UPDATE: Electronic cigarettes are not an FDA approved smoking cessation aid and should not be considered a quit smoking resource because those claims have not yet been adequately scientifically verified. Ecigs are a product intended for adult enjoyment only. Ecigs are not intended to be sold as a quit smoking product. Ecigs contain nicotine which is an addictive compound and may be harmful. Nicotine should not be ingested by pregnant women or women that are nursing.

We are roaring right into a new year and if “stop smoking tobacco” headlines your to-do list for 2014 you may very well be doing some e cig comparison research right now.

The advertisements for World No Tobacco Day use a lit cigarette as a metaphor for human life span.

You’ll find there are plenty of e cig brands out there, with all of them either directly or indirectly claiming to give you an advantage in your battle to kick tobacco this year.

If you are a skeptic and stumbling upon us here at Expert Vaping while doing your due diligence, we respect your keeping an open mind. All of us were skeptics at one point in time when it came to electronic cigarettes, but when you find just one e-cigarette from among the many different e cig brands out there, one that actually works for you – it becomes undeniable.

Don’t think we are the only ones, either. It used to be that way, but at some point the avalanche of positive information about e-cigs snowballed into a movement. It even got to the point where some politicians are sticking up for these ingenious devices not only as an issue of freedom of use and basic liberties, but because they use it themselves while trying to quit using e-cigs. Take Chicago Alderman Brendan Reilly as one example, who actually took a puff on an e-cigarette during a meeting of the Chicago City Council finance and health committee. The committee’s opposition to Mayor Emanuel’s attempt to treat e-cigs like regular cigarettes surprised many, but it may be just a sign of the times.

Alderman Brendan Reilly of Chicago is an admitted smoker and staunch opponent of e-cigarettes.

The true story of electronic cigarettes isn’t in how many are fighting for a cause they find just, but in those that have won the battle and kicked tobacco out of their lives with the help of e-cigs. People like Kay Mitchell of Canton, Ohio are telling reporters first hand how electronic cigarettes came into their life and changed it for good. Success stories like Kay’s are mushrooming around the country and abroad, and with this wave that doesn’t seem to be going away, lots of smokers are taking notice. But, as we consistently mention here at Expert Vaping, the key is always in finding that right product from among all the e cig brands out there. The one that will help you stop smoking tobacco or reduce your intake for good. We just love a good e cigarette comparison spotlight, and so we’ll begin this year with a brief overview of the 3 e cig brands that we think will help you kick tobacco in 2014. Here’s our rundown:

3 E-cig brands that we think will help you kick tobacco in 2014

1.     Green Smoke: Green Smoke is our top rated e-cig brand and with good reason. In addition to being one of the pioneers in the industry, they’ve been able to develop a product that we think is just superb. While they may not have all the options and gadgets that some newer companies have, they maintain one of the highest retention rates in the industry because of their quality products and excellent customer service. Their flavors are very enjoyable, even if they are a little slim as far as variety goes. Green Smoke batteries seem to last forever and, in combination with their FlavorMax cartomizers, produce huge amounts of vapor with a great throat hit. They were our #1 brand throughout 2013 and they start out 2014 in a familiar spot.

The Green Smoke e-vapor comprehensive e-cigarette starter kit comes with three devices, replacement flavor cartridges, USB chargers and pocket case.

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 2.     Halo: Coming in just behind Green Smoke is one of the best e cig brands we’ve tried. Halo will top many an e cigarette comparison because of their innovative approach to electronic cigarettes. Theirs won’t strike you as a typical e-cigarette and so their Triton Tank System may not fit with users new to e-cigs. But if you are familiar with e-cigarettes and want to take a step up, or you are new but love the idea of having more control and getting more longevity out of your device, you have to check out their line.  You will not be disappointed!

Halo Purity Tracer starter kits comes with an upgraded sub ohm vape tank.

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 3.     Eversmoke: Rounding our top 3 e cig brands so far in 2014 is a brand that has really come on strong as of late. Eversmoke is a relative newcomer, although they have plenty of experience under their belt by now. The folks at Eversmoke have done a great job in almost replicating the Green Smoke experience, but at a slightly cheaper price. If you are looking for another great brand to sink your teeth into and not pay an arm and a leg, Eversmoke should definitely be on your list of e cig brands that can help you stop smoking tobacco in 2014.

The Eversmoke full flavored starter kit comes with two devices USB chargers, and replacement flavor cartridges.

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So there you have it, a brief overview of our top 3 brands to start out the year. We encourage you to check out our entire editor’s rankings and the in-depth e-cig reviews we conduct on each brand. It’s worth giving an honorable mention here to Apollo E-Cigs and White Cloud e-cigarettes, both are very respected e cig brands that just missed the cut to begin the year. There is still time for those brands to make some advances in 2014 and make it into the top of our e cigarette comparison charts in the future.  The most important thing for you the consumer is to pick a brand that will help you kick tobacco. Whether it be one of the brands we listed, or a newcomer, we encourage you to find the one that fits you best and give them a shot. If you are confused as to what would work best for you, click on our live chat on the bottom left of your screen. We’ll be happy to help you make sense of all the e cig brands out there and pick the one that works best for you, so you can make 2014 the year you stop smoking tobacco!