After reviewing the Apollo eCigs Standard Kit and seeing that Apollo eCigs truly is about quality, we were curious as to what the performance of their other kits would be like. We spoke to Apollo about their products and they pointed us to their Superior eGo ecig starter kit. So, we took them up on it and ordered the eGo kit with some eliquid and some accessories so we could do this Apollo Superior eGo Kit review.

We realize that many visitors to Expert Vaping are new to electronic ciggies and the prospect of having to buy nicotine eliquid… and refill their own cartridges/cartomizers /clearomizers seems a bit daunting. No worries, guys! This product is actually a really good starter kit for learning how to refill yourself- if that’s what you’re interested in. It’s super simple to refill and to be honest, you can save a bit of money buying your ejuice and refilling yourself.

the ability to refill your own e-juice not only gives you power over what flavor you have but also over saving money in the long run

One other positive is that if you’ve got a product where YOU refill the ejuice, you can choose any ejuice you want… from any company. Many people find this a powerful point when considering just what type of ecig they want to start out with… or upgrade to. We’ve really dug into this product and learned all about it. Make sure to watch the video review as it contains a very short tutorial as to how to refill your clearomizer tanks. Good stuff!

What You Get:

Priced at $49.95, the Superior eGo Kit from Apollo eCigs comes packed with:

  • 2 Apollo Superior eGo Batteries – last for up to 9 hours of continuous use (choose from 8 colors)
  • 2 CE4 Clearomizers – the latest cartridge technology that produces a better vapor and is simple to use and refill
  • 1 10ml bottle of USA Made e-liquid in your choice of flavor and strength
  • 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter
  • 1 Lanyard carry case

Apollo eCigs Superior eGo Battery And Charging Performance

though the ego battery is larger than most traditional e-cigs it lasts for an average of 800 puffs and charges in two and a half hours

This is where the Apollo eCigs Superior eGo kit really shines. Yes, the battery is much bigger than standard batteries (there are people out there who will balk at the size), but…. that’s the purpose of this product. It’s bigger for a reason.

We do sympathize with those of you who are worried about the size, as we were too when we first received it. Nevertheless, it faded away with time. As we progressed into our e-cigarette review, the size really isn’t that bad. After a few days we were puffing away and not even worried about it. It seemed to really be just a psychological thing in the end. The huge plus though is that the battery really does last a lot longer than standard batteries, and that makes it all worth it.

So how long do they last? Great question! Well, it was kind of odd. We ordered 3 Apollo eGo rechargeable e-cigarette batteries and tested them all for this e-cig review. The first battery, after the first pre-charge, got only 450 puffs. After the second charge, it went up to 854. All the other batteries seemed okay after the pre-charge. The puff counts for the batteries settled in at an average of about 800 puffs. The highest count we got was 944.

So, as you can see, getting an average of 800 puffs per charge is pretty good and that should justify the extra size. On the plus side, these larger batteries only take approximately 2.5 hrs to recharge. Very nice.

One other quick note is that the battery does not have an LED light on the tip. It’s completely shiny stainless steel. The LED light on the tip has been moved to the manual battery button on the battery itself. All “light signals” from the e-cig battery will appear on the clear plastic manual button.

Speaking of manual batteries, if you order an eGo, that’s what you’ll get. Apollo eCigs does not offer an automatic battery with the Superior eGo kit. No worries though, it’s as simple as pie and you’ll forget you have a button to push after a while.

Apollo eCigs Superior eGo: Refill Tank Performance

refillable tanks allow you to not only choose your e-liquid flavor but also its nicotine level as well

Now that you’ve decided to get an eGo starter kit, you’ve entered the world of refilling which includes choosing your eliquid and flavors. Not to mention your nicotine strength level.

It’s a bit different than just choosing an ecig and picking some cartomizers. Now you’ve got a product where you can choose any eliquid you want; even if it is from another company. This opens the doors to all kinds of different eliquids with different qualities and flavoring. It means you’re not locked into the flavors that a particular company offers. It means more freedom.

Apollo eCigs’ e-liquid flavors are pretty good. Apollo eCigs has developed its very own in house e-liquid lab where they utilize USA sourced ingredients and follow impeccable laboratory standards with quality control measures that are second to none in the industry. We also think that you will find the flavors to be very enjoyable.

Again that is subjective and may change from person to person, but overall they’re pretty good. We tested the regular tobacco, rocky road, and RY4 flavors and they were all very good. Of special note was the RY4 as it was our clear favorite. We highly recommend trying the RY4. It seems to be a blend of light sweet tobacco with a hint of caramel and a very slight cotton candy finish.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

apollo ships very fast in the us and as short as 5 business days overseas via express mail

Shipping is a breeze with Apollo eCigs. We know you guys out there want your product fast without delay. Who doesn’t? Especially the new ecig users. It’s a big deal to try these things and it’s exciting. Who wants to wait? We found that the average shipping speed within the continental US is about 2-3 days. Oh yeah, don’t forget that the shipping is free to US customers.

If you’re shipping overseas, make sure your country allows ecigs to be shipped in. One other tip…. make sure you don’t choose the “regular mail” option for shipping overseas. It can take up to 3-4 weeks for your shipment to arrive. If you choose some type of “express” mail, it will be more expensive yes, but it will get there much quicker. Sometimes as quick as 5 working days.

Our suggestion is to pay the extra bones to get the kit quick. Then just reorder ahead of time so that you can choose the cheaper “regular mail” option. But yes, Apollo ships pretty quick. We haven’t had a problem yet and we’ve placed several orders. As for customer service, Apollo eCigs staff are incredibly responsive to inquiries and requests.

Review Wrap-Up

Overall, Apollo  has done an outstanding job with the Superior eGo kit. We didn’t experience any leaks, the vapor was great, the nicotine satisfaction was really nice, and the overall experience was a real positive one. It’s just so darned simple to use. It’s definitely a kit that would make it real easy to transition into refilling with your own e-liquid. Even though the battery is a bit larger and heavier than a typical ecig, it makes up for it with the long-lasting power of 800 puffs. It doesn’t take long to charge and the user will get used to the weight and general use of the product in no time.

The clearomizers work well (especially the wickless ones) and they are a breeze to refill. Simply put, the eGo is a great product that opens new doors for consumers who want a longer lasting battery and want to gain entrance to the world of e-dripping. We highly recommend the Apollo Superior eGo Electronic Starter Kit. If you’re not too concerned about size and are more concerned about battery length and flavors…. this is the kit for you.

the apollo ego is a fantastic purchase despite its slightly larger battery size that

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Other Products Offered By Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

  • Apollo Extreme Kit  – $49.95
    • 2 Rechargeable E-Cig Batteries
    • 5 Flavored E-Cigarette Cartridges
    • 1 Wall Adapter
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 Car Charger
  • Apollo Endeavor Vape Kit  –  $59.95
    • 2 Apollo 900 mah Luminous e-cig batteries
    • 2 Apollo EVOD dual coil clearomizer e-cig tanks
    • 2 – 10ml bottles of Apollo e-liquid
    • 1 USB charger and 1 wall adapter
    • 1 Car charger
    • Comes in Black, Stainless, Green, Red or Blue
  • Apollo VTube V3.0 Kit – $119.95
    • 1 Stainless Steel VTube Variable Voltage E-Cig
    • 1 Black Apollo leather carry case
    • 1 High capacity 18650 rechargeable battery for the Regular VTube, or 18350 for the Mini VTube
    • 1 Trust Fire Dual Battery charger
    • 1 Pro Tank 2 clearomizer e-cig tank

Happy Vaping!