often unregulated. Subohm vaping this way is actually a bit of a risky prospect and demands that you truly understand the relationship between power draw and your coil resistance.

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This complex for of subohm vaping is known as dripping. Dripping definitely has its drawbacks most significantly are the possibility of a thermal runaway in an unregulated battery and overheating your coil to the point where you are actually vaporizing and inhaling metallic components of the coil itself. It was much safer and a lot more easy to just go with a regular ecig tank system and an advanced battery.

Then came along subohm tanks. These new and advanced ecig tanks worked just like a conventional ecig tank but gave you the vapor output that had been previously only available to drippers. Not anymore! Subohm vaping was suddenly available to anyone. The pioneering tank in this field was the Aspire Atlantis and many others soon followed.

SubOhm vaping makes advanced vaping and much more hassle free proposition. You still need to know the relationship between your atomizer resistance and battery power. You need a battery capable of higher battery output as well. Sophisticated ecigs like the Apollo V-Tube 4 give you the ability to adjust the wattage output to work with a 0.2 ohm atomizer or a 0.5 ohm atomizer.

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When subohm vaping, you also want to cut way back on the nicotine content. If you vape 18 mg of nicotine in a standard ecig, then you will want to cut down to a high VG eliquid with 3 mg of nicotine. The reason is simple. You are going to be getting a lot more vapor so you do not need nearly as high a nicotine concentration.

The Apollo Phazer has taken subohm vaping to its next level of advancement and enjoyment. The Phazer gives you the huge clouds that you want and gives you more control over draw and flavor.

The Apollo Phazer

The new Apollo Phazer subohm tank is the newest subohm tank on the market. The designers at Apollo wanted to create a vaping experience where you get the vapor you want and more flavor.

In essence, what they wanted to do was make advanced vaping an even better, more flavorful, customizeable and satisfying experience.

The means of controlling flavor is vastly enhanced by the fact that the Apollo Phazer lets you adjust the eliquid flow. By adjusting the eliquid flow, you control how much ejuice is getting to the atomizer.

With the Apollo Phazer, you adjust the airflow by adjusting the position of the atomizer coil when you thread it in to the tank. It is really very easy.

The Apollo Phazer also has adjustable airflow. Most subohm tanks give you 4 or maybe 5 options to select an airflow level. With the Phazer you can control the airflow with much more precision. You manually set the airflow port to get the exact draw that you want. You can get a very airy draw of a nice stiff draw. It’s all up to you. It is also easy to adjust on the fly.

The Apollo Phazer has a number of attractive features including:

  • Stainless steel and glass construction
  • Wide bore 510 drip tip
  • 510 threading
  • 3.5 ml eliquid capacity

The coils are available in both 0.2 and 0.5 ohm resistance. Phazer coils are beautifully designed and easy to work with. Replacement coils are available direct from Apollo. That’s another big plus here. Usually, when you buy a subohm tank you are buying an import being sold by a retailer.

With Apollo, you are buying direct from an American ecig brand. That way, you deal with the source. If you ever have an issue, you can talk to Apollo customer service and they are awesome. No runarounds or trying to figure out who to talk to if you have any problems. That’s a big advantage of buying from a home-grown electronic cigarette company.

Apollo phaser sub ohm coils use organic cotton

With the Apollo Phazer, everything is easier. It is very well designed and all of the components are easy to assemble and disassemble. That makes for some breezy maintenance. The tolerances are so precise that you never need to overtighten. It is not going to leak and it is going to perform consistently.

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