Believe it or not there really are 600 reasons not to buy cheap ecigs. Electronic cigarettes may all look similar, but in reality the quality varies dramatically. If there are still folks out there who think that all ecigs are basically the same, they are not. And what I say next will both shock you and really drive the point home in a way that will leave no doubt in your mind. You really need to know who is making your ecig.

Our story begins in a five square mile area in Shenzhen, China. The Bao’an district in northwest Shenzhen to be exact. This is a highly industrialized area. You will find metal fabricators, plastics and ecigarette factories. Make that 600 ecigarette factories. Yes, you read that correctly, there are 600 ecigarette factories in a five square mile area. This is where 90% of the world’s electronic cigarettes are manufactured. Unfortunately, most of them are second rate or worse and producing low quality ecigs that put the entire vaping industry at risk.

The Bar district of Shenzhen China is where much of the world's vaping devices come from.

On the other hand, there are some exceptional manufacturing facilities. Companies like KangerTech, Aspire, Innokin, Pioneer 4 You, Joytech and a few others are fantastic. We are not attempting to paint all overseas manufacturung with the same brush, not at all. Ecigs can have 200 different parts or more. The best ecig manufacturers have 200 separate work stations with half of them dedicated to quality control.

China has become a world power for mnufacturing. They an be very, very good at it. We recently reviewed two vaping products that we got from Mt Baker Vapor, the iStick 30 and Kanger SubTank Plus. Both are outstanding vaping products that hold tremendous value for smokers looking for a less harmful alternative. Likewise, we have American ecig brands like halo, Apollo and VaporFi that design the best ecigs and work with only the best manufacturers in the world.

While the Bao’an district is home to the world’s leading and best ecig manufacturers, these modern, incredible quality factories stand next door to the worst manufacturers in the world. Here we run into problems and we find out why these 600 factories, all existing within each others neighborhood, comprise the 600 reasons why you should not buy cheap ecigs.

Don’t Buy Cheap eCigs

This video shows the production of ecigs in a quality manufacturing facility that has made a conscious decision to compete in the vaping industry by working toward making the best possible products. This is what we want. Unfortunately, competing for your business by being the best is not the strategy of most of the 600 ecig factories in Shenzhen.

You have probably heard that Chinese companies are very good at using industrial espionage to gain product specifications from leading competitors. Once they do access those specs they go to work creating similar products using second run, ultra cheap materials leaving you with counterfeit, vastly inferior products. It happens all the time. The low quality factories copy the products that the best manufacturers are making.

When you buy a product made by Kanger or Aspire, you will find security features that are designed to enable consumers to authenticate that they are getting genuine product. There are a huge amount of counterfeit Kanger, Aspire, iSmoka and other products out there. The knock-offs look exactly the same, the packaging can look exactly the same. These knock-offs are everywhere.

Some inexpensive or poorly made e-cigarettes may be knock-offs or copies made in China.

At Expert Vaping, we have looked at a number of ecig distributors looking for companies that offer excellent prices but also offer authentic products. We would not even consider mentioning any ecig vendor that was party to selling counterfeit ecigarettes. Mount Baker Vapor is a highly reputable ecigarette company that makes high quality ejuice and deal only in authentic product. Do not get ripped off and get stuck with a counterfeit.

Here is a general rule of thumb that my parents taught me and my grandparents taught them and so on. I’m sure your folks told you the same thing. If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

If you see a popular ecigarette product listed at a much lower price than typical, chances are that it is a knock-off. Avoid buying from eBay or Craigslist. There are just too many counterfeits.

The counterfeit electronic cigarette products are very cheaply made and are low quality and, in some cases, are downright dangerous. There is no oversight in the manufacturing process in China just as there is no oversight in the US for either ecig or ejuice manufacturing.

Mount Baker Vapor is one of the most trusted e-cigarette companies on the market today.

Some of the low quality ecig factories in Shenzhen have been described as grimy and unsanitary. These factories order metal coil material with impurities, unstable wicking material and low quality lithium ion.

