Apollo E-Cig is a progressive, rapidly evolving e-cigarette brand that has distinguished itself with research and development that leads the industry. Never resting on the success of existing products, they have invested heavily in improving e-cigarette technology. Apollo could very well enjoy a lucrative business by simply relying on importing ready-made e-cigarettes and e-liquid but they realize that to be the best you have to go beyond the ordinary, you have to innovate and lead the way. This American company is doing just that.

By investing in new technology, developing their own e-juice lab and working with consumers and manufacturers to blend new technology with the products that you want Apollo has taken massive strides toward establishing themselves as the leading electronic cigarette brand. If you go to a vape shop, you probably won’t see Apollo e-cigs and that is unfortunate. Vape shops generally carry products directly imported from manufacturers. What e-cigarette retailers are missing out on is American e-cigarette brands like Apollo that work directly with the very best manufacturers to create innovative products specifically designed to meet the needs of consumers.

the apollo endeavor was crafted with the customers wants and need in mind

Apollo E-cig has been working directly with consumers for years. They know and understand what vapers are looking for. The Apollo Endeavor is the direct result of Apollo E-Cig working closely with the best manufacturers to design the improvements that are needed and wanted by you, the customer. We know that Apollo is driven to be the best and we understood that the result of listening to what people want and working with the best manufacturers has resulted in the Apollo Endeavor. As a result, our expectations were very high. We have previously reviewed Apollo e-cig products including the Apollo eGo e-cigarette, which certainly impressed. We ordered the Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit with a price tag of $59.95. The kit came complete with:

2 Apollo 900 mAh luminous e-cigarette batteries

2 Apollo EVOD dual coil clearomizer tanks

USB e-cig battery charger

Wall adaptor and car charger

2 – 10 ml bottles of Apollo USA made e-liquid

So what were our first impressions? Well first off the packaging was easy to work with. It is secure but accessible. The e-liquid is pharmaceutically sealed. The product looks great. The batteries come in five different color finishes (black, stainless steel, red, blue and green). We thought that the stainless was especially attractive. This is a versatile product with meticulously engineered 510 threading. That means it will work effectively with the 510 threaded tank of your choice. The Apollo EVOD tanks are very easily attached and easy to fill. The tanks are also 1.8 ml, which is a larger capacity than most 1.6 ml tanks.

The Endeavor makes a great first impression.

Apollo eCigs Endeavor Battery And Charging Performance

the apollo endeavor sports a 900mah luminous battery with 5 touch activation

The testing for this e-cigarette review took place over seven weeks. The reason that we test so extensively is so that we can measure quality and performance over the long-term. It also gives us more insight on the often-overlooked details that can make all the difference. The kit comes with two 900 mAh Luminous Apollo e-cigarette batteries that operate with a manual switch. The manual switch allows you to customize your desired level of vapor production. The battery has a 5-touch turn on switch to avoid any accidental battery activations.

The Apollo logo on the bottom of the Endeavor battery actually lights up while vaping. The luminous batteries have an additional lighting feature that allows you to closely monitor battery life. As you activate the battery, you can actually see the indicator light activated. The visibility is subtle, not glaring but just enough to detect.

When the light is red, which is an indication that you battery has a full charge. When the battery power is depleted to two/thirds or 66% of charge you will see a blue light. When you reach the final third of battery life the light indicator turns white so when you see the white light, you know it is time to recharge soon. The first time that we charged the battery right out of the box it took five hours. We mentioned this to Apollo and they have told us that they will begin shipping batteries fully charged.

the luminous battery will give you around 600-650 strong puffs with excellent throat hit

After the first charge, the average charge time is 3.5 hours. That may seem like a slow charge time but the outcome makes it well worth the wait. The Apollo Endeavor battery will give you 600 to 650 excellent puffs. More if you take smaller puffs. The battery is so consistent that each puff gives you a fantastic full, dense vapor. The throat kick is excellent and the flavor busts in your mouth.

The vaping is slightly noisy but the air and vapor are flowing. The kick is really a notch above the competition. In fact, with the Endeavor you will probably be able to use a lower nicotine concentration and get the same effect. The overall point that is most important here is the consistency. Most mods should actually be called moods. They are generally moody and give you a lot of vapor one puff and don’t put out much on the next. The Apollo Endeavor is the most consistent electronic cigarette that we have ever tested.

The spring loaded center pin adds to ease of use and the overcharge protection is a trusted feature that ensures safety and battery life. This is a great product and we are always very happy when we come across an electronic cigarette that is high quality and consistent. This is what people need in order to find the satisfaction necessary. The battery technology and regulating technology within the Endeavor batteries have formed a perfect partnership and has set the new standard for consistency.

