FDA ecigarette regulations have been on their way for a while, but up until now we haven’t really known what Americans think of rules that would govern the industry. Now we do, as a new poll shows the majority favors ecigarette regulations, ones that could cover e-liquid and e cig tank systems too. Yet that level of detail isn’t covered in the polling data, which simply asked a series of questions relating to ecigarette regulations as a whole, not certain products.

With all the bad that the media tries to project about electronic cigarettes, it isn’t a surprise that so many are in favor of restrictions. What may surprise them, is that we are in favor of FDA ecigarette regulations too.

It seems like we have been screaming this from the rooftop for a long time now, but we get the feeling nobody is paying attention because we are a platform fully behind the electronic cigarette revolution and the vaping community. That hasn’t changed.

If created intuitively new FDA regulations would actually protect vapers for a change.

We only know that FDA ecigarette regulations, if done right, can protect vapers as much as it tried to protect people from ecigarettes. This means that the rules in place need to focus on quality assurance and product safety, things we can all agree on. Pushing out irresponsible ecig brands would not only help keep ecig users from becoming victims of bad products or worse, it would also clean up some of the bad name that certain companies have been giving ecigarettes.

What we can’t see happen when FDA ecig regulations come down is a framework that would essentially shut out eliquid and e cig tank systems from the market. These are vital cogs to the growth of the ecig movement and are, in a lot of ways, our future.

The future is actually here for a lot of people, but even new users who make the switch to a “cigalike” because it is easier to use, will most often end up using higher end ecig tank systems and toying with eliquid. That part of the industry is just becoming that much more accessible and it has been shown to really help smokers make and keep a new lifestyle choice.

Will Ecig Tank Systems Be Banned?

In an effort to sabotage e-cigarette growth, big tobacco has asked that legislation be introduced banning vape tanks and mods.

Ecigarette regulations that clamp down on ecig tank systems will be doing more harm than good and we are firmly against that type of action. Interestingly enough, public health advocates who support banning open ecig tank systems are unknowingly standing arm in arm with an unlikely ally, Big Tobacco.

The reason that Big Tobacco wants to crush ecig tank systems is so that they can control the entire evapor industry. The reason that public health officials want to ban open systems, sadly, is because of their lack of awareness of the current state of the industry and the vaping community.

Still, you can’t ignore the facts. A whopping 81% of Americans favor FDA e cig regulation of the evapor industry, with 69% who are strongly in favor. Only 15% are against it.

This data reflects an overall view of things, just as those answering the poll likely only had a more general view of ecigarettes that was based on what they had seen on TV or heard from those around them. If you ask them ‘is vaping bad for you or a benefit for smokers‘ they honestly probably could not tell you the difference between the two. The misinformation is that bad.

Good Regulation Vs Bad Regulation

There seems to be a fine line when creating regulation that protects consumers and that which clearly protects big tobacco.

They lack the nuanced, informed opinions that can distinguish between what needs to be addressed right away, like mandating childproof eliquid bottles, to things that are up for discussion. Further, to things that should never be up for discussion, like the elimination of the growth of ecig technology due to constraints that can’t be overcome.

Unfortunately, this kind of data is perfect weaponry in the hands of people like Matthew L. Myers. Myers is the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, which on its face seems like an organization that nobody could be against. Yet their approach to ecigarettes is akin to sounding a fire alarm to a forest fire when all we have is someone burning trash in a garbage can.

Matthew L Myers of Tobacco Free Kids wrote an open letter to the tobacco industry and health organization colluding with them accusing them of trying to sabotage the vaping industry in order to keep people smoking cigarettes.

“These poll results show that voters understand all tobacco products, including ecigarettes and cigars, should be regulated by the FDA to protect our children and the nation’s health,” Myers said, in a mostly reasonable statement. Yet he didn’t stop there, driving the point home by saying, “Our kids can’t wait – the FDA must act quickly to regulate all tobacco products and Congress must not diminish the agency’s authority.”

When Myers refers to calling on Congress not to diminish the agencies authority, he is talking about the grandfather date proposed by the FDA that would demand that any ecig type not sold prior to Feb. 2007 go through a lengthy and expensive approval process. Any type of ecig sold prior to the date could be grandfathered and remain in business as long as the FDA criteria were met. While there is a predicate ecig product the end result of maintaining that particular grandfather date would be to cripple or even wipe out the majority of ecig companies.

Many e-cig companies are small businesses that would be crushed under the weight of FDA regulations that target vaping.

Most ecig companies are American small businesses and don’t have the millions of dollars needed the burdensome approval process. The evapor brands that do have the resources to pay for FDA approval would be the Big Tobacco brands. Myers and Big Tobacco are calling for the same thing here. He may not know it, but in his blood lust to attack vaping he is missing the big picture.

Meyers projects a worry that, especially in statements outside of this one, tell us he thinks the entire industry is an evil conspiracy to ensnare kids as nicotine addicts. That isn’t correct and if he opened his eyes and ears, he would realize that. Because the facts are that most Americans favor of some type of ecigarette regulations by the FDA. Guess what? So do we.