It’s been found that hundreds of these factories hoping to lure you to buy cheap ecigs are producing products with tin, led or zinc components. These trace metals can make their way into the vapor. Remember, these factories do not care about quality control. They just want to produce as many products as possible as cheaply as possible.

What this can lead to is unsafe vaping. This is the frustrating thing for vaping advocates. We often hear about studies that show impurities in ecigarette vapor. This can pretty much always be traced to purposeful misuse on the part of unethical researchers, which is most common, or the testing of cheap ecigs with defects. Cheap ecigs hurt the reputation of the industry and do no service to smokers looking for an alternative.

Most of these cheap ecigs end up on the shelves of gas stations and convenience stores in the US. The reason is obvious. The cheapest ecigarettes allow for the biggest retail mark ups. At Expert Vaping, we always urge consumers to buy their ecigs online from reputable ecig brands. You will get the best prices on the best products.

There are 500 ecigarette brands on the US and many of them are, frankly, shady. They buy the cheapest possible products, put some name on a package and start selling ecigs. There are probably 500 ejuice brands as well. It’s the same thing, there is no rules for making eliquid and many vendors take advantage of that by blending low quality eliquid full of diacetyl. It is very important that you buy eliquid from transparent, professional companies like Halo, VaporFi or Apollo.

There’s Good News For Vapers

There are as many reputable e-cig and vape companies in the US than there are in China, however, there are plenty of factories producing very convincing fakes and knock-offs.

I have been writing about the ecig industry for several years now. I have found myself on several email lists of ecig manufacturers. I get several emails a day offering me incredible deals on ecigs. They seem too good to be true. That tells me something right off the bat.

These factories are telling me that they will put any brand name I want on a package and ship me 200 ecigarettes with my chosen brand name for very little money. I could start an ecig brand overnight if I wanted to.

I know what these factories are offering me. The most cheaply made ecigs in the world so I can capitalize on a trend. I would not touch these ecigs with a 99 foot pole and you should not either.

At Expert Vaping, we are happy to report that there are a number of leading American ecig brands that work with the best manufacturers in the world. Companies like Apollo and VaporFi electronic cigarettes design their own ecigs based on customer feedback. The vaping community, vape shops and retailers should be paying attention to the leading US ecig companies and stop relying solely on foreign brands.

When you choose from among the best ecigarettes that have been tested, tried and true, you circumvent the landmines that many people come up against when they try to buy cheap ecigs. You also ensure that you get professionally manufactured eliquid.

Look, no matter where you are in the world the vaping industry is chaotic. It is totally natural as this is new technology that is in huge demand. Everyday smokers are discovering an entirely new lease on life thanks to electronic cigarettes. Millions of people around the world now vape instead of smoke. Experts estimate that electronic cigarettes will save millions upon millions of lives in the coming decades. The demand for vaping products is very high and like any new industry there is a mad rush to cash in.

With the popularity of vaping reaching its peak in the United States, it's no wonder that we're seeing a spike in American made e-cigarette products.

There is great news. In America, we have a number of amazing home grown ecigarette companies that are designing the best products in the world. They are using only the absolute best technology and very best materials assembled by the best manufacturers. In many cases, they even offer better prices than the low quality brands that use cheap material. When we say ‘don’t buy cheap ecigs’, we are not talking about price as much as we are talking about quality. The irony is that some pretty terrible ecigs are among the most expensive.

It’s confusing, I know. That is exactly why we work so damn hard to help identify the best ecigs. Our list of the leading electronic cigarette companies will help you avoid the dangers of cheap ecigs. Choosing a quality ecig makes all the difference in the world.

The best research now shows that when you use a quality electronic cigarette as designed, it is at least 95% safer than smoking. While we are lagging in acceptance in the US because of the influence of special interests, national health agencies in countries like England are actually advising smokers to switch to ecigs. Vaping changes lives, but you do have to focus on quality.