Apollo eCigs Endeavor: Refill Tank Performance

apollo offers a long list of enticing flavors for their easy to fill clearomizer tanks

The Apollo Endeavor comes with two dual could EVOD clearomizer e-cigarette tanks with a 1.8 ml capacity. This e-cig tank is top of the line and very efficient. With most e-cig tanks, I always dread the point where you experience a burnt taste. I am sick of that burnt taste! With the Endeavor, that issue has been solved. The tanks are very easy to fill. The needle tip used by Apollo E-liquids avoids any unnecessary waste and risk of skin exposure.

The tank is very efficient and every puff will be remarkably consistent. It may seem like we are using the word “consistent” too much but trust me, it is the appropriate description for the Endeavor. Earlier, we mentioned the versatility of the Endeavor. That really comes in to play here. There are a number of high quality e-cigarette tanks that work seamlessly with the Apollo Endeavor batteries.

We also tested the Kanger EVOD clearomizer tank and it was equally impressive. It used the e-liquid at a slightly faster rate because it uses four wicks. It gives a slightly stronger kick but either option is great. They are virtually the same. Replacement tanks are inexpensive. If you prefer replacing coils to replacing tanks, the process is very easy.

You can use any number of tanks. Apollo E-cig offers a number of tanks, including the popular Nautilus series. You can try any or a combination of different tanks if you wish. We recommend the Apollo Dual Coil EVOD (comes with the kit) or the Kanger EVOD (available separately for $7.95). Both will give you awesome vapor, throat kick and flavor.

Speaking of flavor, you will really enjoy Apollo’s e-liquids. Chemists who also love vaping staff Apollo’s e-liquid lab! They utilize the highest lab standards in the industry and use only high-grade ingredients. This is truly a USA made e-liquid that deserves your attention. Apollo’s e-liquid lab is further evidence of a progressive, evolving brand that is committed to taking control of every aspect of production in order to be more responsive to the demands of customers.

You get two 10 ml bottles of e-liquid with the starter kit. All the flavors we tested were very good. I really enjoyed the Razzle, which is a raspberry flavor with touches of blueberry, strawberry and blackberry.

The value of Apollo e-liquid is phenomenal. You can buy 10 ml bottle for only $4.95. Apollo not only leads the pack in terms of quality but also in the long term value of their vape kits. You can use our Apollo e-cig coupon code, Expert Vaping, to save 20% on all Apollo purchases, including e-liquids.

Shipping and Customer Service Performance

apollo offers excellent customer in mind service in order to build long term customer relationships

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes offers excellent customer service. They truly listen to their customers and work toward building long-term relationships. Apollo is located in Concord, California and customer service representatives can be reached from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm PST Monday through Friday or from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. You can e-mail customer support any time day or night.

You can expect a prompt reply. If you ever have an issue, they will work with you to find a satisfactory solution. You have multiple shipping options. Standard shipping is free on orders over $30.00.

Review Wrap-Up

the apollo starter kit offers a great value reduing the price by 20 percent over the individual parts

The Apollo Endeavor was put through the paces for almost 2 months and has fully earned to huge thumbs up. We work very hard on these reviews. As you can see, we don’t do short reviews or short review videos. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that we discover the minute details that you never get from any other review site. We also want to make sure that when we recommend a product it truly deserves your consideration. We never sacrifice truth for money. That’s why we are the authority in this business and why we never compromise.

We have tried a huge number of electronic cigarettes and the Endeavor stands out. We have all the confidence in the world that if you try this product you will love it. It is a thoroughly amazing e-cigarette product that makes lots of vapor and sets the new standard for consistency.

The value is amazing. You can also use our Apollo e-cig coupon code Expert Vaping to save 20% off of your starter kit purchase and all future Apollo e-cig purchases. You just won’t find better value. The Endeavor has our full recommendation. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed. Buy this e-cigarette with full confidence that you will be getting quality, value and performance.

Many people have tried inferior e-cigarettes and wound up going back to tobacco. Share this review so we can help others make a great choice. If you have tried the Endeavor, let us know your thoughts. Our consumer review section is a critical part of our overall e-cig ratings. Expert Vaping is a partnership with you so that people can cut through the junk out there and just get the truth. Your reviews are not censored or altered and your ratings will be used to help others.

So, try it out, share your reviews and don’t go back to tobacco. Find something that works and stick with it.

Thanks for spending some time with Expert Vaping and have an excellent day.

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