There are hundreds of ” recommended” e-cigarette brands so it can be a very tedious task to read every e-cig review trying to find the most effective e-cigs. Some people just want a few good kits thrown at them to choose from, while others may want just one brand name thrown at them and they’ll buy it up. At Expert Vaping – things are a bit different.

We see that each e-cigarette brand has it’s own technology, and they’ve all got their benefits and drawbacks. So, it’s a bit difficult for us to just name one e-cigarette brand when our audience consists of millions of people.

Everyone, is going to have a different opinion, and there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution for e-cigs.

No singular manufacturer of e-cigarettes is the right one for everybody, each user is unique in their needs and preferences.

The one size fits all approach is commonly used by the brands you find on the shelves of retailers. For example, the electronic cigarettes owned and marketed by Big Tobacco companies.

The Big Tobacco brands are very well funded, you have probably seen the TV commercials. Generally, they offer only two flavor options and one nicotine level. Talk about a one sized fits all approach! In some cases, they don’t even clearly indicate their nicotine level! You could be making your nicotine addiction worse and not even know it.

You need to be able to have a number of options when it comes to vaping.  You are an individual and what works for someone else may not work for you. Consider quality brands that give you the options that you deserve.

The Eversmoke comprehensive starter kit comes standard with two e-cigs, fifteen cartridges, USB charging units including car adapter.

So right now, what we’re going to do is give you 4 effective e-cigarette brands that we feel are worthy of your hard earned cash. We’ll recommend them….but you should still do your due research. We have a consumers chart that you can use as a guide if you need reference to how the public feels about a brand. Lets get the ball rollin…

Expert Vaping E-cigarette Recommendations for 2014

We feel that throughout the year the following e-cigarette brands have surpassed other e-cig brands with their quality of build, vapor production, battery life, and nicotine satisfaction. These 4 recommendations we feel, are worthy of your time and judgement. Take your time choosing, and remember that you can always reference to the consumer reviews specific to the brand you’re interested in.

The Green Smoke E-vapor electronic cigarette starter kit comes in flavors like Menthol Ice and Classic Tobacco.

First: We have Green Smoke. We think very highly of Green Smoke. Not only have they been ranked #1 for an entire year, they’ve served an entire year of customers we sent to them – that says something. Green Smoke’s retention rate is one of the highest in the industry compared to other big players in the game.

Second: We recommend EverSmoke e-cigs. The e-cigarette that has many people comparing it to our #1 ranked e-cig. Priced at a slightly discounted rate, the Ever Smoke e-cig is very comparable to the performance of the Green Smoke electronic cigarette. They designed a good quality product that delivers all that’s needed to start vaping, and they have done it all at an affordable price.

The Halo Triton ego cartomizer tank vape system comes with two power and two tank ends as well as a protective cap and USB charger.

Third: We suggest the Halo Triton. The Triton isn’t your typical cig-alike e-cigarette. To a new e-cig user, it may not even look like an e-cig. For those who are already accustomed to ecigs, we highly recommend Halo’s Triton Tank System. This is a product that performs so well, that we just had to include it in this list for 2014. If you read Expert Vaping’s Halo consumer reviews, we’re sure you’ll see why. If you’re ready to step up your vape game, give it a look…

Fourth: White Cloud. They’re the only e-cigarette company we’ve reviewed that has 5.4% nicotine cartridges, insanely long lasting batteries and a throat kick that is sure to satisfy even the most-demanding smokers. White Cloud is a company that you would go to if you’ve never tried e-cigs, or have tried e-cigs. Everyone should have a Cirrus 3X e-cigarette kit just to experience the White Cloud throat hit!

The Cirrus 3X e-cigarette starter kit by White Cloud comes with three e-cigs, USB chargers and Smooth Draw flavor cartridges.

As I previously mentioned, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution for e-cigarettes. For now as of October 2014 – this is what we feel are your best options. If you’re purchasing an e-cigarette for someone as a gift for Christmas, or New Years as a helpful edge to their “quit smoking” pledge…this is your chance to make a good buying decision. At Expert Vaping we like to stress that we purposely built the consumer chart so that consumers had a way of `letting other consumers know their experience with a company, as well as rating them. Use this to your advantage!

It’s time for us to part now. Have a look around at the 4 recommended e-cigarettes and when you’ve made a decision, if you’re still having a difficult time – hit us up on the live chat 🙂

Thanks for reading.