As their vaping aptitude becomes more advanced, many users move from entry level cig-a-likes, to sub ohm starter kits, to rebuildable decks and finally to RDAs and often mechanical vape mods. However, in recent years another category has risen to prevalence for those that appreciate maximizing the flavor and vapor production of their vape juice, the squonk.

By utilizing existing technology implemented by rebuildable drip atomizers, the vaping industry was once again revolutionized almost overnight and bombarded with vape starter kits that had this cutting-edge design integrated into their designs. That said, squonk mods aren’t complicated. In fact, they often consist of far less technology and components than almost every other variety of vaping device. To explain, many squonking mods are constructed of a box with an open window to feed juice from a built-in bottle, positive and negative contacts for a battery, and fire button.

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Your New Main Squeeze — Let’s Talk Squonk

Due to their simple design, squonk devices like the Augvape Druga Squonk kit are often lightweight, compact, and incredibly affordable. In most cases, they are already optimized with the addition of a squonking 510 pin to receive users’ favorite RDA vape tanks. This easy plug-and-play design is ideal for vapers who value the performance of their drippers but have little interest in removing the outer sleeve to constantly drip vape juice on their atomizer coils and cotton. Instead, this bottom feeding vape mod or “BF” design is filled by squeezing the squonk bottle inside the battery compartment through an access window.

While vape juice is injected through the hollow 510 squonk pin, it fills the juice well of the RDA and soaks the cotton. While many vapers don’t view drip atomizers as “tanks” because they don’t have an actual reservoir, they do still have a recessed well which is able to hold a decent amount of liquid ensuring users do not get repetitive dry hits before needing to be saturated again. The genius of the squonk mod, is having a 5ml or 8ml bottle at their disposal to feed the RDA whenever needed to fill the well, meaning they receive all the benefits of using a dripper without actually having to drip.

A Squonk creates the convergence of optimum flavor from your favorite vape juice flavors with the maximum cloud production of a low resistance atomizer coil build. When you squeeze the squonk bottle you’re sending a fresh stream of eliquid directly to the cotton wick and those with experience dripping know that RDA tanks with bigger coil builds run at higher wattage tend to vaporize ejuice at a much faster rate than a suspended sub ohm tank system. However, that also follows for pre-built atomizer heads for RBAs and RTAs as well, so the issue becomes less about the rate of juice consumption and more about personal preference for flavor intensity and cloud density.

In fact, some of the top performing squonk kits like the USV Mach On3 vape starter kit are able to reach up to 240 watts and beyond. This gives users who value the ability to adjust their wattage a range of options for dialing in their ideal vaping power rather than depending on direct voltage at maximum output. A squonk puts the reserve of liquid in a refillable bottle that comfortably hides in the body of the mod with some even holding a far greater amount of vape juice than the majority of vape tanks.

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What is Squonking? — Rise of the Single-Handed Dripper

One of the key reasons the squonk became immensely popular almost overnight, was the ability to experience the benefits of an RDA vape tank with one hand free. In detail, using a dripping vape tank, requires one hand to remove the cap or hold the mod steady and a second to add vape juice to the well. However, using a squonk mod means users are essentially using the same materials, the same process and getting the same level of performance in a single, self-contained system. You only need one hand to hold the mod, one finger to squeeze the squonk bottle and another to press the fire button.

As a result, the squonk design is one of the most popular configurations for vapers who love their RDA vapor production when their hands need to be otherwise occupied. In fact, some users purchase a squonk mod specifically for when they’re driving, using their smartphone, or even playing video games. Though many vapers enjoy the satisfaction and mechanical process of building their own drip decks, there is a remedy for those who become frustrated or impatient with having to redress and saturate their vape coils constantly.

Although they aren’t for everyone, RDA tanks are largely considered the best atomizers for poignant flavor and massive vapor clouds as long as you’re comfortable building your own drip decks and configuring sub ohm coils correctly. This is where devotees of RTAs come in as they favor the DIY ability to create their own vaping setup with the addition of a traditional tank reservoir which falls between the normal every day sub ohm tank and a dripper. While the bulk of early squonk devices were designed as unregulated peak power mech mods which means they function at a maximum voltage which dwindles as the battery discharges. However, the popularity of squonking has caused the design to evolve into variable wattage devices not unlike the popular and powerful high wattage box mods seen everywhere.

Essentially, users have access to a comparable level of performance and functionality provided by their everyday high wattage box mod and RDA pairing without having to carry around a loose bottle of vape juice and continuously re-feed their atomizer coils. It truly is the best of everything that experienced vapers enjoy and value combined into one convenient and incredibly functional unit. In all, squonk mods offer the community at large the pinnacle of modern vape technology in portable RDA command centers which pull from the collective knowledge and history of vaping while pushing vaping ability towards the future.