We expect to see a lot of sales this coming weekend but if you are ready to start taking advantage of vape deal right now, then Halo is ready for you. Halo Cigs Black Friday and Cyber Monday e-cig and e-juice sales have started. There will be a new deal every day this week right through Cyber Monday 2016. Check back here for the current Halo Cigs Black Friday week special every day this week.

Before I get into the specifics of the deals I want to quickly touch on a reasons why we are very excited about this week of special savings from Halo Cigs. They make award winning, brilliant USA made e-juice. Amazing flavors and a rich dense vapor that truly hits the spot. Impeccable quality and total transparency.

cyber Monday sale at halo cigs

You can get standard and VG blends from both Halo and Evo. (Halo ejuices are tobacco, dessert and gourmet flavors. Evo ejuices are fruit flavored). Halo Cigs offers a full range of top quality hardware at great prices all backed by warranty. Halo stepped up and is actively taking the FDA to court to fight for our right to vape.

Okay! Let’s get into the first sale!

Halo Cigs Cyber Monday 2016 Ecig And E-Juice Sale On Now

This is another very easy sale and even better than Black Friday. Halo’s Cyber Monday sale is a 25% sitewide discount offer! Great time for a new Halo vape mod or ecig all of which are excellent quality and backed by superior customer service and a warranty. So that is 25% off mods, tanks, coils, accessories and yes, of course, all of the vape juices including Halo E-Juice. Evo E-Juice and V-Type VG e-liquids.  This is some of the world’s best e-liquid folks and this is a perfect time to stock up.

Have A Great Cyber Monday, Vapers!

Halo Black Friday Sale Is Over

Black Friday Offers Now Closed

This one is pretty easy and pretty sweet. You save 20% off of everything site wide. In addition, Halo is going to be throwing in a 7 ml bottle of 0 mg e-liquid with every order.

halo has a variety of e liquid flavors for sale at a discount for cyber Monday

This is a pretty easy Black Friday vape sale! 205 off site wide, great deals to be had at Halo. ‘Nuff said!

Day 4 Deals – And A Very Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Thursday Offers Now Closed

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and it is time for Day 4 of Halo’s 2016 Black Friday vape sale countdown deals. Today, when you buy a 10 ml sample pack of Halo or Evo e-liquids you will get a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid for free. Your choice of flavor, blend and strength.

There are no specials on any hardware today but I have a feeling that there will be tomorrow. Tomorrow, Halo’s Black Friday sale will kick into action! But as of today the Halo and Evo vape juice grab bag is still on!

Have a great Thanksgiving and we will catch you tomorrow when we share the details of Halo Cigs Black Friday vape sale!

Halo Black Friday Vape Sale Countdown Day 3 Deals – Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Offers Now Closed

Day three of the Halo Cigs 2016 Black Friday vape sale countdown is on now. Today is another day, ladies and gentlemen, to get your hands on some of the best e-juice on the planet. Today, buy two 30 ml bottles of Halo or Evo e-liquid and get a third bottle for free. Buy 2, get 1 free. Very nice!

On Day 3 of the Black Friday ecig countdown sale you can also get 20% off of a Halo Reactor Mini starter kit. This is a very attractive, comfortable, compact and easy to use 40 watt mod complete with sub ohm vape tank.

Halo reactor 50w kit comes with wall charger and spare coils

And also some good news for people interested in stocking up on a large quantity of halo or Evo e-liquid. The grab bag deal is still going! That’s five 30 ml bottles of ejuice for $50 or ten 30 ml bottle of ejuice for $100. These are the deals for today! Happy hunting:)

Day 2 Deals – Tuesday November 22, 2016

Tuesday offers now closed.

Today you can buy three 30 ml bottles of Halo or Evo E-Liquid and get a fouth for free. So a buy 3 get 1 free deal as part of the Halo Black Friday week of vape specials and discounts!

You can also get 20% off of a Halo Tracer starter kit. The Tracer is a very easy to use sub ohm mod with plenty of power to make a lot of vapor.

Halo tracer sub ohm pen style mod with tracer tank

Once again you can still take advantage of Halo’s grab bags today. That is five 30 ml bottles of ejuice for $50 or ten 30 ml bottle of ejuice for $100. So these are the deals for today! Enjoy:)

Day 1 Deals:

Monday offers now closed.

Today you can get a deal when you buy four 30 ml bottles of Halo E-juice. Buy 4 and get one free! You can also save 20% on the Halo Reactor shorty. The Shorty is a compact vape mod capable of up to 75 watts of power. Much like the Pico mod, you will get the same quality and function for the same price but you will be buying from a US company that personally backs every products. No run arounds!

There are also grab bags of e-lqiuid available. Get five 30 ml bottles for $50 or ten 30 ml bottles for $100. Now that’s you you stock up for the winter!

Why Halo Cigs?

Halo E-Liquid is kind of like Game Of Thrones. Every year it is nominated for several Emmys and wins quite a few, too! Well Halo E-Liquid is the same thing. Halo vape juices have appeared on every review site’s list of best e-liquids. In fact, it was won best e-juice from several organizations many times. It is simply an industry leader and makes for sensational vaping.

The hallmark of Halo ejuices have been the perfect combination of brilliant flavor and fulfilling, rich vapor. Frankly, Halo is the company that accelerated vaping into a science. Halo offers standard and VG e-liquids. Halo e-liquids include a variety of takes on tobacco flavors as well as some gourmet and dessert flavors. Evo e-liquids are fruit flavors. Both brands are made in Halo’s state of the art lab facility in Florida where the best USP ingredients are used.

Halo triton starter kit for beginners

Do you love vaping? Do you believe that as an adult tobacco consumer living in a free country that you have the right to vape? If you do believe these things then there is yet another reason to support Halo. When the FDA imposed oppressive regulations of the vaping industry, Halo and parent company Nicopure instantly stepped up. They stepped up and decided to challenge FDA overreach in court. So when you support Halo, you support the cause of freedom of choice for vapers.

Halo Hardware:

Halo Cigs has 10 devices to choose from. If you are an experienced vaper, you may recognize some of them. For example, the Halo Reactor Mega is like the iPower mod. But, instead of buying an iPower, you will be buying from a US based company with US based customer service and you will pay the same price give or take a buck or two. So what do you want to do if you have a warranty issue? Email someone in China or talk to some customer service reps in the US who will work hard to make sure you are a happy customer? Pretty easy choice.

In terms of Halo cigs devices, there is something for everyone. The Halo G6 is a cigarette style electronic cigarette and very easy to use. The Triton and Triton 2 are for the intermediate vaper. The Tracer and Tracer Twist are easy to use sub ohm vape mods. And the Reactor series os for people who want to experience a variety of vaping styles.

halo triton starter kit comes with Tribeca e juice

The bottom line is that Halo Cigs vape hardware is excellent quality. We have been talking about their devices for years. Halo E-Liquid gets all the glory, as it well should, but don’t overlook the quality of these vape hardware products. The prices are very good, you get warranty protection and the coils and parts are always available.

So, by all means stock up on Halo and Evo vape juice, we sure will be, but if you need some hardware don’t overlook Halo electronic cigarette devices.

Keep checking back with this post because every day we will be updating the latest Black Friday vape sales and specials right through to Cyber Monday.